Bermuda Isle Buzz

It’s hard to believe it’s already November! I’m anxiously waiting for the leaves to change and to en-joy the cool, crisp air of fall. (Oops … we’re in Florida now, aren’t we?) We survived the Jewish High Holidays, including the Yom Kippur fast (L’Shana Tova to all those who celebrate), and Halloween; not many trick-or-treaters, but we still bought (and ate) plenty of candy. Before we lose the pounds we put on from eating those treats, it’ll be time to overeat at Thanksgiving. Football, basketball and hockey seasons are in full swing. What a glorious time of the year!

Our Bermuda Isle snowbirds and summer vacationers have returned (welcome back!), and have been pleasantly surprised by all the changes that have been made, especially at the entrance to the neighborhood. New lights, new signs, new landscaping, new entry system … a refreshed look in every way. Neighborhood activities are getting back in full swing, with our Ladies’ Lunch Bunch about to start up again, and the monthly men’s dinner (no fancy name for the guys’ night out) has been going strong all through the summer and fall. Lots of new social events are in the planning stages for the upcoming season, too.

Every season brings changes to Bermuda Isle, some happy, some sad. On a happy note, we welcome our newest neighbors, James Culver and Janet Montalvo-Henderson; their 110-pound Malamute adds to the menagerie on the “Shoe.” Lenore and Harvey Schwartz have decided that they love life in Bermuda Isle too much to continue to be snowbirds, and they’ll be giving up their house up north to be with us full time; they are also looking forward, with great excitement, to the marriage of their first granddaughter in early November. On a much more somber note, we join our neighbor Estelle Halperin in grieving for the unexpected loss of her son, Bruce.

Bermuda Islers are a peripatetic bunch, and the last month or two has been no exception. Art and Sheryl Feuerstein made so many trips that it’s hard to remember all the places they’ve been; New Orleans, Connecticut, Portland … and who knows where else? Jake and Diane Kamp and Leon and Juliane Haimes spent long stretches up north. Marshall and Kelty Williams had a busy month. They spent a beautiful weekend in Naples last month, and pass along their highest recommendation for the “Inn on 5th” as the place to stay; they also had a surprise four-day vis-it from their 6-year-old grandson, Kaeden, and his mom. Ron and Susan Tabin took to the road in an RV, and covered a large swath of the country, including Mt. Rushmore, Chicago, and Colorado, to sightsee and visit family. My wife, Ronnie, and our daughter, Jessica, met in Denver for an extended Labor Day girls’ weekend, while I flew up to Wisconsin to drive back here with our son, David, who finished up a several-year stint at Marquette in Milwaukee, where he finished up a JD-MBA program.

On the drive with my son, we meandered through eight states in the midwest and south, catching base-ball games in Milwaukee, Cleveland, Pittsburgh and Cincinnati, visiting the Rock ‘n’ Roll and Pro Football Halls of Fame, and spending some time at the flight museum at Warner-Robins Air Force Base where in the country to indulge my penchant for the odd. In fact, there’s something for everyone! For lovers of the fine and performing arts among you, you won’t want to miss: Barney Smith’s Toilet Seat Art Museum in Alamo Heights, TX (hey, guys, at least we’d get to see the art sometimes); and the National Cleveland-Style Polka Hall of Fame in Cleveland (who knew there was something called Cleveland-style polka?). For foodies, there’s: the Idaho Potato Museum in Blackfoot; the International Banana Museum in Mecca, CA; the Spam Museum (yes, Spam in a can) in Austin, MN, the home of Hormel; the Salt and Pepper Shaker Museum in Gatlinburg, TN (something else to do on our next trip to Gatlinburg); and the Beer Can Museum in East Taunton, MA. Then there are the places that are sort of food-related: the Trash Museum in Hartford, CT (how many of you folks from Connecticut have ever been there?); the Cockroach Hall of Fame in Plano, TX (seems like it should be next to the Trash Museum, doesn’t it?); and the Moist Towelette Museum in Dimondale, MI (another one that would have been nice to have next to the Trash Museum). For sports fans, there’s: the Stickball Hall of Fame in NYC; the National Distance Running Hall of Fame in Utica, NY; the Roller Derby Hall of Fame in my hometown of Brooklyn, NY; and its more genteel cousin” the National Museum of Roller Skating, in Lincoln, NE. If you’re looking to relive your youth, there are plenty of opportunities for that, too: the Museum of Pez Memorabilia in Burlingame, CA; the Spinning Top and Yoyo Museum in Burlington, WI (what … spinning tops, but no dreidels?); and the National Toy Hall of Fame in Rochester, NY. Manly men aren’t left out: The Bordello Museum in Wallace, ID (that’s one that I thought would be in Nevada); and the Burlesque Hall of Fame in Las Vegas (aah, my faith in Vegas has been restored); the Hammer Museum in Haines, Alaska (yes, it’s devoted to the tool, and not to be confused with the Armand Hammer Art Museum in Los Angeles); and, of course, the International Tow-ing and Recovery Museum in Chattanooga, TN. Finally, for those of you who have retired, but haven’t quite gotten your profession out of your blood, may-be the Insurance Hall of Fame, on the campus of the University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa, the California Social Work Hall of Distinction on the USC campus in Los Angeles, or the National Museum of Funeral History in Houston, TX will satisfy your needs. So many must-see places, so little time! I guess I’ll get on to Google Maps and start planning my road trip. Or maybe I should check with my wife first and see if she’ll go with me; these are experiences that have to be shared with someone you love, don’t you think?

