Circling The Coves

Nearly every evening I actually “circle the Coves” walking the “Figure 8 lane” that connects our community … the East Circle and the West Circle connected by the “street” between Buildings 6 and 13 (and yes, our entryways as well). I enjoy looking at the well-maintained landscaping and the open green spaces, as well as meeting up with dog-walkers, others out for an evening stroll, friends and neighbors. Because of (or sometimes, despite) the weather, it is almost always pleasant and peaceful. I am always grateful to see so many appreciating this seemingly simple opportunity as well those on bicycles and 3-wheelers, those using walkers, canes, and even wheelchairs show me that fresh air and exercise is important to all of us.

Which brings me to an important topic. Whose job is it to make sure these beautiful surroundings, responsible and cooperative neighbors, and well-maintained buildings are ours to enjoy? The condominiums, of course, belong to YOU, the unit owners; however, the “buck stops” on the desk of our Board of Directors and GRS Management Team. Boards of Directors sometimes get a bad rap – – like Boards of Education, Corporate Executives, Professional teams’ Boards of Directors. Sometimes they are thought of as “Conceited self-important people pretending to be big shots who are out to catch you doing something wrong.” This couldn’t be further from the truth in the case of the Coves. Our Board of Directors is a group of 7 VOLUNTEERS whose primary job is to preserve the financial integrity and value of your homes as much as possible; they know our documents, rules and regulations which you bought into when you purchased your unit. They guarantee that to the best of their ability they will help the community live up to your expectations. They are responsible for hiring honest and professional vendors; enforcing the rules and regulations which are a part of our by-laws and keeping a balanced budget, and so much more.

Why spend so much time on this topic? Firstly, it’s because after many years writing “Circling the Coves,” the number of times I’ve received personal bits of information to share can be counted on one hand, but mostly it is because The Coves Annual Meeting and Election of the Board of Directors is Wed., Mar. 16th. The current B.O.D. will meet at 4:30 (a business meeting open to YOU every month) and the Election Meeting itself will begin at 5:30 PM As of this writing, three terms of office (out of 7) are expiring. Two current board members have submitted intentions to run to keep their seats.

Hopefully at least one other unit owner will have made the decision to run (or be appointed by acclamation) by this time. We are so very fortunate to have had so many willing and able people to serve on the Board over the years. For 2015 and early 2016, Coves residents owe a grateful thank-you to Rose Romano, Alan Louzin, Yvette Keegan, Bob Grazioso, Bob Cioppa, Bob Westfal and Paul Ezersky for their voluntary diligence in looking out for our best interests.

Get to know your board members, or better yet, attend a monthly meeting. Residents may not all be happy all of the time, but you can bet that your board and property Manager are well aware of the responsibility of their roles as “safekeepers of the Coves.”

Until next month, Remember this is YOUR column. Submit anything you think others might find interesting to and I will incorporate it into the next newsletter. Thanks, in advance, for participating. Don’t forget to set your clocks ahead Mar. 13th for Daylight Savings Time. May the “Luck O’ the Irish” be yours on St. Paddy’s Day, and a Blessed Easter to all who observe this special day. See you next month!