Aberdeen Country Club News

Every year about this time an election is held for positions on the Club’s Board of Directors. The board makes the policies and rules governing the activities of the Club, whereas the General Manager and his staff implement those policies and rules throughout the year. This year has been no exception. The board has worked tirelessly throughout the year to make the Club the outstanding country club it is today for which we are all grateful. But the composition of the Board is always subject to change for one reason or another. Last month there were five outstanding candidates for three board positions, some running for reelection and all with new ideas and goals for the Club. Voting took place during the month of February. The successful candidates will be joining the board, a board that has been creative and forward-looking to successfully attract new members to our Club. They will be devoting their full time to Club matters on an almost daily basis, sacrificing their personal time to effectuate the enhancement of the Club in all respects. Results of the vote when known will be forthcoming.

What a beautiful season we are having at Aberdeen with the weather up north being so wintry with snow, icy roads and cold winds. Of course we have not experienced near-perfect weather, but what we have had here is relatively good. Everything is popping at the Club; our members have been enjoying a variety of activities that are so easily accessible. The outstanding activity last month and ending early February has been the Aberdeen second Color War, participated in by about 400 + members. It offered friendly competition, teamwork, community spirit and good sportsmanship. Careful planning was evident with activity levels divided for gentle, moderate and very active games with card games, bocce, apache relay, swimming, volleyball, dodge ball, tennis and golf events. Color War started with a torch-lighting ceremony and ended with a closing ceremony dinner. Congratulations to all our participants! Gold won the SING but black won the WAR!

What else did we do last month at the Club? We might have attended the Super Bowl Dinner Party to watch two of the NFL’s finest teams fight it out between Carolina and Denver. The Ladies’ Bridge Member Guest Tournament was followed by the popular Sweetheart Bridge Tournament and the Valentine’s Day Dinner Dance with Center Stage playing. “Play for Pink Day” with separate tournaments for golfers, tennis players and card players engaged members in a multitude of activities for Breast Cancer Awareness Day to financially support Breast Cancer research with very successful results. The novel Adam and Eve Club Championships for full Golf Members and for Limited Play members and the Aberdeen Cup and a Mixed Doubles for tennis members were planned. Family Bingo Night preceded by dinner was a success as always. Showtime with The Turnstiles was presented featuring the ultimate tribute to the exciting music of Billy Joel. In the latter part of the month, the Club held an Open House for all Club members to celebrate a recent important victory for the Club. Also in the latter part of February, another Children’s Holiday Activities Week was held with golf clinics, tennis clinics, game room games, movies and ping pong for resident and visiting young children.

Scheduled for March are the Annual Men’s Golf Member/Guest Tournament and the Ladies’ Member/Guest Golf Tournament well as the Adam & Eve Club Championship Finals. Tennis players will play in the St. Patrick’s Day Mixer Round Robin. A much-heralded event will be “Dancing with the Aberdeen Stars”, with club members being required to participate for months in professional dance training at a Boca dance studio with private dance lessons in preparation for the March event. Sounds interesting? The Table Games Fair has been rescheduled for early March for current card players or other to learn games for a fun day at the Club. A new Singles group has been formed at Aberdeen. Again we welcome the Lynn U. Conservatory of Music Concert with its talented musicians for a performance at the Club open to all Aberdeen residents and their guests. Rounding out the month’s activities will be the Easter Egg Hunt and the Easter Dinner Extravaganza. And wait until you hear about April’s events in the next issue!

You can readily see why we are all so busy and happy here. For anyone who would like to join us, call and speak to our Director of Membership, Rose Cizner, at 738-4903, ext. 325 for further information.


Ask an Ombudsman

“Aberdeen’s volunteers advocating for Florida’s long-term care residents answer your questions regarding the health, safety, welfare, and rights of residents in long-term care facilities.”

By: Aberdeen’s Certified Long-Term Care Ombudsman: Sam Golden, Pauline Ogus, Ronnie Ostrow and Martin Weissman

Q: My father is in an adult family care home. An old friend of his who lives near the facility visits him regularly. The owner of the facility says that every time the visit is over, my father gets agitated and angry. Can I write a letter to the owner telling him not to let this family member visit with my father?

