Moorings Matters

Thanksgiving leftovers should be eaten by now and the antacids put back in the drawer. Our residents celebrated without any Native Americans at the table, and the Cleveland Indians had nothing to cheer about; those in N DK are still protesting the pipeline. Many of us traveled: Mitzi Licht and Simon Glastein to Lexington MA to dine with her children, Joe and I to Philadelphia where our granddaughter & her husband hosted their first Thanksgiving, Marilyn and Alfred Lubell and Isabelle and Don Rubenstein flew from NY, tried our delightful weather and got on the plane to return for the holiday with their children. Real travelers are Joan and Vince Marini who vacationed in Destin, went on to Ecru MS, to visit their son, and on to San Antonio to celebrate with family. Our travel experts, Laura and Jon Unger, were going all the way to the Isles.

Visitors have started to test the water and Simon Glastein’s family, 18-strong, were in town a few weeks ago, that’s 3 generations visiting him. Carol Carleton’s sister came from Seattle and I’m sure she enjoyed our unlimited sunshine. We welcome back Ruth Joseph and Linda and Jim Pagoulatos and wish them speedy recoveries here.

Some more pleasure from adult children – Flora and Jack Miller’s son, Marshal, is director of Winding River Productions and was the recipient of the national award for “Reach MD” in NY. Now for the circle of life — Best wishes to Marilyn and Alfred on the birth of granddaughter, Simone, who will be named Thanksgiving weekend and to Charlotte and Jerry Kahn on the birth of their great-granddaughter, who almost came as a 62nd anniversary present.

We mourn the passing of long-time resident, Betty Jacobs, who had been in Fort Meyers near her son Harvey Wallet, ex-husband of Sally, and brand new owner, Connie Braverman, who never got to enjoy our community.

Our meet and greet Mooring representatives, Charlotte Kahn and Joanne Moustakas planned a get-together recently and new resident invitations went to Carmen Beaverman, Catherine Columbia, Jack and Vivian Ionetta, Judith and Irwin Margolis, Charles and Carmela Nixon, Eileen Ortman, Harriet and Lawrence Rabinowitz, Susan Stein, and Marie Unrah-Baumiller. We wish them many happy years at the Moorings!