Aberdeen Country Club News

Lots of new members have been coming to the Club for various reasons, some for social, some for the tennis and others for the golf – because Aberdeen is one of the better country clubs that has it all! Our tennis pro once pointed out the importance of the ac-tual “placement” of the tennis ball on the tennis court to be most effective in playing the game. Isn’t it most important for our everyday lives that being a mem-ber of the Club establishes our best personal “placement.” That so-called “placement” as an Aberdeen Club member will be our most effective strategy to experience a taste of the good life.

Once again, the sounds reverberating through-out the Club were voices of those of our members who were planning to leave for their summer homes or planning trips or exchanging telephone numbers with other members taking their summer trips. For those of our members who have either already left or plan to do so shortly, we wish you all a healthy and enjoyable summer. When you return to the Club, changes will have taken place: the weather will per-haps be cooler, the Clubhouse will have had its annual re-polishing and refinishing and the Fitness Tennis and Aquatic Center will be sparkling, along with our always-challenging 18-hole golf course, and our 15-tennis court complex.

In the meantime, June is still busting out all over at the Club as many activities during the sum-mer months will continue. May had a most active month of events including, a Mother’s Day Brunch Extravaganza, a Cinco de Mayo Poolside Party fea-turing the live sounds of “Uptown Express,” 92nd Street Y simulcast live broadcast featuring Leslie Stahl and Tom Brokaw, a Memorial Day Bridge Tournament, another Ladies’ Birthday Celebration for March through May birthdays with dinner and entertainment, for a special evening, followed by the Aberdeen Men’s Birthday Lunch and the Memorial Day “Americana” Dinner Dance with the music of “Uptown Express.”

In addition, the Memorial Day Golf Tournament is planned as well as a Memorial Day Tennis Round Robin. June events follow along including Come to the Cabaret with “Wayne L,” the Father’s Day Jazz Brunch Extravaganza, Thursday Night Socials at the Sunset Lounge and a Golf Special Event “Placeholder.”

During the summer months the Club has made arrangements for Dining Reciprocity for Aberdeen Club members at a number of fine country clubs in Palm Beach County for those members interested in dining elsewhere. In addition the Club has made arrangements for Golf Reciprocity at about 12 other prominent country clubs throughout Palm Beach County during the summer period. The Club permits members to bring one guest during the week during the daytime and one guest during the evening between Monday and Wednesday. For those members who do not have computer access at home, broadcast emails are posted at the Bulletin Board in the Communications Room off the front lobby. The Palm Room, which has a beautiful view of the golf course and to sunsets, has activities in ping pong, billiards, soft tip darts and internet cafe with WiFi connection.

To further inaugurate the summer programs at the Club, the Men’s Summer League in the South County Men’s League for 2016 had their first 2 games, the first being won as the last twosome finished with the winning score for Aberdeen, the second being split as a rainout. The Ladies have started in the South Palm Beach League and with a newly-formed PAR-TEE LADIES LEAGUE, the latter with 7 Palm Beach country clubs participating. Should be an interesting summer of golf.

If you are interested in experiencing an enjoyable life style, come join us at the Club. Information may be obtained from Rose Cizner, Director of Member-ship, by calling 738-4903, ext. 325.


Deals – Good, Better and Best

An important concept in financial management is the time value of money. Simply put, a dollar today is worth more than a dollar tomorrow. Why? You can put today’s dollar to work for you earning income, such as interest. Consequently, you should try to collect any money owed to you as soon as you can. For example, if your are entitled to a tax refund, file your tax return at the earliest possible date. Conversely, to maximize the time your dollars are working for you, hold onto them as long as you able. Following are three deals that allow you to do this.

The Good Deal

Let’s say you need to buy a big ticket item (a refrigerator, a new bedroom set, etc.) Look for retailers that offer zero-interest with a long-term payback period, such as Sears, Best-Buy, and Rooms To Go. For example, at the time of this writing Rooms To Go offers no down-payment and no interest on purchases until Jan. 2020, provided you make equal monthly payments during this period. How good is this deal? Let’s say you buy furniture for $4,000 in Apr. 2016. According to the offer, you’ll have 44 months to pay-off the $4,000 in equal payments of approximately $91 ($4,000/44) per month. Rather than pay $4,000 today, a portion of these funds can be earning income for you over the next 3+ years.

