Circling The Coves

Hopefully April showers have brought May flowers. If so (seeing as this column is being written late March – early April), then East Aberdeen will be bursting with color and beautiful foliage. As we say “Goodbye” to our many snowbird friends, the blossoms of May will help us appreciate the months ahead until their return.

There is much to talk about this month, but I’d like to start with something special. You’ve probably already done your spring cleaning, but if, when you “tidied your space” and “decluttered,” you happened to find a few extra towels, blankets, and unused bedding, you can truly make your hard work “life-changing” for some animals. Coves resident and volunteer Debra Sackin would like to remind us that the Tri-County Animal Shelter is always in desperate need of them. Just think if you suddenly had 40+ house guests and needed accommodations for them all at the same time. The shelter is always filled to capacity. Donating is as easy as setting the items aside and calling Debra at 752-1671, an East Aberdeen resident who works there will take care of delivering them to the shelter for you, so all it takes is a phone call. Your donation will make you feel good all day long!

On a sad note, Coves residents offer their condolences to Marcia Greenberg (Bldg 6) and family upon the recent passing of her husband, Arnold. Our sympathies also to Tina Luciano (Bldg 9) and family upon the death of her husband, Al. The Greenbergs and Lucianos are long-time Coves residents, and we extend our condolences to both families.

As mentioned in the April column, the Coves Board of Directors has been elected and is in place for the coming year. President Rose Romano, Vice-President Bob Cioppa; Treasurer Alan Louzin; Directors Bob Grazioso, Paul Ezersky, Bob Westfal, and in addition new Board Secretary, Fran Garfunkle. The Coves is fortunate to have such a hard-working and accessible B.O.D.

An item of extreme importance: email addresses. More than 100 Coves Unit owners have their e-mail addresses on file with the Coves. This list of addresses is not published, shared, nor sold outside of official business. It is used by Management or the B.O.D. to pass along urgent information, E-blasts, or current notices. Please add your e-mail address to this list if you have not already done so by calling Board President Rose Romano at 742-4323 and she will see that your address is listed. Thank you.

Last but not least, remember the “3 Ds” – Dumpsters, Dogs, and Duration. Imagine that our DUMPSTERS are your own home cabinet or waste basket area where you throw away garbage and recycle papers and plastic and glass. If you wouldn’t stuff it, spill it, make a mess of that area and not clean it up in your own home, then don’t do it to any of the 6 dumpsters on Coves property. Take the time to “do it right’; Set an example for your neighbors. “If it doesn’t fit you must call Republic for a bulk pick- up!”

DOGS: “You know the drill.” Nine out of 10 Coves dog-owners follow our community guidelines. They own one dog under 20 pounds and that dog is leashed at all times when outdoors and picked up after. Dog-ownership in condominium associations is a privilege Coves Rules & Regulations provides for our residents. Please act within those guidelines. Enough said. Your neighbors appreciate it.

DURATION: I “made this one up”; however, as a member of the East Aberdeen CERT Committee (an offshoot of FEMA) before its demise, I’d like to remind you that the DURATION of time since a hurricane last took a direct hit on Palm Beach County has been over 10 years. Many of you did not live here then and do not realize that, although we live in structures which are up to code, you still need to have an individual plan. During Frances, Jeanne and Wilma, some lost power, experienced water forced in around window frames due to horizontal rain, had ground water pool around first floor lanais and more. Prevent needless damage and major inconvenience BEFORE the next one comes along by making a plan for yourself, your family and your unit. Hurricane season is just around the corner!

Until next month, Happy Spring and Happy Mothers Day. Enjoy the Coves; it’s a great place to live!