Aberdeen Country Club News

Time always seems to pass by so quickly when you are having a wonderful time at the Club! To those members who are here only during the winter season, it probably feels like their sleep-away winter camp with so many activities to keep them busy. A few of our members have already left or are planning to travel shortly to their summer residences else-where. Most club activities will continue until they return, hopefully having had a healthy and wonderful summer. For those who are fortunately here all-year-round and able to enjoy all we have here, it’s a blessing to remain and continue activities during the summer months.

Another annual Scholarship Fund Concert was recently held at the Club with very special student musicians of the Lynn U. Conservatory of Music at-tended again by a capacity audience of about 400 music lovers. The evening performances were magnificent indeed! All the performers were outstanding in their offerings, the flutist who played a number of fine pieces, the pianist as well as the obviously very talented and lovely violinist who also sang a number of beautiful opera pieces and brought the audience to its feet on a night to remember. It was the best evening of fine music by the Lynn U. Conservatory of Music.

The Aberdeen on Stage production of the “The Best of Times” was presented last month at the Park Vista High School Auditorium to an excited audience of club members and guests. It featured a musical Broadway revue of growing up in the 60s, 70s and 80s. The audience of about 700, cheered the wonderful performances of the many performers, exceeding the expectations of last year’s production.

Recently the 2016 Men’s Golf Club Champion-ship Tournament matches and the Ladies’ Golf Club Championship matches were completed, including the Sadie Hawkins Scramble and both end-of season Ladies’ Golf Closing Day Tournament and the Men’s Golf Closing Day Tournament. Also the Par 3 Golf Tournament and the 9-Hole Golf and Wine Tournament were well attended. Tennis members held a successful Tennis Mixer and an Exhibition Barbecue at the Beach Entry Pool with the USPTA Pros competing for the Aberdeen Title, followed by the Tennis Club Championship Awards presentation. Our Tennis Director offered the opinion of scientists that tennis is one of the best sports to play in that participation in tennis, 3 hours a week, will cut the risk of death in half from any cause, that tennis players score higher in vigor, optimism and self-esteem and that tennis outperforms other sports in developing positive personality characteristics. Worth a try?

Following Easter events, a Showtime Concert featuring comedian and musician Jimmy Keys was presented with a high-energy variety show. Passover was celebrated with Seder Dinners. In May, the Club will have a Cinco de Mayo Poolside Party, Mother’s Day Brunch, a 92nd St. Y presentation, a Memorial Day Bridge Tournament and a Memorial Day Dinner Dance. Noteworthy is the Ladies’ Birthday Celebration planned in May to celebrate the March through May birthdays. The ladies of Aberdeen plan to celebrate birthdays every couple of months. They include an all-inclusive dinner with entertainment and, doubtlessly, a great deal of conversation and camaraderie.

For those who are interested in joining us in these events and activities, call the Club and speak to Rose Cizner, Director of Membership, at 738-4903, ext. 325


POA News

What is it and what does it do?
The POA is the MASTER Association of Aberdeen. Aberdeen has 24 communities or villages (also referred to as Home Owners associations or HOAs) and also has the Aberdeen Golf and Country Club. The POA has a Board of Directors as does every HOA and as does the Country Club. The Aberdeen POA is one of the largest property associations in Palm Beach County. Its membership includes 2407 homes, the country club and some commercial properties that are required to pay POA dues.

There are numerous committees and an approximate $4,600,000 annual budget. A significant portion of the budget is the Comcast contract. The POA responsibilities include all common areas and all 43 Aberdeen lakes. It is responsible for all fertilization, landscaping, tree trimming, reclaimed water and Security. (The Palm Beach Sheriff has been hired by the POA.) The POA is also responsible for the Architectural Review Board (ARB), the phone directory, signage, and the management of the East Clubhouse. In the event of a hurricane, there are gates that the POA can open to allow excess water out and into the canals – with permission of the appropriate governmental authority and also since there are no sewers in Aberdeen, removal of waste is accomplished through Lift Stations which the POA maintains and for which it is responsible. The POA meets monthly, (except for July and August) and all residents are always invited to attend meetings and, of course, view the website, Aberdeenpoa.com.