The Better Deal

Currently, credit card companies are issuing blank checks to cardholders that can be used to consolidate debt at a lower rate or to make large ticket purchases. Most credit card companies offer 2 options: (1) borrow for a long period of time at a low variable interest rate, or (2) pay a one-time fee (3%-5% of the amount borrowed) with no interest if the full amount is repaid within a prescribed period of time (generally 6-18 months). Generally, the second option is the better of the two.

Recently, I purchased an appliance for approximately $2,000. The retailer offered me a 5% discount or a zero-interest, 12-month pay period. A few days earlier, a credit card company had sent me a blank check with zero-interest, a one-time fee of 3% of the amount borrowed, and a payback period of 12 months. I combined the 2 offers. By paying off the appliance immediately I saved $100 (.05 x $2,000). I accepted the credit card terms requiring a fee of $60 (.03 x $21000). Net net, I came away with $40 and a monthly payout of approximately $167 ($2,000/12).

The Best Deal

Southwest Airlines provided me with the best deal. My husband and I needed to fly one-way from Maryland to West Palm. Southwest offers three categories of online ticket pricing: Business Select, Any-time, and Wanna Get Away. On the day we needed to fly, Wanna Get Away tickets were available for $71 per person.

When I went to pay the $142 (2 x $71) for the 2 tickets, I was offered a Southwest Credit Card that would immediately give me a credit of $200 that I could use toward the flight. So essentially, Southwest paid for the flight and gave me an additional $58 ($200-142).

The Take-Away

In financial transactions, always keep in mind the time value of money. Look for deals that enable you to hold onto your money as long as possible.

The 3 deals mentioned above at not the only ones in town. If you know of any, please let me know at profpatw@aol.com and I’ll pass on the information to readers.


Brittany Lakes

Enjoy all that life has to offer.
I want to thank my talented, generous friend, Marcia Byalick, for allowing us to print her article last month. I was glad to see how many of our residents enjoyed her work.

Every morning as we get up, I realize how amazingly fortunate we all are here in Aberdeen. Seeing people in our communities and at the Club. Finding new friends with common goals and interests. Seeing constant smiles and hearing sweet laughter.

I am not saying that there aren’t people who put an occasional damper on the day. I can see that they are, for the most part, sad and lonely. Sometimes we try to bring them in to join our activities and get to know our neighbors. I have to admit that often we do not succeed. I have made a promise to myself. – I will never give up. I will encourage them to join the rest of us and feel good about their life in this magical community.

What about my 81-year-old-cousin/friend who takes conversational Spanish so she can be of more help to families she talks to when she volunteers at the local hospital.

How about my other friend who is in her 70s and has taken up painting. With water colors yet, a most difficult media. The 93-year-old who plays duplicate bridge with her amazing 95-year-old- “boy friend.”

So, on the days when you feel a little down, join us and learn a new skill, make a new friend and be happy.

From my family to yours, enjoy the summer – where ever you plan to be.



The Ashford App

By: Leah Keitz

Spring has definitely arrived with colorful flowers blooming throughout the community. Everyone is taking part in making Ashford the most attractive and well-kept village in Aberdeen. Thank you all for caring.

Several residents have already gone to their summer homes and left on their “world tours.” We wish them all a safe and enjoyable time away from Ashford. We look forward to welcoming you back.

We welcomed new residents to Ashford in 2016: Frederick and Frances Grossman, Bruce and Sharon Sussman and Laurie Wohl. This will be a busy summer for many of us as we celebrate happy family events. Stan and Marilyn Gilman will celebrate in MA in May on the occasion of their granddaughter’s bat mitzvah as well as their 50th Anniversary. In June, they will travel to Philadelphia to enjoy the bar mitzvah of their grandson.

Neal and I will be traveling later this summer from one end of the country to the other to celebrate with our grandchildren who will become bar and bat mitzvah, respectively.

The pool area at Ashford and Ashford Green has been refurbished from top to bottom and end to end, including the new blacktopping of the parking lot. The Ashford Maintenance Board is responsible for this beautification and we all appreciate its efforts. It has also updated security devices at our entrance gates. F

YI: Old and unused medication should never be thrown in the trash or flushed away. The proper disposal of medications is an important issue and protects us all from substances that are harmful if they get into our water supply. The nearest official DEA disposal site is: Ocean Ridge Police Department, 6450 N. Ocean Blvd., Boynton Beach, FL 33435. The green collection box inside the door to the right is open 24/7.

Have a happy and safe summer!


