Canterbury Communique

Greetings from the Canterbury community! Yes, it’s December, the month of the Winter Solstice, and the month of festive holidays, including Christmas, Hanukkah, and Kawanzaa.

New Year’s Eve, also known as “Sylvester” in both Europe and Israel, will mark the end of what has been a memorable year. A tumultuous U.S. presidential campaign and election, Britain’s departure from the European Union, the Syrian refugee crisis, the spread of the Zyka virus, the death of Shimon Peres and Elie Wiesel, the award of the Nobel Prize for literature to Bob Dylan, and Queen Elizabeth’s 90th birthday celebration were amongst the notable events of the year. Needless to say, it is our hope that many of the problems encountered in 2016 will be resolved in 2017!

On the local scene, the Canterbury Board of Directors continues to work hard to improve the community. Many thanks to Ellen Nesin, Carol Collins, Lou Levy and GRS Management representative Jose Armstrong for their dedicated service. We also extend Belated Birthday Greetings to Marjorie DeMartino (mother of Carol Collins), who celebrated her 92nd birthday on Oct. 28. It should be noted that Marjorie is the author of the children’s book “Freddie the Turtle”, in which she also did all of the illustrations. Sylvia Goode (Suzanne Thaler’s mother) also celebrated her birthday in October. At 102, Sylvia, who had always been musically inclined, is still playing the piano and singing. We wish Marjorie and Sylvia a very Happy Birthday!

In getting to know our neighbors, we continue with our plan to spotlight a different Canterbury resident each month. This month, we prevailed upon Joan Lassman to share an interest or life-experience with us. Joan submitted the following narrative:

“Not a day goes by that someone doesn’t approach us with that famous question. They’ll see us together, do a double take, point, smile and stare. Then they’ll ask: ‘Are you two sisters or twins?’ We can’t help but laugh and respond, ‘Both.’ Being a twin draws a lot of attention.

“My twin, Jean and I have come to realize over time that we are part of an amazing subculture based on a bond that’s deeper and different than that of any other. An incredible world of ‘we’ and never ‘I.’ People ask all the time what’s it like to be an identical twin? What’s it like to have someone who looks and sounds exactly like you? A double, a clone, a kindred spirit? For me, it’s been a wonderful blessing! Being a twin means never being alone or being lonely. A unique camaraderie which connects us both physically and emotionally. Not just having the same face but the harmony of our laughter, the synchronicity of our walk and the communication of a single glance are just a few of the many traits of our common kinship or as we like to call it ‘Twinship.’

“Growing up we did all the fun twin things most people ask about. We dressed alike and often switched places, as well as classes in school. We always enjoyed playing tricks and practical jokes on people. Come to think of it, we still do!

“Unlike non-twin siblings, growing older hasn’t just brought us closer together it has helped us understand the closeness we’ve always had. It has also meant, always having an unconditional, best friend. So if you see me and my best friend around the community, please say hello and don’t worry about getting our names right, we both always respond to either.”

In closing, we want to thank Joan for sharing a significant life-experience. She and her twin, Jean, are indeed fortunate to have such a warm and meaningful relationship. We also want to extend Season’s Greetings to all our Aberdeen friends and neighbors, and wish everyone a HAPPY, HEALTHY AND SAFE NEW YEAR 2017!