Important Announcement For Our Readers Copy

The New York Times started in 1851 and for 145 years it only had its print edition. When, in 1996, something called the “internet” starts to be used by the general public and the Times realized that it needed to be there as well. So it set up a website. Over the next 10 years, the paper would see a decrease in circulation as more people got their news online. In 2006 the Times reduced the size of the paper by 6” to save $12 million per year.

After 26 years of print-only publication, the Aberdeen Times has decided it is time to launch its own web site. This will allow you to read the Aberdeen Times wherever you are whether it is on your patio over a cup of coffee, up north during the summer or half way across the world while you are traveling.

With the gracious help of Philip Levine (South Florida Web Advisors), the Aberdeen Times is ready to enter the 21st century. On our new website you will be able to browse articles by community / column, view our advertisers’ directory, find out who writes the article for your community, and submit feedback / questions and perform a myriad of functions.

Philip worked with the staff of the Aberdeen Times to make sure we have a website that shines. Some of his local clients include the Aberdeen POA, Ashford Green HOA and COBWRA in addition to many other local organizations and businesses.

We look forward to this new era for the Aberdeen Times.

Please visit the new website today at https://www.aberdeentimes.org/.

Aberdeen Times Board of Directors


Sharing With Sheffield

It is something we do every single natural day, 365 days a year. We do it habitually, without much thought, instinctively, intuitively. We do it automatically and then we are dismissive and go on to do it again. What is this thing that we do so casually most of the time? We make CHOICES!

These everyday choices seem easy and harmless enough. Should I get up a little later this morning? What do I want for breakfast? Or lunch? Or dinner? Should I believe the weather man and take my umbrella when I go out? Should I go to the mall and buy that top I really don’t need?

Should I attack the bills waiting on the desk or wait for tomorrow? Do I really want to go to that meeting? On and on … no earth-shattering decisions. But what happens when choices are more difficult. Related to significant personal or family or financial consequences? People make foolish or wise ones; some are right; others may be wrong. Many may be really good and others so bad they defy explanation. I would surmise that, over the years, we have all experienced choices we have made in each of these categories. When we have made what we perceive to be good choices … in career, marriage, family, home-purchase, friendships, retirement, we express satis-faction. But how do we prevent ourselves from making the bad choices, the ones that can cause regrets, disappointment, render families apart? Is there a warning bell in a person’s head? Some sign or warning? None of us is so wise or perceptive, or blessed with a crystal ball – but perhaps these tips will give you food for thought.

1. If the choice is one that ends in persona1 disappointment, take ownership for a poor one, shrug it off, and move on.

2. Blessed with a pleasurable choice a book, show, movie, restaurant, recipe, bargain purchase share it with others.

3. When a questionable choice arises, don’t lunge at it in haste. Consider the consequences carefully.

4. When a choice is really troublesome, and you are pushed to the wall with no apparent solution, – stop – look – listen. Talk about the problem with a family member, a trusted friend, a discreet colleague, a clergyman to seek help in examining and clarifying your options.

5. When conflicted about a decision to make a choice between two options, develop a list of PROs and CONs for each. Then weigh the length and strength of each list; It will help you see the better choice more clearly.

6. Reflect on the personal and/or extended effects of a bad choice “Look before you leap.” If your choice is a selfish one, reconsider the alternatives. If the result of your choice is hurtful, take steps to ameliorate the damage – reach out, apologize, do what-ever is possible and appropriate to ease the case or ease the results of the negative effects.

