Aberdeen Country Club News

How wonderful it is to wake up in the morning to bright sunshine and the warmth of the sun rather than the darkness of night once the clocks were changed back to end Daylight Savings Time. That’s what most of us love about being here in south Florida instead of being up north with the gray skies and chilly winds and cold nights. What could be better for us than the casual lifestyle we have here at the Club! It is actually “a quality lifestyle at an outstanding value”! If you don’t have a copacetic lifestyle now, you don’t know what you are missing!

Members take pleasure in using the impressive facilities of our Fitness, Tennis and Aquatic Center. Lots of work-out equipment … so many things to do! Not only is exercise so important, but it gives members the opportunity to further their social contacts which are evident by the large number of members sitting, talking and drinking every morning in the refreshment area adjoining the Tennis Viewing Stand. Aerobic sessions are given at the Beach Pool while swimmers make use of the Lap Pool and bathers enjoy the Serenity Pool within the multi-leveled Aquatic area of the Center. There are numerous athletic classes given daily each week, free to all members, at the Exercise Studio with classes available for work-ing members as the Fitness Center is also open late to accommodate them. The staff is friendly and helpful.

Recently, the Club approved a new Resident Non-Member Guest Policy beginning in December, 2016. A member may bring a resident non-member to the Club for lunch or dinner on specific days: Jan. 18, Mar. 5 and one holiday of the member’s choice. This new program will be on a trial basis during the 2016/17 membership year. The Club will continue its signature programs, including the Baby Boomer Incentive Program, Lessee Club Amenities Upgrade Program, Friends & Family Program, Non-Resident Membership Program and the Try Golf & Try Tennis Programs. See our Director of Membership if you are interested in any of these programs.

This past month preparation began for another original edition of “Laugh Out Loud” for the spring. The Ladies held their quarterly meet, greet and celebrate Ladies’ Birthday Celebration at the Club with dinner, entertainment and dancing for a fabulous evening. Halloween was celebrated with an exciting Elegant Masked Ball. A “Night Under the Stars” evening was scheduled outdoors at the beach entry pool. Thanksgiving would not be the same without the Thanksgiving Day Dinner Extravaganza. The Club hosted a Fun Day for children in the “Guardian ad Litem” program (county-sponsored) to play tennis, ball and golf events specially designed for them. A real treat! The Ladies and Men golfers held their respective Opening Day Tournaments and Tennis members began the Open Tennis Club Championship rounds of competition. The President’s Cup Tournament 3-round event for both Men and Ladies was also played with gross and net winners.

December activities will include the Children’s Activity Week, the Holiday Carnival, Christmas Day Brunch Extravaganza, Traditional Chanukah Dinner, Family Bingo Night and the New Year’s Celebration. For golfers, the Men’s Club Championship and the Ladies’ Club Championship matches are scheduled to finish in the Championship Finals during the month. For tennis members the Aberdeen Open Men’s and Women’s Singles Tournaments will be followed by the Stretch and-Serve-Round Robin. Clubs and Classics will be meeting again, including AARP Safe Driving Classes, Aberdeen Anglers, Bereavement Workshop, Book Clubs I and II,

Cinema Connection, Current Events Club, Love of the Opera Club and the Aberdeen Knitting and Crochet-ing Club. Save the date of the Aberdeen “Play for Pink” in February which includes golf, tennis, card party and more. For those wanting to experience a great lifestyle, come join us at the Club. Call Rose Cizner, our Director of Membership, at 738-4903, ext. 325 for more information.

Aberdeen Country Club News

Now that the Fall season is upon us, we want to welcome the return of all Aberdeen Club members who have recently come back or have yet to return. We know that they are looking foward to enjoying all that the Club has to offer. The facilities have been pampered and polished during the summer period, the entire parking area landscaping was replaced with all new palm trees, hedges and bushes, a new water structure is being built in front of the Club-house. Summer maintenance also included the FTA Center, our 15 Tennis courts, our always interesting-to-play 18-hole golf course, together with our main Clubhouse.

While everything has been placed in readiness for the fall season for all of our members, Club plans for 2017 call for many improvements including the refurbishing of the lower floor of the Clubhouse and the complete overhaul of the tennis complex to add pickle ball courts. In addition, plans call for the full refurbishing and re-contouring of the golf course to provide expanded tee areas, a course-within-a-course, expanded greens, cart paths and a beautifully landscaped golf course with multiple yardage options forgiving enough for high handicappers and challenging for low handicappers. And all such improvements to be implemented without the imposition of any assessment!

