Welcome to Waterford

The rabbits are hopping; the birds are chirping and palm trees are swaying! Where, you ask? Why, Waterford At Aberdeen, of course. It’s an exciting time in our community. We’re energized, renovating and sprucing up. Not just in our community, but in our homes, as well. Our hard-working Board of Directors have been diligently running around installing a new digital guard gate, renovating the pool restrooms, painting and pressure cleaning all sidewalks and driveways.

The Waterford Social Committee is also on the move. It meets on a regular basis continuing to plan and host all Waterford social activities. In September, 40 residents participated and enjoyed a poolside Happy Hour. In November, several residents and guests attended the Waterford At The Movies event in Delray Beach. The Annual Waterford Pool Party is scheduled for Jan. 2017.

To further our digital community status, the Waterford website, waterfordataberdeen.com is in continual motion with news and updates. We have added several new pages, including a photo gallery and community events page. Residents are enthused by the capability to keep abreast of the happenings in their community.

As you travel through our hamlet, listen to the wind. It’s a gentle breeze echoing the sounds of neighbor greeting neighbor, happy announcements, fun conversations, friends saying “hello” to returning friends and smiles to welcome new residents. We welcome our new neighbors: Walter Doyle, Jr., Denise Toriello, Seth and Dany Lane and Peter Agati.

We extend good health wishes to Steve Ackerman, Marvin Guberman and Roz Klein. On a sad note, we offer heartfelt condolences to Barbara and Howard Weiss on the loss of their son.

So, when you enter Waterford, don’t be surprised when someone honks, waves, or stops to say “hello.” Even better, come visit us. The coffee is perking; the ice tea is brewing and the conversation is waiting. It is Home!