Circling The Coves

It is the third of October as I write this, “the calm before the storm.” For those residents who moved to the Coves after the onslaught of Frances, Jeanne, and Wilma in 2004 and 2005, it will most likely be proven that “experience is the best teacher.” The Weather Channel, Facebook posts, Tweets, Instagram photos, and news media can say all they want, but until you “live the hurricane experience” firsthand, it is all just talk. Based on past experience, inconvenience goes without saying – the downed traffic lights, the lack of frozen foods and dairy in the grocery stores, no AC, branches everywhere, no lights, no cable – even no mobile phones in some cases as cell towers came down. But bottom line, all that matters is personal safety. The rest can be “fixed.” As a past member of Aberdeen CERT before it disbanded, PERSONAL SAFETY and PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY are what was emphasized.

I urge you, right after you read this, and Matthew is less than a month in the past, to take note of what you individually did right or did wrong in getting through the storm. It won’t be the last hurricane in Palm Beach County, and next time you’ll feel wiser and more prepared.

In the meantime, “IT” is here! The Fall season! So much available to do, to enjoy, and to take part in and so little time to squeeze it all in. There are several new residents about to arrive in our wonderful community, but since their closings are not scheduled until mid-October, it would be premature to send an “official” welcome by name until next month, but you know who you are. Enjoy! A fond farewell to those leaving us. You will be missed (as well as mentioned in the December issue.)

On another note, we express our sincere condolences to resident, Sandra Bernstein, upon the death of her husband Al. Al and Sandra have enjoyed many years as Coves snowbirds and were involved in several activities. We’d also like to offer our sympathy to Ricki Linnell, Al’s sister-in-law. As an avid Bridge player and “landscaping hobbyist,” many will miss Al’s presence. Sandra hopes to return to her home in the Coves after Thanksgiving.

As mentioned in past issues, power washing of sidewalks will begin this month, and building repairs — especially of the wood rot, will continue. There may be necessary post-Matthew repairs in the works’ as well, which obviously are not known as of this writing. Don’t forget to put the Coves Budget Meeting on your calendar for Nov. 14th. It’s important to attend.

One final caveat’. PLEASE submit your e-mail address to B.O.D. president Rose Romano. The Aberdeen East Newsletter, the Aberdeen Times (including this article), and updated news releases and reminders from the clubhouse are ALL available on-line. Important e-blasts are sent on behalf of The Coves as well, and you MUST have an e-mail address on file to be included. The Coves list of e-mail addresses is not sold, shared, nor made public. All e-blasts are sent as blind copies so as to not violate your privacy. It is important to be in the know. Over 100 of your neighbors are on the list; it’s time to join them.

While you’re at it, Rose also needs any updates to the Aberdeen phone book. Check your listing right now. If you have changes or additions to your address or phone #, call or e-mail her! Otherwise, your entry will be repeated as is.

Until next month, share your news to and it will be included in the next column. Happy Thanksgiving!