Circling The Coves

Yet another successful, bustling, activity-filled “season” has passed in The Coves. I will miss my many “seasonal friends”; however, as is always the case, the lazy, hazy days of summer arrive with bonuses. There is less traffic, and premier seating in restaurants is available, Morning tee times are easier to reserve. More best sellers line the shelves at the library, and even Walgreens has items in its weekly brochure well-stocked on the shelves. All that and more is our reward for enduring the heat and humidity.

Year-round residents don’t sit idle, however. H & H haters just head to indoor card games, family gatherings, deliciously cool movie theaters, libraries, galleries, cultural centers. They enjoy these wonderful 3 months at a less chaotic pace. Outdoors people love cool early mornings on the courts and the links and at the pool; also, now that daylight continues far into the evening, it’s a perfect time to wind down at those same venues. Trying on year-round residency “for size” are our new residents: Shelia Talbert (Bldg. 4), Blase and Joanne Capasso (Bldg. 1), Theodora and Gregorio Cervantes (Bldg. 1) and Gary and Tracy DiBelardino (Bldg. 3). We welcome them and hope they enjoy our friendly community.

As we take our summer hiatus at the Aberdeen Times until October, I’d like you to think about the fact that, aside from the Isles, which was not part of the original East Aberdeen master plan (original documents platted that area as a passive park), the Coves is the youngest community in Aberdeen East; however, since construction was completed with Bldg. 8 in 1990, even WE are over a quarter century old. We continue to have our share of “growing pains”, (or aging pains), which is a good thing, because if we were not growing and changing, we would not be as valuable to our heirs nor new buyers and residents. We are comprised mainly not of apartments nor rental properties, but instead we are ONE OWNERSHIP ENTITY — The Coves of East Aberdeen. The rules and regulations apply to all, as do the benefits of shared expenses. Please treat all entities from dumpsters to dogs, speed limits to signage, and parking to plantings as affecting YOU. Help others enjoy the benefits of condo life by “playing far,” and living within our few guidelines.

A few reminders as summer approaches. Our nearby students and skateboarders who enjoy all the facilities of Park Vista, and the Skateboard Park at West Boynton are OUT OF SCHOOL. To avoid any vandalism issues, park your locked cars in your designated spots FACING your building so that Sheriff’s deputies can see your rear license plate as they drive through. This is a regulation throughout the area; it is not a frivolous request. Also, due to the many guests and new residents, if you own a second vehicle, please park it facing the east or west berms so residents can permit their actual guests to park in nearby guest spots. Your cooperation is appreciated. Last, but not least, hurricane season has arrived. In addition to having a plan for when torrential rain and wind lash your unit or for possible power outage of several days, those of you who have placed plants, pots, wind chimes, lawn decorations and solar lighting outside your units, MUST REMOVE THEM when a Hurricane Warning is issued for Palm Beach County. These personal items can become projectiles and a liability to our homes during a hurricane and can cause severe damage to other units as well as your own.

In the meantime, enjoy your summer, patronize our advertisers, stay active yet cool, and look forward to the Aberdeen Times again in October. The publishing staff, under the experienced leadership of long-time editor, Ruth Krawitz, continues to do a fantastic job. Submit your summer doings to me at, and have your experiences highlighted in the Fall issue.

Until October, Happy Summer everyone!