Sharing With Sheffield

Ruth’s Note: Sylvia Shaw (a friend and recent transplant from Ashford to Sheffield) has generously agreed to alternate the “Sharing With Sheffield” column with me. She writes beautifully, and will be delighted to hear your news, views and happenings. I will be delighted to fill in every other month with my musings and chatter. How lucky you are, good friends and neighbors. Some villages can’t get even one writer; Sheffield has two!

Hello new neighbors! Chris and I have been happily living in your lovely community since mid February when we were more or less catapulted out of our Ashford home by a very quick sale with closing only 2 weeks later. As many of you know, 7884 Bridlington Drive had been standing empty for a few years with the roof leaking in many places; it took a lot of vision and optimism, mostly on Chris’s part, to imagine what it could look like with lots of creativity and hard work. The new roof was put on whilst we were over in South Africa, and when we returned in Sept. 2014, Chris started work single-handedly on gutting the whole of the interior, including walls, floors and ceilings. We got a very good company in to replace all the windows and sliding glass doors with hurricane proof double glazing, and then after filling three dumpsters with rubble including all bathroom and kitchen fixtures, we were able to get to work remodeling the whole house. At the moment, we are living very comfortably in the huge main bedroom which holds everything we need for now. All the bedrooms and bathrooms are finished and work is in progress in the main living area. There’s so much wood in there with all the framing for walls and ceiling, that it looks like a small forest without leaves. Whilst Chris is busy with his handiwork and when I’m not shoveling sawdust, I prowl around the backyard with my camera looking for the wildlife living here. Sheffield has many different creatures to those which I saw in Ashford, although I’m told by my good friend Jane Casden that a couple of members of the Iggy family have migrated across there recently. Some of the iguanas here are almost 6-foot long and I never know what I’ll see from my bathroom window when I pull up the blind of a morning. Sometimes it’s just Sammy squirrel busily scurrying around do-ing whatever it is that squirrels do, but one morning I saw a red fox being chased by an otter. On other occasions, I’ve been greeted by a green scaly critter with long claws, closely resembling a mini dinosaur climbing up the palm tree almost within arm’s length. I’m so glad that the bathroom window doesn’t open and is well sealed. I remember at Ashford once sharing the shower with a smallish lizard. I didn’t see it looking at me until my hair was full of shampoo suds, but I can assure you that I didn’t take my eyes off it for one second, willing it not to move, and I finished my shower in double-quick time not even stopping to dry it out.

We will be taking some time off during the sum-mer, visiting family and friends in South Africa and England and I’m sure many of you will be traveling up north to escape the heat and humidity of Florida. The climate here is very similar to the one we got used to when we lived at the coast in South Africa, but the seasons are of course reversed, so we’ll be going back in the winter, which is cooler and much more pleasant.

A very warm welcome to our lovely new next door neighbors Al and Sheila Tannenbaum. I’m sure you are going to love it here at Aberdeen. I wish all of you a very pleasant summer and safe travels. See you again in the autumn.


Canterbury Communique

By: Dee Levy

Greetings from the Canterbury community! It’s hard to believe that June, the month of the summer solstice, is already upon us. As promised in the last issue, we’d like to share some of our residents’ life-experiences, present and former careers, and significant happenings.

Yvette Camulli, a long-time resident of Canterbury, is currently a transportation coordinator for the Palm Beach County Jewish Family Services. Yvette is in charge of the enlistment of volunteers to transport senior citizens to their various appointments. The program is called “Kibitz and Ride,” and its catchment area includes Delray Beach, Boca Raton and Highland Beach. Volunteer drivers use their own cars and are reimbursed for mileage. Fingerprinted and background checked, the volunteers are scheduled to drive at times based on their availability and personal preference. “Kibitz and Ride” has been in place since 1999, and is open to all seniors, regardless of race or religion. For those interested, be in touch with Yvette, or call JFS at 561-852-3333. Yes, volunteering is a truly a way of giving back!

Ellen Nesin, new to the Canterbury community, taught primary school in Monticello, NY, for many years, and is presently serving on the Monticello Central School District Board of Education. Her daughter, Jessica, recently graduated from the Conservatory of Music at SUNY Purchase with a Bachelor’s degree in classical piano performance. During spring break, Jessica met with the head of Collaborative Piano at Lynn U.; the appointment had been arranged by a professor to whom she was introduced at the Lynn U. Scholarship Recital at Aberdeen in March. According to Ellen, Jessica’s plan is to complete her Master’s degree in piano performance, followed by a degree in Collaborative Piano. There is a strong possibility that she will audition for admission to the graduate program at Lynn.