What else has been happening at the Club? In October the Halloween Trick-Or-Treat Mixed 18 & 9-Hole Golf Tournament was scheduled to be played with participants wearing their Halloween Finest. Tennis members participated in their Halloween Circus Round Robin. The Club further celebrated Halloween 2016 with an Elegant Masked Ball with members encouraged to wear festive masks. Rosh Hashanah Dinner was also celebrated, followed by Yom Kippur “Break the Fast” Dairy Extravaganza. The Ladies’ Birthday Celebration was held to celebrate August through October Birthdays with entertainment part of the festivities.

November will see a scheduled “92nd Street Y” event, followed by “Night Under The Stars” Pool-side Party and the Thanksgiving Day Dinner Extravaganza. Opening Day Golf Tournaments for both Men and Ladies golfers are planned, followed by the Men’s President’s Cup Tournament and the Ladies’ President’s Cup Tournament, each ending with their respective Final’s round of competition. Tennis Club Championship Tournaments will also commence for Mixed Doubles, Men’s Doubles, Women’s Doubles and Men’s and Women’s Singles matches. Returning this Fall to Aberdeen will be our dance professional, Justin Penny, to teach social dancing for beginners to advanced dancing.

Clubs and Classes will be meeting again, including AARP Safe Driving Classes, Aberdeen Angles, Art-House Films, Bereavement Workshop, Book Clubs I and II, Cinema Connection, Current Events Club, Love of the Opera Club, the Knitting and Crocheting Club and the Aberdeen Library, brimming with books. Check these out! For those wanting to experience a great life style, come join us at the Club. Call our Director of Membership, Rose Cizner, at 738-4903, ext. 325.

Aberdeen Country Club News

Lots of new members have been coming to the Club for various reasons, some for social, some for the tennis and others for the golf – because Aberdeen is one of the better country clubs that has it all! Our tennis pro once pointed out the importance of the ac-tual “placement” of the tennis ball on the tennis court to be most effective in playing the game. Isn’t it most important for our everyday lives that being a mem-ber of the Club establishes our best personal “placement.” That so-called “placement” as an Aberdeen Club member will be our most effective strategy to experience a taste of the good life.

Once again, the sounds reverberating through-out the Club were voices of those of our members who were planning to leave for their summer homes or planning trips or exchanging telephone numbers with other members taking their summer trips. For those of our members who have either already left or plan to do so shortly, we wish you all a healthy and enjoyable summer. When you return to the Club, changes will have taken place: the weather will per-haps be cooler, the Clubhouse will have had its annual re-polishing and refinishing and the Fitness Tennis and Aquatic Center will be sparkling, along with our always-challenging 18-hole golf course, and our 15-tennis court complex.

In the meantime, June is still busting out all over at the Club as many activities during the sum-mer months will continue. May had a most active month of events including, a Mother’s Day Brunch Extravaganza, a Cinco de Mayo Poolside Party fea-turing the live sounds of “Uptown Express,” 92nd Street Y simulcast live broadcast featuring Leslie Stahl and Tom Brokaw, a Memorial Day Bridge Tournament, another Ladies’ Birthday Celebration for March through May birthdays with dinner and entertainment, for a special evening, followed by the Aberdeen Men’s Birthday Lunch and the Memorial Day “Americana” Dinner Dance with the music of “Uptown Express.”

In addition, the Memorial Day Golf Tournament is planned as well as a Memorial Day Tennis Round Robin. June events follow along including Come to the Cabaret with “Wayne L,” the Father’s Day Jazz Brunch Extravaganza, Thursday Night Socials at the Sunset Lounge and a Golf Special Event “Placeholder.”

During the summer months the Club has made arrangements for Dining Reciprocity for Aberdeen Club members at a number of fine country clubs in Palm Beach County for those members interested in dining elsewhere. In addition the Club has made arrangements for Golf Reciprocity at about 12 other prominent country clubs throughout Palm Beach County during the summer period. The Club permits members to bring one guest during the week during the daytime and one guest during the evening between Monday and Wednesday. For those members who do not have computer access at home, broadcast emails are posted at the Bulletin Board in the Communications Room off the front lobby. The Palm Room, which has a beautiful view of the golf course and to sunsets, has activities in ping pong, billiards, soft tip darts and internet cafe with WiFi connection.

To further inaugurate the summer programs at the Club, the Men’s Summer League in the South County Men’s League for 2016 had their first 2 games, the first being won as the last twosome finished with the winning score for Aberdeen, the second being split as a rainout. The Ladies have started in the South Palm Beach League and with a newly-formed PAR-TEE LADIES LEAGUE, the latter with 7 Palm Beach country clubs participating. Should be an interesting summer of golf.