7. When your choice ultimately results indirect consequences for you and your loved ones, accept the fact that you made the wrong choice, and work to rectify the error with remorse, courage and determination

Some choice quotes:
True happiness consists not in the multitude of friends, but in the worth and choice. Ben Jonson

There is small choice in rotten apples. Shakespeare – Lost Labor’s Lost

Guess if you can, choose if you dare. Pierre Corneille

A foot and lighthearted I take to the open road, healthy, free, the world before me. The long path ahead leading wherever I choose. Walt Whitman

Man is affected by all his actions; His heart and his thoughts follow the deeds which he does. Whether good or bad … Love and fear at all times decide the value of every particular act. Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel

You never know how strong you are until strong is the only choice you have left. Unknown

A Sheffield Tribute

At the end of March, after a very brief period of illness, Sheffield lost one of its most favorite sons – wonderful friend and good neighbor, Eddie Vogel The outpouring of condolences from all over Aberdeen was testimony to the way people felt about Ed. He was notable for his stories, his passion for golf and tennis, his lingering friendships with every-one he ever met, his love of life, particularly his life here at Aberdeen. Above and beyond all that was his devotion to his wife, Elaine, and the three sons and families he never stopped raving about. He was so loyal and supportive, and kind – a real “mench.” He will be missed by all who knew him.


The Ashford App

Spring has sprung here in Ashford. Everyone seems to be tending to their landscaping and our community is looking like a botanical garden.

We welcome our newest residents: Frederick and Frances Grossman, Sarah Levy, Marcia Feinblatt, Louise and Marilyn Gross, Seymour and Ellen Orlinsky, Gilbert and Donna Covey, Bruce and Sharon Sussman and Laurie Wohl.

Shirley Scarf’s house will be put on the market shortly. If you know anyone who would like to join us here in Ashford let me know. By the time this issue goes to print, the house will be available.

Millie Schultz became a great grandmother for the 6th time with the birth of Addison Golynsky. Two of our residents recently travelled to attend the bar mitzvah’s of their grandsons. Jane Casden and Marty Phillips, flew to Huntingdon Valley, PA and Ellen and Butch Melstein to Israel. “Mazel Tov” to all!

Our “Dancing With the Stars” Alice Jay wowed the audience with her superb performance recently. Judi Hirsh writes: “Thank you to our Ashford board for doing a great job this year. Our community has never been run better or looked better. Keep up the good work everyone! We all appreciate the time and energy you put into it.”

Neal and I will be traveling west later in May to visit our daughter and family in Scottsdale, AZ.

Please remember to send your news to me @ LLKONE@aol.com.

Editor’s Note: Welcome aboard Leah Keit Keitz. Leah and Sylvia Shaw shared last month’s Ashford App column. Now that Sylvia has moved to Sheffield, she and yours truly, will be sharing the Sheffield column.


Turnberry Isle

We all recognize the trite expression “Time flies when you’re having fun.” It’s trite but true here in Turnberry Isle. The High Season of 2016 has come to an end, but we managed to fit in many interesting activities in the past 4 months. And we did have fun!

First, there was the incomparable Installation Luncheon in January, where we introduced Turnberry to delicious food and outstanding entertainment by Ray and the Raylettes. In fact, we hear some of our members have followed our lead and hired this group for other area activities. As we moved into February, many of us enjoyed the Weiner Museum and lunch in Ft. Lauderdale.

Then came the Annual Progressive Luncheon, which was bigger and better than ever. Special thanks go to our chair, Pat Cohen, and the 7 members who opened their homes for the event. Maureen Kilar prepared a terrific chicken dish for all 30 of us, and it paired beautifully with all the other gourmet treats of the day. And don’t forget the wine.

April made some of us smile when we found ourselves at the Aprons Cooking School in the Polo Shops of Boca, sponsored by Publix. It was a hands-on demo followed by lunch. Some of us were surprised when we were told to wear “closed” shoes that day. Aprons must have done their research and discovered that many of us tend to make only one thing for dinner most nights — reservations. We can only assume they feared that we would spill boiling oil OR amputate a toe when using a chefs knife. Planned by Barbara Pearlman, it was another great event which made the season fly by.