In closing, we wish everyone a happy and healthy month of June. “What is so rare as a day in June? Then, if ever, come perfect day”. (James Russell Lowell).


The Sunny Shores

By now our snowbirds have all returned to their homes up north, probably looking forward to cooler weather than the unusually hot and humid days they have experienced in the last month or so and which we normally only see during the summer season. We look forward to their return next fall but in the mean-time let’s enjoy shorter lines, less traffic and 2-for ones!

If you are a regular reader of this column, you may remember that a few months ago I delineated the steps that our HOA was taking to foreclose on one of our properties. Since obtaining possession of the unit, it has been completely renovated and recently rented out to a couple with relatives in our community.

By now everyone should have their new Comcast system up and working. If, for any reason, you have not had your new telecommunications access installed, please call Comcast immediately to set up an appointment at your convenience. Do not delay. Your HOA monthly maintenance fee has been adjusted to take into account the new costs and you should now be enjoying the enhanced service provided in our new contract.

In Feb. 2013, the board undertook a Reserve Fund Study to ensure that The Shores was on the path to financial stability, now and in the future. The board is happy to report that monthly contributions by all homeowners are in keeping with the recommendations of the financial analyst and that a committee has been established to review these guidelines and create a Strategic Plan to implement the maintenance and repairs our development requires.

We have a celebrity in our midst! Barbara Ladd recently took third price in the Point and Shoot Animal Category at the 2015 Green Key Nature Center and Wetlands Amateur Photo Contest. Barbara is also on our HOA board, responsible for pest control, in addition, she works with Diane Greenberg to process applications from prospective new homeowners. Way to go – Barbara!

We have no new residents to welcome this month and no homes for sale at the time of publication, although I personally know of people who are looking to buy as well as snowbirds seeking seasonal rentals.

Seems we are a very popular community!

Saul and I are currently touring to Canada to see our families and attend the bat mitzvah of our grand-daughter, Jordana, in Toronto. I will elaborate further in my next article which will appear in October, since the Aberdeen Times does not publish during the summer hiatus.

In the fall, I will be revising the format of this article to include a section highlighting some of our residents. I will be calling upon you to ask for your input over the next few months and hope you will assist me in this endeavor.

Until then….


It’s Happening in Dorchester

Good-bye Mother’s Day. Good-bye Memorial Day Weekend. Good-bye to so many of our friends who have gone north for the summer months. We miss you already. Hello to the many people and things we have not been able to get to, but now is the time.

We are working on our community to beautify it and repair that which needs some work as a result of years of our traffic. The roads on Lawson and Judson Circles are being repaved so that cracks and holes will be a thing of the past. It would be nice if we could do the same for our bodies. Oh well!

Harvey and I spent Mother’s Day in NJ with our daughter, Tracy, and her family. If you haven’t had the pleasure of reading her work, she is an award-winning national humor columnist who writes her column each week in over 400 U.S. newspapers. While there, I told her we would be coming back up north for the summer to spend more time with her, her family and siblings. At that point she was told me how every summer they have this duck couple who come up to their pool. They named the couple Loretta and Larry Mallardstein. The same ducks come up every single year. So my daughter decided that they must be “snow birds” who fly up from Florida and make their summer residence here in their pool. She said that “we much prefer having our parents come from Florida because they do not poop in the pool!”

And so everyone should be excited if they are flying north and being with those they love during the summer. And for the many of you who remain here in Aberdeen … do whatever pleases you most.

Before I say “Good-bye” for the summer I would like to quote Andy Rooney, once again: “I’ve learned that it’s the small daily happenings that make life so spectacular.”

So take each day one day at a time and we wish you all a spectacular summer. All Dorchester Happenings will all be here again to celebrate life with you in the fall.


Bermuda Isle Buzz

By: Lenore Schwartz

Spring turns into summer, the days get hotter and less hectic and that makes it a good time to reflect on the pleasures of being in Bermuda Isle. Up north, the land awakened and bloomed, but here, although it’s always beautiful, we too, get the blooming of many trees and other foliage.

