Harbour Lights

Greetings from The Harbours!

Fall is in the air and we want to welcome our winter residents back to The Harbours. We have missed you and look forward to seeing you at clubhouse activities, the pool and just walking around the neighborhood.

The Harbours Board of Directors has engaged a new landscaper the last couple of months. We hope everyone is enjoying the much improved landscaping in the Harbours. Looks are everything, so they say.

November is the month of Thanksgiving. We wish everyone a bountiful Thanksgiving. If you have guests who will be staying with you who drive RV’s or trucks, they can park their vehicles in the clubhouse back parking lot, with permission from Lisa Stoler, the clubhouse manager.

Nov. 8th is Election Day. It’s important that everyone vote for our next President as well as other offices in the Senate and the House.

Nov. 6th is Daylight Savings Time. Don’t forget to turn your clocks back an hour.

Now for some happy, good local news:

Anita Kaplan visited her children for the Jewish holidays in October.

Congratulations to Mary Pastore, whose granddaughter was married in St. Pete last month. Congratulations to Fran and Mike Caesar on their grandson’s bar mitzvah in October.

We had a sighting of our winter residents, Michael and Marion Freedman, who visited The Harbours briefly to be close by for their grandson’s bar mitzvah. Congratulations!

Get to know your neighbors:

Shirley Weinstein writes: “I have been volunteering at Ru4Me Pet Rescue on Congress Ave. The cats and a few dogs are fostered during the week and brought in for adoption Saturday and Sunday, although there are a few resident cats in Petsmart, which can be viewed during store hours on weekdays. Knowing the animals are going to good homes is so rewarding. It’s personally pleasurable to observe the interaction of the children who visit and communicate with the cats.”

I mainly work at the front desk where we accept donations and sell cute cat items as well as answer questions about the organization.

Gail Peele reports that she likes to take her darling dog, Roxie,to the malls pushing her in a stroller. She takes advantage of the air-conditioning, the stimulation and the exercise. She tries not to buy on each trip, but she says, “Sometimes I weaken and can’t help myself”. She reports that her next door neighbor spends most of her time taking care of a husband with a disability, and her sick sister. She is smart, funny, generous and beautiful.

The Hospitality Committee would like to take this time to wish Ray Kunkel, who served this community for so many years, a speedy recovery and good health.

Residents who would like to share their news or let your neighbors know a little bit about your interests, please e-mail your information to Wendy Latman: wlatman@bellsouth.net.

Hospitality Committee of The Harbours @ Aberdeen