A: Your father has the right to visit with whomever he chooses, even if the visitor makes him agitated or upset. No one can place limitations on who can or cannot visit your father other than your father himself. If he were not capable of expressing whether or not he desires a particular visitor, the decision would then fall to his Power of Attorney or guardian.

Florida Statute states that visitations for residents of adult family care homes can take place between 9 a.m. and 9 p.m. at a minimum. However, special accommodations can be made if necessary.

Q: When my brother went into an assisted living facility, the administrator said that the facility had to be the one who took care of his money. He was an accountant for over 30 years. Are they allowed to do that?

A: According to the Residents’ Bill of Rights, residents have the right to “manage his/her own financial affairs unless the resident (or the resident’s legal representative) authorizes the administrator of the facility to provide safekeeping for funds.”

If your father has the ability and desire to manage his own money, he should be allowed to do so.

Ms. Stania Rodriquez is the District Ombudsman Manager for Palm Beach County Long-Term Care Ombudsman Program.

To ask for an ombudsman’s assistance, learn more about the program, or to become a volunteer ombudsman, call Stania at the Palm Beach County District Office at 561.837.5038 or toll-free at 1-888- 831-0404.


The Ashford App

As I sit down to write this, my final Ashford App, I would like to thank all of you who have read my column over the past few years, and also for the lovely comments many of you have given to me about it. I’ve really enjoyed sharing both my news and that of your neighbors. It’s been an absolute honor and a pleasure. I wish Leah all the best as she takes over from me, and I know I’m going to enjoy reading her contributions every month.

Our house here was sold much sooner than we anticipated, and by the time you read this, Chris and I will have moved into our half-finished home in Sheffield. Much work has already gone into the renovations, but there’s still a lot more to do, and for a while we won’t have a kitchen, which some women might consider a blessing. I guess I’m about to find out the joys of not slaving over a hot stove. Anyway, as long as I have my bedroom, laundry, and bathroom, complete with hair dryer, I think I’ll cope for a short while at least. I’ll probably be spending my days shoveling sawdust and passing tools up to the ‘worker.’

I’m looking out of my window at Mr. A our resident alligator, sunbathing in his reserved spot over at Waterford. He seems recently to have been joined in the lake by 2 other pals, one of whom just cruised past whilst we were eating lunch in the lanai. I’m really going to miss seeing these prehistoric creatures on an everyday basis and also the bevy of beautiful birds who often show up for a photo shoot. Miss Rosy Spoonbill arrived here for the season, flaunting her gorgeous pink outfit. She looked a bit lonely and even shy at first, but soon made friends with the Ibis family and had a long chat with Woody Wood Stork, probably about club rules. In fact the other day, there was a big bird convention with literally dozens of birds all congregated on the lawn. Maybe they were holding elections for Mayor of Ashford. I’d say there was no contest at all. Mr. GBH, great blue heron, was sure to win, as he’s obviously the boss around here.

The Color War dinner was a lot of fun, and I was very honored to be asked to play piano for the Gold Team’s song. Well done to them for winning, and congratulations to the Black Team for winning overall and taking the cup. The spirit of sportsmanship and camaraderie here at Aberdeen is really wonderful. I couldn’t think of a better place to live. We’re all so very fortunate.

Thank you all for your good wishes as we move over to Sheffield. It’s going to be a rather challenging period, as our son and family arrive to stay for 4 nights the weekend before we have to move out on the Thursday. They’d already booked their tickets before our house was sold, and plan to go on to Disney as a birthday treat for little Max who turns 5 on Feb. 15th. I’m trying to stay cool, calm and collected as I methodically go through our belongings, deciding what to pack in boxes and what can be donated to the VVA. It’s quite a task, as I’m sure you all know from past experience, but we all get through it.

I received this e-mail from Leah Keitz, your new News Reporter:

“Hello Ashford:

As Sylvia and Chris leave our wonderful village shortly to settle into another, we wish them the best of life in their new home. Of course we are sad that they are leaving here but know that we will still see them in our Aberdeen community. Good luck Sylvia and Chris.

Though a hard act to follow, Sylvia passes the baton on to me as the Ashford reporter for the Aberdeen Times.

My email is llkone@aol.com. Feel free to send your news as of Mar. 1 for inclusion in the April issue.

Looking forward to hearing from you.