As you walk around the island you’ll see numerous Bougainvillea’s ablaze with purple or red flowers, a Gardenia bush with fragrant white flowers, Dorrie Haikens’ 2 Magnolia trees (though alas their massive blooms have withered) and colorful Hibiscus trees at the homes of Ketly and Marshall Williams, Judy and Peter Friedman and Ronnie Appelbaum. Helen Rose just put an unusual multi-colored hibiscus bush in her yard. Continuing on your walk, you will note that Flo and Jerry Sosniks’ beautiful pink potted Mandeville plant, Marilyn Cohen’s outstanding Bird of Paradise and yet another one at Anita Gittleson’s place. White Jasmine can be seen at the homes of Bobbie and Neil, Susan and Ron Tabin and Richard and Joann Murphy, small Pentas adorn the front of Joel and Sandy Wenacurs’ colorful flower bed with a yellow Shrimp plant and a gorgeous backyard complete with an exotic tropical garden. There’s a Desert Rose and a Lantana plant at Timmie and Moe Frieds’ abode next to Judy and Harvey Schwartzs’ big showy pink Frangipani along with a Blue Plumbago.

In the median, as you pass through the gates coming into B.I., there is a huge Plumbago along with plenty of bright Impatiens. I understand our conscientious neighbor Don Buesking waters them regularly. Thanks Don! Newly planted colorful Kalanchoe decorate the home of Bruce Frieman and Lynn Sauve. And check out the Firecracker plants at Ruth and Phil Snyders’ and in Helen and Sid Roses’ tropical garden. Many people have colorful lxoras in front of their houses (nice ones Mark and Mike) as these were planted some 20 odd years ago by the builder.

Stroll by the home of Helen and Sid and you’ll see every imaginable flowering plant flourishing here. Helen’s green thumb was nurtured in Australia.

It’s June, so where are the roses? I asked Marge Adler, who loves this flower and has tried numerous times to grow them here however, without success. She says it’s too hot in Florida and they don’t survive. Anyone want to challenge her?

Our expert horticulturist, Helen, who had pointed out all the above-mentioned plants in Bermuda Isle, has recommended some small annual plants for color this summer. The following will do well in this cli-mate: petunias, wax begonias, portulucas, salvias, pentas, gerba daisies, geraniums, and impatiens. (When the winter ones fade, plant the New Guinea impatiens which tolerate the heat). If you’re really observant, you’ll realize that Bermuda Isle is both colorful and filled with pleasant aromas.

Looking at the lakes, you’ll spot more birds and many ducks following mama duck in a perfectly straight line. Don’t you wonder how they are so well trained? On the golf course across from our homes are the beautiful Egyptian ducks who seem to gather in particular around dusk … happy hour perhaps? Someone counted 18 of them with all the babies. They’re friendly with the golfers, sometimes pecking on the carts when they see their reflections in the shiny painted sides.

This year has brought many new neighbors to our community. Though many have already been greeted, I’d like to list all who joined us this past year as this is the last issue of the Aberdeen Times until October and the start of a new season. In July, we welcomed Don and Anna Buesking, Steve and Susan Kaolik, Rob Tannenbaum and Bonnie Lappin, Bruce Frie-man and Lynn Sauve. Anita Gittleson and her com-panion Mel Krieger, along with Michael Souza and Marc Furtado. Since the beginning of this year, we have welcomed Emily Schultz and Brian Enriquez, Lloyd and Leslie Zide and last, but not least, Joel and Kathleen Sinkin. We hope that all of our new neighbors become involved in the community and enjoy living here for many years to come.

By now most residents have become familiar with the new electronic directory at the gate, and are finding it more efficient than the old one with very convenient guest cards. Many thanks go out to the board for a job well done, with outstanding work by Don and his wife, Anna, with additional help from Jake Kamp.

There are quite a few original owners and for them we feel an update on former friends is warranted. Anna May Ervolino is in touch with Mary Lou Blute. She and Ed (a great golfer) moved to Texas. Ed passed away 10 months ago. Her brother, Msgr. Jim Balint, a former B.I. resident, came to visit in Boynton Beach and was killed in a tragic car accident on Mar. 11th. Our hearts go out to the family… Recuperating on our island lessens the pain: Marge Adler, from a fractured foot, Ruth Snyder, recovering from a back operation and Harvey Schwartz is still gaining some of his strength following an unexpected operation.

Good news from Marge Adler — 2 of her great- grandsons celebrated bar mitzvahs (Sean in May and Elijah in June) and her granddaughter, Amy, became engaged to Dan Oran with a November wedding planned. Marilyn and Shelly Felds’ granddaughter, Leah Reiner, was married to Ben Mayhew on May 15th. Congrats to all!