Harbour Lights

Greetings from The Harbours!
It’s December in PARADISE! The election is behind us. Thanksgiving is behind us. Now it’s time to enjoy the holiday season in beautiful weather that allows you to stroll the many decorated downtowns without the bulk of winter outerwear and shivering cold air.

Of course, December also means many more cars on the road and many more people walking around those charming downtowns. That’s why those of us who live here all year round love the summer. It’s the best kept secret in S. FL. Don’t tell the snowbirds!

Whatever holiday you celebrate, we hope it brings you cheer and good health. And certainly, we want to take the time to wish everyone a Happy, Healthy New Year.

A Harbours Phenomenon: Dog Buggies throughout the Aberdeen East community; we see people walking their dogs, but in the Harbours, we have a regular group of pet owners who walk their dogs in strollers. They can be seen strolling at various times of the day, spanning the Harbours’ roads. This is highly unusual as most people take their pets out for exercise and to relieve themselves. But in this case, the pets are taking their owners out for a stroll.

Carriages are used for many reasons, not the least of which is the dogs are aging just like their owners and need a little help, and some dogs have arthritis or cataracts and find it hard to walk or see on the roads. And I‘ve heard, particularly in the summer, the asphalt can be really hot on their paws.

These pet owners have become great walking buddies, and probably know more people in the Harbours than anyone else. Everyone stops to say hello to the dogs and the petparents.

Get to know your neighbors.
Judith Gordon, a resident of the Harbours for 3 and one half years, has met a lot of wonderful people living here. She originally comes from Brooklyn, NY, moving to Dayton, OH, later going to Ohio State University where she met her husband and moved back to Long Island, NY. She raised 3 children and when thinking of retirement, decided to move to FL 33 years ago. She now has 7 grandchildren, 5 of whom live in Lake Worth and Wellington.

Judith has been active in religious and civic organizations throughout her life and held high offices many times. She continues to work part-time as a Financial Assistant, which she has been doing for 15 years for a school based out of the country. She also works part-time as an interior decorator known as “The Frugal Decorator.”

All in all, Judith loves living in Aberdeen and life is enjoyable.

On a not so happy note:
We would like to extend our condolences to Gert Geremia and family, on the passing of her husband Daniel.

A few of our year-round residents have had recent surgeries or hospital stays. We hope this newsletter finds you all recuperated and ready for a happy holiday season.

Residents who would like to share their news or let your neighbors know a little bit about your interests, please e-mail your information to Wendy Latman: wlatman@bellsouth.net

Hospitality Committee of The Harbours @ Aberdeen