Leah Keitz”

Congratulations to George and Lillian Spiro who celebrated their 73rd anniversary with friends and family on Feb. 7th. George was 19 and Lil was just 18 when they were married in 1943. George went into active service soon after, and the newlyweds were apart for 2 years. When I said that I’d never known anyone who’d been married for so many years, George replied. “Oh yeah, and we’re still shooting for a few more.” That’s the spirit! I’m sure that we all wish this lovely couple lots of good health and happiness for many more years together.

The new owners of 7215 Ashford Lane are Bruce and Sharon Sussman from Westchester County NY, and we wish them much happiness in their new home.

We congratulate our Board of Directors Committees for 2016, and thank them all for the excellent job that they do to keep Ashford running so smoothly and to such a high standard.

Well all that remains is for me to sign off and say that it’s been wonderful to be part of the Ashford community. Almost 5 years ago, you welcomed Chris and myself with open arms as ‘sunbirds’ from South Africa, in spite of our strange accent. We’ve had some really fun times together and made many good friends. Fortunately, we won’t be far away and I know we’ll see many of you at the club from time to time. Thank you so much for all for the kindness shown to us whilst we’ve been living here. I’ll never forget dear Irving Breiter who was president at the time, calling round to welcome us to Ashford on the day we moved in, bearing the traditional Jewish housewarming gift of bread, salt, sugar and a few coins. I’m still using the salt. As my parting shot, here’s a quote from Miss Amelia Earhart, “A single act of kindness throws out roots in all directions and the roots spring up and make new trees.” The Nobel Laureate, Isaac Bashevis Singer, who was a resident of Surfside, FL, also had something to say on this important subject, “Kindness I’ve discovered, is everything in life.” Such true and wise words. Have a great month of March!


Turnberry Isle

Two important events have recently determined the officers for the Turnberry Isle Board of Directors and the Turnberry Isle Women’s Club. The annual meeting for our neighborhood was held in January to elect officers and inform the community of our continuing efforts to keep us healthy as an HOA. Two informative presentations were made at this meeting. Deputy John Ledford gave us tips on keeping ourselves and our properties safe. He was an excellent speaker with valuable information, presented in a friendly, engaging speech. We were also fortunate to hear from Elise Brown from the Palm Beach County Fire Department. As a paramedic, she gave us information on the Vial of Life and Yellow Dot programs. If you missed the meeting, all of this information can be obtained from the PBC Fire Department.

Following the business meeting and officers’ reports, the annual election of officers was held. The board members for 2016 are as follows: President, Larry Aronow; Vice President, Shelly Kamilow; Treasurer, Rosanne Abelles; and Secretary, Lynn Fernandez. Sam Klein will continue as POA representative and landscape chair. Rosanne Abeles and Sherry Morris will again represent Turnberry on the Fairway Lakes Drive Board of Directors. We also welcome Jerry Green to our Board as a new director. Thanks were given to Rick Finn, as long-time director, he is moving to Chicago. He will be missed. Also leaving the board is Jason Bolen, who served as Compliance Chair for the past 4 years. Many thanks to those who have served and to those who continue to serve.

Earlier in January, the Women’s Club held their very special installation luncheon at Benvenuto. In addition to good food and a beautifully decorated venue, the afternoon’s entertainment was provided by Ray and the Raylettes–a Motown style singer accompanied by his 2 young (and precious) daughters. They received a very enthusiastic response from our members.

Installed as officers at this luncheon were President, Anita Ostrow; VP of Functions, Barbara Pearlman; VP of Membership, Diane Mallow; VP of Programs, Maureen Kilar; Treasurer, Pat Cohen and Co-Secretaries, Maureen Kilar and Carole McRonald. Board members-at-large are Joyce Meltz, Good and Welfare; Sheila Van Wyk, Philanthropy and Mitzi Brown.

Book Club met in January to discuss Joshua: A Brooklyn Tale by Andrea Kane. Ably facilitated by Regina Green, the meeting was held at Barbara Pearlman’s home. Penny Altman was both facilitator and hostess for our February gathering and discussion of A Man Called Ove by Fredrik Backman. We can always count on Penny to bring her well-researched, knowledgeable perspective to any discussion.