If you are interested in experiencing an enjoyable life style, come join us at the Club. Information may be obtained from Rose Cizner, Director of Member-ship, by calling 738-4903, ext. 325.

Aberdeen Country Club News

Time always seems to pass by so quickly when you are having a wonderful time at the Club! To those members who are here only during the winter season, it probably feels like their sleep-away winter camp with so many activities to keep them busy. A few of our members have already left or are planning to travel shortly to their summer residences else-where. Most club activities will continue until they return, hopefully having had a healthy and wonderful summer. For those who are fortunately here all-year-round and able to enjoy all we have here, it’s a blessing to remain and continue activities during the summer months.

Another annual Scholarship Fund Concert was recently held at the Club with very special student musicians of the Lynn U. Conservatory of Music at-tended again by a capacity audience of about 400 music lovers. The evening performances were magnificent indeed! All the performers were outstanding in their offerings, the flutist who played a number of fine pieces, the pianist as well as the obviously very talented and lovely violinist who also sang a number of beautiful opera pieces and brought the audience to its feet on a night to remember. It was the best evening of fine music by the Lynn U. Conservatory of Music.

The Aberdeen on Stage production of the “The Best of Times” was presented last month at the Park Vista High School Auditorium to an excited audience of club members and guests. It featured a musical Broadway revue of growing up in the 60s, 70s and 80s. The audience of about 700, cheered the wonderful performances of the many performers, exceeding the expectations of last year’s production.

Recently the 2016 Men’s Golf Club Champion-ship Tournament matches and the Ladies’ Golf Club Championship matches were completed, including the Sadie Hawkins Scramble and both end-of season Ladies’ Golf Closing Day Tournament and the Men’s Golf Closing Day Tournament. Also the Par 3 Golf Tournament and the 9-Hole Golf and Wine Tournament were well attended. Tennis members held a successful Tennis Mixer and an Exhibition Barbecue at the Beach Entry Pool with the USPTA Pros competing for the Aberdeen Title, followed by the Tennis Club Championship Awards presentation. Our Tennis Director offered the opinion of scientists that tennis is one of the best sports to play in that participation in tennis, 3 hours a week, will cut the risk of death in half from any cause, that tennis players score higher in vigor, optimism and self-esteem and that tennis outperforms other sports in developing positive personality characteristics. Worth a try?

Following Easter events, a Showtime Concert featuring comedian and musician Jimmy Keys was presented with a high-energy variety show. Passover was celebrated with Seder Dinners. In May, the Club will have a Cinco de Mayo Poolside Party, Mother’s Day Brunch, a 92nd St. Y presentation, a Memorial Day Bridge Tournament and a Memorial Day Dinner Dance. Noteworthy is the Ladies’ Birthday Celebration planned in May to celebrate the March through May birthdays. The ladies of Aberdeen plan to celebrate birthdays every couple of months. They include an all-inclusive dinner with entertainment and, doubtlessly, a great deal of conversation and camaraderie.

For those who are interested in joining us in these events and activities, call the Club and speak to Rose Cizner, Director of Membership, at 738-4903, ext. 325

Aberdeen Country Club News

The Club is always initiating a few new and en-gaging activities for its members. Recently COLOR WAR attracted the enthusiastic participation of 400+ members in innumerable events over 3 weeks, end-ing with a super reception and closing ceremony. Coming early next month ABERDEEN ON STAGE will be presenting “The Best of Times!”, a musical Broadway review in the 60s, 70s and 80s, performed with our own talented club members. Last year’s performances were sold out and we expect the same results this year. We look forward to seeing more productions by ABERDEEN ON STAGE in the near future.

Have you heard of Aberdeen’s DANCING WITH THE STARS? You must have! It was the newest fun event at the Club. Three male club members and three female club members, were selected as novices on the dance floor. They volunteered to take months of dance lessons from professionals and then to dem-onstrate their dancing at the Club event with their professional teacher/partners for the coveted “Mirror Ball Trophy.” We will give you the results in our next issue.

Despite the constant bickering and disagreements on television, in our newspapers and the internet about the national political scene, here at the Club peace reigns this time of year when an election is held for positions on our Board of Directors. This year three candidates were elected, to wit: Richard Haar and Jay Levine were reelected and David Hollander was elected. Congratulations with our best wishes for success!

What else has been happening at the Club lately? Club activities have been as busy as ever. Some of the activities not mentioned previously include the Ladies’ Golf Member/Guest Tournament (one of the most successful), followed by the Men’s Golf Member/Guest Tournament and the conclusion of the Adam & Eve Golf Club Championship. Both of the Member/Guest Tournaments were presented mag-nificently.