Happy Thanksgiving to our friends and neighbors in Aberdeen from all of us on The ‘Shoe’!

(Editor’s Note: While lengthy, I left Eliot’s travelogue intact since it provides such a thorough, interesting itinerary for all the ardent U.S. travelers out there!?

Bermuda Isle Buzz

By: Lenore Schwartz

Spring turns into summer, the days get hotter and less hectic and that makes it a good time to reflect on the pleasures of being in Bermuda Isle. Up north, the land awakened and bloomed, but here, although it’s always beautiful, we too, get the blooming of many trees and other foliage.

As you walk around the island you’ll see numerous Bougainvillea’s ablaze with purple or red flowers, a Gardenia bush with fragrant white flowers, Dorrie Haikens’ 2 Magnolia trees (though alas their massive blooms have withered) and colorful Hibiscus trees at the homes of Ketly and Marshall Williams, Judy and Peter Friedman and Ronnie Appelbaum. Helen Rose just put an unusual multi-colored hibiscus bush in her yard. Continuing on your walk, you will note that Flo and Jerry Sosniks’ beautiful pink potted Mandeville plant, Marilyn Cohen’s outstanding Bird of Paradise and yet another one at Anita Gittleson’s place. White Jasmine can be seen at the homes of Bobbie and Neil, Susan and Ron Tabin and Richard and Joann Murphy, small Pentas adorn the front of Joel and Sandy Wenacurs’ colorful flower bed with a yellow Shrimp plant and a gorgeous backyard complete with an exotic tropical garden. There’s a Desert Rose and a Lantana plant at Timmie and Moe Frieds’ abode next to Judy and Harvey Schwartzs’ big showy pink Frangipani along with a Blue Plumbago.

In the median, as you pass through the gates coming into B.I., there is a huge Plumbago along with plenty of bright Impatiens. I understand our conscientious neighbor Don Buesking waters them regularly. Thanks Don! Newly planted colorful Kalanchoe decorate the home of Bruce Frieman and Lynn Sauve. And check out the Firecracker plants at Ruth and Phil Snyders’ and in Helen and Sid Roses’ tropical garden. Many people have colorful lxoras in front of their houses (nice ones Mark and Mike) as these were planted some 20 odd years ago by the builder.

Stroll by the home of Helen and Sid and you’ll see every imaginable flowering plant flourishing here. Helen’s green thumb was nurtured in Australia.

It’s June, so where are the roses? I asked Marge Adler, who loves this flower and has tried numerous times to grow them here however, without success. She says it’s too hot in Florida and they don’t survive. Anyone want to challenge her?

Our expert horticulturist, Helen, who had pointed out all the above-mentioned plants in Bermuda Isle, has recommended some small annual plants for color this summer. The following will do well in this cli-mate: petunias, wax begonias, portulucas, salvias, pentas, gerba daisies, geraniums, and impatiens. (When the winter ones fade, plant the New Guinea impatiens which tolerate the heat). If you’re really observant, you’ll realize that Bermuda Isle is both colorful and filled with pleasant aromas.

Looking at the lakes, you’ll spot more birds and many ducks following mama duck in a perfectly straight line. Don’t you wonder how they are so well trained? On the golf course across from our homes are the beautiful Egyptian ducks who seem to gather in particular around dusk … happy hour perhaps? Someone counted 18 of them with all the babies. They’re friendly with the golfers, sometimes pecking on the carts when they see their reflections in the shiny painted sides.

This year has brought many new neighbors to our community. Though many have already been greeted, I’d like to list all who joined us this past year as this is the last issue of the Aberdeen Times until October and the start of a new season. In July, we welcomed Don and Anna Buesking, Steve and Susan Kaolik, Rob Tannenbaum and Bonnie Lappin, Bruce Frie-man and Lynn Sauve. Anita Gittleson and her com-panion Mel Krieger, along with Michael Souza and Marc Furtado. Since the beginning of this year, we have welcomed Emily Schultz and Brian Enriquez, Lloyd and Leslie Zide and last, but not least, Joel and Kathleen Sinkin. We hope that all of our new neighbors become involved in the community and enjoy living here for many years to come.