Thanks to all those dedicated members who have kept this group together for seventeen years. Regina Green is the present chair, and we appreciate her leadership.

Finally, the list of activities continues with the Women’s Club visit to the Weiner Museum in February, chaired by Sandy Fisher. Next month’s article will detail that trip. We are currently gearing up for the annual Progressive Luncheon, planned for Mar. 9. Pat Cohen is chairing this event, which promises to be bigger and better than ever.


Sharing With Sheffield

Take if from one who knows!

Aging is inevitable, intractable, and for some, frightening! It is a fact of life that needs to be dealt with; some of us do that better than others. For those who deal with it as “a state of mind,” aging opens doors to new experiences, new views of the world, opportunities to accomplish things never tried before, new friends, a fresh start … For those, for example, who become solitary, vegetate in the solitude of their homes after losing a spouse, who refuse comfort or support or advice, life can easily become a trial rather than a triumph. We are given a choice … move, create, become productive, or wither on the vine. The choice is yours to make!

“This is a new phenomenon. I’m seeing a new breed of people living with vitality at such old ages,” said Gropper, who remains just as vital herself.

A writer, teacher and the former director of the Center for Lifetime Learning at Palm Beach Community College (now Palm Beach State College), Gropper started taking notes on the seniors at her Lantana assisted-living facility who remain vibrant and engaged with the world.

She has a few rules for inspirational aging. Above all, she said, try to view the inevitable losses of aging through a prism of optimism, curiosity and humor.

Here are some more:

Find companionship. “Loneliness is a huge problem in old age,” said Gropper. If you don’t live in a group setting, you have to make an extra effort to find friends through a senior center, library group or religious organization.

Exercise the body every day. Gropper walks whenever she can and takes a yoga class three times a week.

Use your brain. “The greatest fear among seniors is not being able to function mentally,” she said. So she and her neighbors go to lectures, concerts and the theater. “After, hold discussion groups and talk about what you’ve seen,” she said.

Keep your sense of humor. At this age, life is tenuous, but “we can afford to laugh,” Gropper said. “Sometimes, we have to see the humor in a situation or sit down and cry, but a quick quip or witty remark is a good defense against depression.”

Plan your day, every day. Filling the day is a great challenge for people at this stage of life, but having the time to explore new adventures is a bless-ing. Get out of the house as much as possible. “You can have a fuller life than when you were younger because your time is your own now. If you’re not feeling well, get yourself to a comfy chair and read something uplifting.”

But I want to go one step further … I want to pro-mote the use of your brain power to make your older years exciting and interesting and rewarding. Many of us had high level, successful, productive careers before we retired; at the very least, even if that was not so, we came to retirement after many good years. My aim is now to give back, to be as useful and hard-working as I was when I worked … to have people see me perform, not “as good as someone my age,” but as someone who is respected as doing a damn good job. And doing that job (or jobs) … thinking, analyzing, organizing, listening, presenting … keeps the brain alert. That, to me, is the secret of the aging process. Go out and do something that will stimulate that brain. Volunteer at a meaningful site, join clubs and organizations and take active roles in them, enroll in adult classes, teach your skills to others (knitting, photography, creative writing, computers, etc., whatever you were great at in your former life). Get on a committee, go to meetings, write a book, put together a volume of poems or recipes, start a social – group. How about writing a column for the Aberdeen Times! The point is, you must use your brain to keep it alive and healthy … it will even help overcome some of the physical problems that beset us.

To everyone, best wishes for a happy holiday season and a healthy New Year.


Brittany Lakes

Recently, Jack and I had the opportunity to drive across the state of FL and visit dear old friends in Naples. The weather has been very unusual – cold and wet, not at all the beautiful warm weather FL is known for.

Driving across Alligator Alley is always an adventure. We were driving over 70 miles an hour looking for alligators. We looked everywhere, trying to find at least one alligator. Of course we did not succeed.

Naples is a beautiful city, full of culture and a haven for foodies. We love road trips. This one met every requirement. We had a lovely time, never missing a meal, walking, exercising, shopping, laughing, talking, taking terrific naps and spending time with good friends.

As the weekend came to a close, we packed our car and started our trip back home. Fortunately, the weather cooperated most of the time. We love road trips but there is nothing like going home.