Tennis members had the St. Patrick”s Tennis mix-er and Round Robin. The Club held a Table Games Fair to assist members to learn or refresh game skills in various card games. The Lynn U. Conservatory of Music held its annual Concert at Aberdeen again with its ever-talented musicians in another exciting evening of fine music. “Play for Pink” Day with golf, tennis and cards dedicated to Breast Cancer Aware-ness held in February with fantastic participation by our members was the most successful charitable event ever held at the Club!

Late March and April bring the Easter Egg Hunt and an Easter Extravaganza Dinner and the celebration of Passover with a Seder Dinner. Another Show-time Series will be presented with Jimmy Keys entertaining. The Men’s Golf Club Championship and the Women’s Golf Club Championship Tournament swill be started with the Finals to be completed. The Women’s Closing Day and the Men’s Closing Day Tournaments are also scheduled for April. For Tennis players the Battle of the Sexes will be followed by an Exhibition BBQ at the Beach Entry Pool. Clubs and Classes will be continued.

For anyone interested in joining us at the Club, call our Director of Membership, Rose Cizner, at the Club office at 738- 4903, ext 325.

Aberdeen Country Club News

Every year about this time an election is held for positions on the Club’s Board of Directors. The board makes the policies and rules governing the activities of the Club, whereas the General Manager and his staff implement those policies and rules throughout the year. This year has been no exception. The board has worked tirelessly throughout the year to make the Club the outstanding country club it is today for which we are all grateful. But the composition of the Board is always subject to change for one reason or another. Last month there were five outstanding candidates for three board positions, some running for reelection and all with new ideas and goals for the Club. Voting took place during the month of February. The successful candidates will be joining the board, a board that has been creative and forward-looking to successfully attract new members to our Club. They will be devoting their full time to Club matters on an almost daily basis, sacrificing their personal time to effectuate the enhancement of the Club in all respects. Results of the vote when known will be forthcoming.

What a beautiful season we are having at Aberdeen with the weather up north being so wintry with snow, icy roads and cold winds. Of course we have not experienced near-perfect weather, but what we have had here is relatively good. Everything is popping at the Club; our members have been enjoying a variety of activities that are so easily accessible. The outstanding activity last month and ending early February has been the Aberdeen second Color War, participated in by about 400 + members. It offered friendly competition, teamwork, community spirit and good sportsmanship. Careful planning was evident with activity levels divided for gentle, moderate and very active games with card games, bocce, apache relay, swimming, volleyball, dodge ball, tennis and golf events. Color War started with a torch-lighting ceremony and ended with a closing ceremony dinner. Congratulations to all our participants! Gold won the SING but black won the WAR!

What else did we do last month at the Club? We might have attended the Super Bowl Dinner Party to watch two of the NFL’s finest teams fight it out between Carolina and Denver. The Ladies’ Bridge Member Guest Tournament was followed by the popular Sweetheart Bridge Tournament and the Valentine’s Day Dinner Dance with Center Stage playing. “Play for Pink Day” with separate tournaments for golfers, tennis players and card players engaged members in a multitude of activities for Breast Cancer Awareness Day to financially support Breast Cancer research with very successful results. The novel Adam and Eve Club Championships for full Golf Members and for Limited Play members and the Aberdeen Cup and a Mixed Doubles for tennis members were planned. Family Bingo Night preceded by dinner was a success as always. Showtime with The Turnstiles was presented featuring the ultimate tribute to the exciting music of Billy Joel. In the latter part of the month, the Club held an Open House for all Club members to celebrate a recent important victory for the Club. Also in the latter part of February, another Children’s Holiday Activities Week was held with golf clinics, tennis clinics, game room games, movies and ping pong for resident and visiting young children.

Scheduled for March are the Annual Men’s Golf Member/Guest Tournament and the Ladies’ Member/Guest Golf Tournament well as the Adam & Eve Club Championship Finals. Tennis players will play in the St. Patrick’s Day Mixer Round Robin. A much-heralded event will be “Dancing with the Aberdeen Stars”, with club members being required to participate for months in professional dance training at a Boca dance studio with private dance lessons in preparation for the March event. Sounds interesting? The Table Games Fair has been rescheduled for early March for current card players or other to learn games for a fun day at the Club. A new Singles group has been formed at Aberdeen. Again we welcome the Lynn U. Conservatory of Music Concert with its talented musicians for a performance at the Club open to all Aberdeen residents and their guests. Rounding out the month’s activities will be the Easter Egg Hunt and the Easter Dinner Extravaganza. And wait until you hear about April’s events in the next issue!

You can readily see why we are all so busy and happy here. For anyone who would like to join us, call and speak to our Director of Membership, Rose Cizner, at 738-4903, ext. 325 for further information.