Looking ahead, we will meet at the pool in May to enjoy a complimentary pizza party to end the Women’s Club year. At this event, special thanks are always given to our meeting hostess, Rhoda Schwartz, our annual speaker, Maureen Kilar, and our “President for Life,” Anita Ostrow.

In other news, Book Club thrives under the leadership of Regina Green. What makes our club special is that members are also the facilitators. We have discussions and comments that are not as likely in a group led by a professional facilitator. And, most importantly, we work cheap. Recent titles are In the Land of Invisible Women and Florence Gordon. Our final book of the year will be Invention of Wings. And then we flyaway until next September.

Our Turnberry Isle Board of Directors is still being ably led by Larry Aronow. Two new members joined the board during the past season. We welcome Lynn Fernandez and Fred Wolfson. Here’s a salute to all the volunteers who help keep our community running smoothly.

Happy summer to all! Hope it flies by!


Canterbury Communique

It’s been a long while, but we’re happy to be back in the fold. We’re looking forward to sharing news, interests and ideas with our neighbors and Aberdeen friends.


  • To Dee and Lou Levy, who are celebrating the recent birth of their 4th great-grandchild, as well as the forthcoming bar mitzvah ceremonies of 2 grandsons in Israel.
  • To Joan and Arnie Sinkin, who recently celebrated their daughter’s and son-in-law’s 25th wedding anniversary. Also, and to their delight, their son Joel has purchased a home in Bermuda Isle, and will be moving in this month.
  • To Suzanne and Mort Thaler, whose son, Warren, won the Aberdeen Men’s Singles Tennis Championship. The family is also looking forward to celebrating Suzanne’s mother’s l02nd birthday in October.

Welcome to the Neighborhood:

canterbury offers a hearty welcome to Joyce Petach, Ellen Nessin, Beth Klar, Jeannette and Alana Kugel, and John and Elena Koopman and family. We’re delighted to have you as neighbors.

In closing, and in the words of Benjamin Franklin: “Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing about.” We plan to do both!

Editor’s Note: Welcome new author, Dee Levy, to the Aberdeen Times. Glad to have Canterbury on board!


Circling The Coves

Hopefully April showers have brought May flowers. If so (seeing as this column is being written late March – early April), then East Aberdeen will be bursting with color and beautiful foliage. As we say “Goodbye” to our many snowbird friends, the blossoms of May will help us appreciate the months ahead until their return.

There is much to talk about this month, but I’d like to start with something special. You’ve probably already done your spring cleaning, but if, when you “tidied your space” and “decluttered,” you happened to find a few extra towels, blankets, and unused bedding, you can truly make your hard work “life-changing” for some animals. Coves resident and volunteer Debra Sackin would like to remind us that the Tri-County Animal Shelter is always in desperate need of them. Just think if you suddenly had 40+ house guests and needed accommodations for them all at the same time. The shelter is always filled to capacity. Donating is as easy as setting the items aside and calling Debra at 752-1671, an East Aberdeen resident who works there will take care of delivering them to the shelter for you, so all it takes is a phone call. Your donation will make you feel good all day long!

On a sad note, Coves residents offer their condolences to Marcia Greenberg (Bldg 6) and family upon the recent passing of her husband, Arnold. Our sympathies also to Tina Luciano (Bldg 9) and family upon the death of her husband, Al. The Greenbergs and Lucianos are long-time Coves residents, and we extend our condolences to both families.

As mentioned in the April column, the Coves Board of Directors has been elected and is in place for the coming year. President Rose Romano, Vice-President Bob Cioppa; Treasurer Alan Louzin; Directors Bob Grazioso, Paul Ezersky, Bob Westfal, and in addition new Board Secretary, Fran Garfunkle. The Coves is fortunate to have such a hard-working and accessible B.O.D.

