Waterford Watch

It’s time, once again, to bring you all the good news from Waterford. Since this will be our first submission for the Aberdeen Times, we hope you will enjoy reading our column and help us by contributing any information you care to share.

Lets start off by wishing our community a Happy New Year. We certainly hope it will be the beginning of a good year for all our residents.

We want to welcome our new Property Manager from APM, Amy Higgins. If you need info or have any questions you can call her @561-399-9350 or e-mail her at ahiggins@apm.net. We want to say thank you to Linda Jo Lewis for her many years of dedicated service.

We hope you attended our annual meeting on Tues., Feb. 16, 2016, at the Park Vista Recreation Center.

Sherwood Ginsburg just celebrated his 85th Birthday with his entire family. His daughter, husband and granddaughter 12-year-old Sasha, came in from CA. His NY son and wife, along with Virginia son, wife and 3 grandsons, Brendan, Ryan and Collin, shared the special day.

Save the date: Sun., Feb. 21, 2016. Our community will have a pool party with sandwiches, beverages and more (cost $8.00 p.p.) to embrace “A New Year and a NEW Beginning.”

Nature here in Florida is rewarding, Carol Ginsburg spied a new bird wading in her back yard. It’s a beautiful pink and white bird and she learned he is a Rosette Spoonbill. The bird is beautiful, neighbors look for him.

We just got word that Patti and Greg Van Bunt’s father, Toivo Mickola, passed on, Dec. 31, 2015. He was 10 days shy of celebrating his 95th birthday. They brought a little joy to their sadness in the form of a new Savannah breed kitten. May it help you to heal from the loss!

Hope you enjoyed our column. We look forward to keeping you abreast of all the news from our community.