Brittany Lakes has been our home close to 6 years. Driving up to the security gate puts a smile on our faces every time. We are home!

Our community has a small but active board of directors. They take care of our greenery, roofs, trees, driveways and many other issues. Best of all, nobody has to shovel snow.

At the last HOA meeting, I learned that several board members plan on leaving the board this year. Allow me, on behalf of our residents, to thank them for their hard work on behalf of our community.

One of the pleasures of coming home is reconnecting with our neighbors and friends, including Joan and Max Weiss, who have lived in and owned their home in Aberdeen since Mar. 2009. As with many of us, they were snowbirds till Mar. 2013. Theirs is a sweet love story. They met as teenagers in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, (NY), got married in 1956, and left their beloved Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn, for the suburbs of NJ. Their family grew with the addition of 3 children and 7 grandchildren. The family loves spending time together. Joan and Max also enjoyed their professional lives. She as a controller for a real estate firm and Max has been the owner of a mechanical contracting business for over 25 years.

Max and Joan enjoy their home, the wonderful lifestyle, great weather and the friends they have made since becoming a part of the Aberdeen community. The next time you are walking on Brittany Lakes Drive please say “hello” to them.

How fortunate are we to come back to a wonderful place we can call home?


Waterford Watch

It’s time, once again, to bring you all the good news from Waterford. Since this will be our first submission for the Aberdeen Times, we hope you will enjoy reading our column and help us by contributing any information you care to share.

Lets start off by wishing our community a Happy New Year. We certainly hope it will be the beginning of a good year for all our residents.

We want to welcome our new Property Manager from APM, Amy Higgins. If you need info or have any questions you can call her @561-399-9350 or e-mail her at ahiggins@apm.net. We want to say thank you to Linda Jo Lewis for her many years of dedicated service.

We hope you attended our annual meeting on Tues., Feb. 16, 2016, at the Park Vista Recreation Center.

Sherwood Ginsburg just celebrated his 85th Birthday with his entire family. His daughter, husband and granddaughter 12-year-old Sasha, came in from CA. His NY son and wife, along with Virginia son, wife and 3 grandsons, Brendan, Ryan and Collin, shared the special day.

Save the date: Sun., Feb. 21, 2016. Our community will have a pool party with sandwiches, beverages and more (cost $8.00 p.p.) to embrace “A New Year and a NEW Beginning.”

Nature here in Florida is rewarding, Carol Ginsburg spied a new bird wading in her back yard. It’s a beautiful pink and white bird and she learned he is a Rosette Spoonbill. The bird is beautiful, neighbors look for him.

We just got word that Patti and Greg Van Bunt’s father, Toivo Mickola, passed on, Dec. 31, 2015. He was 10 days shy of celebrating his 95th birthday. They brought a little joy to their sadness in the form of a new Savannah breed kitten. May it help you to heal from the loss!

Hope you enjoyed our column. We look forward to keeping you abreast of all the news from our community.


Bermuda Isle Buzz

Springtime is nearly upon us and what a busy year it’s been already! Bermuda Islanders got right into the swing of things on Tues., Feb. 2, 2016,as approximately 40 of our neighbors enjoyed a fun night out at Benvenutos Restaurant in Boynton for a Big Band Dinner Dance. The music was great and very nostalgic of days gone by, but even the younger crowd got up to dance. Nary a soul sat idly by with the swinging sounds of the ‘40s and ‘50s rocking the house! In the words of long-time resident Shelly Feld, “Marilyn and I danced our feet off!” Everyone looked spiffy, the food and conversations were good and it all made for a very friendly, companionable evening. A special thanks to our own Juliane Haimes for organizing this festive event!

BI residents will keep the party going with its annual Spring Fling pool party which is being held on Sat., Mar. 13. Catering will be provided by Totally Awesome Subs and the music by Richard Frank. A huge nod of appreciation to residents Timmy & Moe Fried and Judi and Harvey Schwartz (not that one – the other one) for their efforts in making this happen. It’s yet another wonderful way for residents on the ‘Shoe’ to get to bond and know one another better in a casual and fun way!

More Buzz from around the “Shoe”…

Kudos to our very own Lenore Schwartz who has been named Hadassah’s 2016 Woman of Valor. What an accomplishment!