An item of extreme importance: email addresses. More than 100 Coves Unit owners have their e-mail addresses on file with the Coves. This list of addresses is not published, shared, nor sold outside of official business. It is used by Management or the B.O.D. to pass along urgent information, E-blasts, or current notices. Please add your e-mail address to this list if you have not already done so by calling Board President Rose Romano at 742-4323 and she will see that your address is listed. Thank you.

Last but not least, remember the “3 Ds” – Dumpsters, Dogs, and Duration. Imagine that our DUMPSTERS are your own home cabinet or waste basket area where you throw away garbage and recycle papers and plastic and glass. If you wouldn’t stuff it, spill it, make a mess of that area and not clean it up in your own home, then don’t do it to any of the 6 dumpsters on Coves property. Take the time to “do it right’; Set an example for your neighbors. “If it doesn’t fit you must call Republic for a bulk pick- up!”

DOGS: “You know the drill.” Nine out of 10 Coves dog-owners follow our community guidelines. They own one dog under 20 pounds and that dog is leashed at all times when outdoors and picked up after. Dog-ownership in condominium associations is a privilege Coves Rules & Regulations provides for our residents. Please act within those guidelines. Enough said. Your neighbors appreciate it.

DURATION: I “made this one up”; however, as a member of the East Aberdeen CERT Committee (an offshoot of FEMA) before its demise, I’d like to remind you that the DURATION of time since a hurricane last took a direct hit on Palm Beach County has been over 10 years. Many of you did not live here then and do not realize that, although we live in structures which are up to code, you still need to have an individual plan. During Frances, Jeanne and Wilma, some lost power, experienced water forced in around window frames due to horizontal rain, had ground water pool around first floor lanais and more. Prevent needless damage and major inconvenience BEFORE the next one comes along by making a plan for yourself, your family and your unit. Hurricane season is just around the corner!

Until next month, Happy Spring and Happy Mothers Day. Enjoy the Coves; it’s a great place to live!


It’s Happening in Dorchester

“May” you have a month filled with good health, good friends and good times. Isn’t that a good definition for May? We here in Dorchester have had time to look at this year and wonder where the time has flown. But we have great neighbors with great news in their lives.

We are so happy to be able to welcome new Dorchester residents. They include Robert Manniello, who is living at 7773 Dorchester Road, also, Ira and Wendy Springer, who are at 7669 Dorchester Road, and, Stanley and Marsha Koolik, are new owners of 8541 Judson Circle. Looks like they have agreed that Dorchester is the place to be here in Aberdeen. Smart people!

Our show biz star, Roz Kern, has informed us that The Original Florida Follies was a huge success for Roz and the company. Many thanks to all the Dorchester neighbors and others who came to support that worthy cause, they have raised in excess of $780,000 in the past 12 years to help children in need. Bravo, Roz. Now Roz and Steve are off to Maryland to celebrate the 2nd birthday of their youngest grandchild, Samantha Madison Posner.

We too, Harvey and I, managed to take off to Puerto Villarta, Mexico to spend a fabulous week with our son David, his wife, Emily and their 2 daughters, Bela and Ady. While doing that, our son-in-law, Joel Beckerman, the music composer and producer, did it again. He won the award from ASCAP for the 10th year in a row for the most music played on TV during this year.

And for those of you who went to the Aberdeen on Broadway show on April 5th, we know you had a great evening. Among the stars on stage were 3 Dorchester residents: Peggy Urbinato, Oliver Klapper and Stu Suttenberg. They certainly helped to make the evening a huge success.

For our neighbors who are heading north this month … “May” you have a wonderful summer. We will miss you, but will look forward to your return in the fall.

Some of us remember Andy Rooney. He said some terrific things … among them, we should recall:

“Life is like a roll of toilet paper. The closer it gets to the end, the faster it goes.” So let’s enjoy each day. And …

“It’s those small daily happenings that make life so spectacular.”

So from all of us at Dorchester we wish you many spectacular days!