By now most residents have become familiar with the new electronic directory at the gate, and are finding it more efficient than the old one with very convenient guest cards. Many thanks go out to the board for a job well done, with outstanding work by Don and his wife, Anna, with additional help from Jake Kamp.

There are quite a few original owners and for them we feel an update on former friends is warranted. Anna May Ervolino is in touch with Mary Lou Blute. She and Ed (a great golfer) moved to Texas. Ed passed away 10 months ago. Her brother, Msgr. Jim Balint, a former B.I. resident, came to visit in Boynton Beach and was killed in a tragic car accident on Mar. 11th. Our hearts go out to the family… Recuperating on our island lessens the pain: Marge Adler, from a fractured foot, Ruth Snyder, recovering from a back operation and Harvey Schwartz is still gaining some of his strength following an unexpected operation.

Good news from Marge Adler — 2 of her great- grandsons celebrated bar mitzvahs (Sean in May and Elijah in June) and her granddaughter, Amy, became engaged to Dan Oran with a November wedding planned. Marilyn and Shelly Felds’ granddaughter, Leah Reiner, was married to Ben Mayhew on May 15th. Congrats to all!

Bermuda Isle Buzz

No Fooling!!! Apr. 1st has come and gone and there are no “April Fool’s Day” folks around here!!!

It is absolutely amazing how time is flying. Be-fore you know it, spring will be over and we will be looking forward to summer. In the meantime our community is evolving and in wonderful ways. Many new people are joining the Bermuda Isle community and are living active lifestyles. Some of us will be leaving for other abodes to enjoy other parts of the country and world. Others of us live in this wonderful place and lead happy and contented lives.

We have had several really neat Bermuda Isle events take place this past month and a quick review is in order.

One that deserves extra mention is what has now become the annual “Pool Party”. This year’s gathering took place on Mar. 13th. A great deal of planning took place and many residents worked hard to make it the suc-cess that it was. Some statistics worth mentioning:

a. This year ninety (90) persons signed up for the event. The previous year was attended by fifty-six (56) people. This is a huge increase in interest and hopefully it was as enjoy-able to attend as it was to work on.

b. A key-board player / singer performed so that live entertainment was there for our listening and dancing pleasure. In previous years we used a music box that had seen its better days.

c. The menu was changed and subs of many descriptions were served along with wine, cheese, soda and many other tasty deserts.

d. Plans are being formulated for another celebration of ourselves for next year. A “draft Timmie” project is underway so that she will be convinced to perform this project yet an-other time.

Another group of residents enjoyed a trip to Jupiter to see the Miami Marlins play the Detroit Tigers in an exhibition baseball game. As was the case with the Pool Party, several important facts concerning the outing ought to be made known. They are as follows:

a. The seats were between the 3rd base dug-out and home plate. Truly exceptional seats. In previous outings the seats were not quite as good. The buyer of the tickets went a little overboard in the expenditure but the participants all had their wish for a fun afternoon enjoying baseball.

b. There was a forecast for severe rain, hail, dark clouds and maybe even a tornado for the Jupiter area for that afternoon. Because we are a group of stubborn and enthusiastic people, we drove up in caravan style and met at the appointed time and place to enjoy a great pre-game warm-up for lunch.

c. Peanuts, cracker-jacks and popcorn were found once inside the stadium. No sooner had the group sat down to enjoy the ball game did the weather perform exactly as predicted. (We all knew that weather forecasters have no measure of accuracy in their lives-so this was a complete surprise.) In the first inning, a little rain-the group retreated for cover and waited out the little bit of rain and drizzle and re-settled back into their seats. This process repeated itself a total of 3 times.

d. As one can imagine the 4th time created a river of water in everyone’s shoes. Never mind that all clothes and anything anyone was carrying or wear-ing was deluged with the Niagara Falls like rainfall-everyone kept their sense of humor and squished their way back to the caravan cars to make the ride back to Bermuda Isle.

e. All of the above goes to show that a new base-ball organizer is probably warranted – given the stimulating set of circumstances listed above.