Jake and Diane Kamp had a very special reunion with several of their longtime friends as they celebrated their respective birthdays in St. Marten for a glorious week in February. Most of the friendships went as far back as elementary school and they all graduated from the same class!

We tip our hats off to Eliot and Ronnie Ostrow whose son David was sworn in as a member of the Wisconsin Bar in January. He expects to finish up his MBA at Marquette this summer and then it’s out into the real world. Ronnie. Eliot also took a trip to Las Vegas in February to visit with their daughter and with some friends from Aberdeen; lots of fun was had by all on the Strip!

A neighborly ‘howdy’ to new BI residents Anita Gittleson, Mel Krieger, Michael Souza and Marc Furtado who moved here a few months ago.

Neighbors Armando and MariCruz Alvarez sold their home up north and are now full-time residents of Bermuda Isle.

Congratulations go out to longtime resident Elaine Roth, whose grandson, Eric Fisher, will be getting married this month. Eric is an attorney practicing in south Miami and he and his new bride will be making their home in Coconut Grove, FL. Elaine’s daughter, Susan Vidro, who lives with her, is the proud mother of the groom.

From Ketly’s Korner:

As previously promised, in addition to bringing you news from our neighborhood, it is my pleasure to add my personal musings under the nom de plume of “Ketly’s Korner.”

I can scarcely believe that we have already lived in Aberdeen and more specifically, on the FABULOUS Horseshoe Bay Road in the Bermuda Isle community for just over two years!

Where on earth has the time gone? I will say that in this case, time has most definitely flown by because we have been having FUN – and lots of it! We continue to look out of our windows at our beautiful view with appreciation and joy. It hasn’t gotten old at all!

I started adding walking to my exercise regimen back in Dec. 2015. I intentionally wanted to do this sans making a New Year’s resolution lest it fall by the wayside as many resolutions are wont to do! I figured it would become a habit and it has! I love the coolness of the air in the early dawn hours, the opportunity to commune with nature and just to think. It’s been so amazing to me that no matter how often I retrace my steps along Hagen Ranch Road, Gateway Boulevard, or Le Chalet, I always find something different that catches my eye or make a new discovery. It’s amazing what you “see” when you are really looking!

To yield or not to yield … however … that is the question. The most puzzling (and anxiety-ridden) aspect of my thrice-weekly walk is the complete disregard that too many drivers have for that particular red and white traffic sign. I actually had to go back and look up the word “Yield” because I can’t understand why so many of the drivers who encounter it at the area roundabouts – totally IGNORE it! So just in case we need a little reminding (though I know Aberdeen residents know this), a yield sign with a white background and a red border means… “Slow down with extra caution,” “You must let traffic in the intersection or close to it, go first. Stop if necessary and go only when the way is clear.

Let’s be safe out there!


It’s Happening in Dorchester

So it’s March and before we know it one quarter of this year will be behind us. There’s much to do this month, including tax preparation. Therefore, we should all take the time to be grateful for so many people and things that have taken place in our lives to date.

To start, let me (if I have not already done it,) welcome Cathy and Mike Andrasko to Dorchester. If you haven’t met them, take the time to do so. Other pluses included Iris and Saul Levine becoming the warm and fun spot for lots of company from NY and CT. While the LeVines were busy with company, Harvey and I were busy cruising to the islands and Harvey was celebrating another fabulous birthday with family and friends. “Birthdays are good for you: the more you have the longer you live.” We are celebrating 56 years of making each other feel so special. Can’t ask for more than that! In our family, our daughter, Tracy Beckerman, humor columnist and author will be chairing the Erma Bombeck conference for writers from all over the country. It is quite the event each year.

We would like to take the time to wish Rita Zide a complete get-well and to Maxine Bender, who also had some surgery. Alan Katcher, hope your shoulder is on the mend. They miss you on the golf course.

March brings along the annual meeting of the Dorchester HOA. It is at that time that we will hold our election of officers for the coming year. It is our hope that we will have a large turnout and lots of people who want to participate in continuing to make this a wonderful Aberdeen community in which to live. We will keep you updated as to the results of this election.

Well, as we go through a period of gray skies and lower than usual temperature, which affects our dispositions, we need to remember: “You may be only one person in this world, but you may also be the world to one person.” So enjoy every day