The writing group of Bermuda Isle wants to note some additional events, personal notes and general points of interest.

a. Julie Haimes will have performed in the Aberdeen salute to Broadway music production.

b. Harvey Schwartz is continuing his recovery from a brush with surgery.

c. Joyce Bosch, Ruth Snyder, Marilyn Ashley and Judi Schwartz will all be celebrating their 39th birthdays. What a coincidence that they are all exactly the same age!!!

d. Joan Pallateri and Tom O’Donnell will be moving and we will miss them greatly. We, who are sports fans, note that the merry months of March and April bring “March Madness”, Men’s and Women’s College Basketball championships, Major League Baseball, College and Professional Hockey playoffs, BERMUDA ISLE BUZZ … (continued from page 12) Masters Golf Championship and personal participation in exercise and fitness workout regimens.

f. Many of us have had visitors from other locales family and friends alike.

g. Many of us are celebrating our children’s, grandchildren’s and friend’s graduations from nursery, elementary, middle school, high school, college and graduate schools.

h. Happy Holidays to everyone of every persuasion.

We are looking forward to seeing one another in the neighborhood and wish all well.

Bermuda Isle Buzz

Springtime is nearly upon us and what a busy year it’s been already! Bermuda Islanders got right into the swing of things on Tues., Feb. 2, 2016,as approximately 40 of our neighbors enjoyed a fun night out at Benvenutos Restaurant in Boynton for a Big Band Dinner Dance. The music was great and very nostalgic of days gone by, but even the younger crowd got up to dance. Nary a soul sat idly by with the swinging sounds of the ‘40s and ‘50s rocking the house! In the words of long-time resident Shelly Feld, “Marilyn and I danced our feet off!” Everyone looked spiffy, the food and conversations were good and it all made for a very friendly, companionable evening. A special thanks to our own Juliane Haimes for organizing this festive event!

BI residents will keep the party going with its annual Spring Fling pool party which is being held on Sat., Mar. 13. Catering will be provided by Totally Awesome Subs and the music by Richard Frank. A huge nod of appreciation to residents Timmy & Moe Fried and Judi and Harvey Schwartz (not that one – the other one) for their efforts in making this happen. It’s yet another wonderful way for residents on the ‘Shoe’ to get to bond and know one another better in a casual and fun way!

More Buzz from around the “Shoe”…

Kudos to our very own Lenore Schwartz who has been named Hadassah’s 2016 Woman of Valor. What an accomplishment!

Jake and Diane Kamp had a very special reunion with several of their longtime friends as they celebrated their respective birthdays in St. Marten for a glorious week in February. Most of the friendships went as far back as elementary school and they all graduated from the same class!

We tip our hats off to Eliot and Ronnie Ostrow whose son David was sworn in as a member of the Wisconsin Bar in January. He expects to finish up his MBA at Marquette this summer and then it’s out into the real world. Ronnie. Eliot also took a trip to Las Vegas in February to visit with their daughter and with some friends from Aberdeen; lots of fun was had by all on the Strip!

A neighborly ‘howdy’ to new BI residents Anita Gittleson, Mel Krieger, Michael Souza and Marc Furtado who moved here a few months ago.

Neighbors Armando and MariCruz Alvarez sold their home up north and are now full-time residents of Bermuda Isle.

Congratulations go out to longtime resident Elaine Roth, whose grandson, Eric Fisher, will be getting married this month. Eric is an attorney practicing in south Miami and he and his new bride will be making their home in Coconut Grove, FL. Elaine’s daughter, Susan Vidro, who lives with her, is the proud mother of the groom.

From Ketly’s Korner:

As previously promised, in addition to bringing you news from our neighborhood, it is my pleasure to add my personal musings under the nom de plume of “Ketly’s Korner.”

I can scarcely believe that we have already lived in Aberdeen and more specifically, on the FABULOUS Horseshoe Bay Road in the Bermuda Isle community for just over two years!

Where on earth has the time gone? I will say that in this case, time has most definitely flown by because we have been having FUN – and lots of it! We continue to look out of our windows at our beautiful view with appreciation and joy. It hasn’t gotten old at all!

I started adding walking to my exercise regimen back in Dec. 2015. I intentionally wanted to do this sans making a New Year’s resolution lest it fall by the wayside as many resolutions are wont to do! I figured it would become a habit and it has! I love the coolness of the air in the early dawn hours, the opportunity to commune with nature and just to think. It’s been so amazing to me that no matter how often I retrace my steps along Hagen Ranch Road, Gateway Boulevard, or Le Chalet, I always find something different that catches my eye or make a new discovery. It’s amazing what you “see” when you are really looking!

To yield or not to yield … however … that is the question. The most puzzling (and anxiety-ridden) aspect of my thrice-weekly walk is the complete disregard that too many drivers have for that particular red and white traffic sign. I actually had to go back and look up the word “Yield” because I can’t understand why so many of the drivers who encounter it at the area roundabouts – totally IGNORE it! So just in case we need a little reminding (though I know Aberdeen residents know this), a yield sign with a white background and a red border means… “Slow down with extra caution,” “You must let traffic in the intersection or close to it, go first. Stop if necessary and go only when the way is clear.

Let’s be safe out there!