Brittany Lakes

One of my favorite activities in Aberdeen is sitting in our den, looking out at the palm trees and the lake in our back yard.

We came back home 3 days ago and it is as beautiful as I remember.

Our visit this past summer with family and friends in NY was wonderful, but coming home, it was the icing on the cake. Having our grandson sleep over each weekend, going to the park, and eating pizza at Gino’s, was a wonderful routine, but, Jack could not wait to get back to playing Stickball. When we are in Aberdeen we miss our NY friends, and when we are in NY we miss everyone in Aberdeen.

I have to admit, we get to eat a great deal no matter where we are.

Another day in paradise. Sunshine, sitting by the pool, waling under the palm trees, tai chi, book club, opera, movies, more food, political discussions, celebrations, family and friends visits, golf and tennis, afternoon naps, and so much more.

We wish you all good health and happiness and hope you all enjoy your time together. Join our family as we enjoy this amazing way of life.

Brittany Lakes

Enjoy all that life has to offer.
I want to thank my talented, generous friend, Marcia Byalick, for allowing us to print her article last month. I was glad to see how many of our residents enjoyed her work.

Every morning as we get up, I realize how amazingly fortunate we all are here in Aberdeen. Seeing people in our communities and at the Club. Finding new friends with common goals and interests. Seeing constant smiles and hearing sweet laughter.

I am not saying that there aren’t people who put an occasional damper on the day. I can see that they are, for the most part, sad and lonely. Sometimes we try to bring them in to join our activities and get to know our neighbors. I have to admit that often we do not succeed. I have made a promise to myself. – I will never give up. I will encourage them to join the rest of us and feel good about their life in this magical community.

What about my 81-year-old-cousin/friend who takes conversational Spanish so she can be of more help to families she talks to when she volunteers at the local hospital.

How about my other friend who is in her 70s and has taken up painting. With water colors yet, a most difficult media. The 93-year-old who plays duplicate bridge with her amazing 95-year-old- “boy friend.”

So, on the days when you feel a little down, join us and learn a new skill, make a new friend and be happy.

From my family to yours, enjoy the summer – where ever you plan to be.

Brittany Lakes

What is for dinner? A question we hear or ask just about every day.

What is for dinner? What if you did not know where your next meal was coming from. What if you did not have warm clothes, blankets or air conditioning for those very hot Summer days!

What if your children and elderly parents went to bed hungry each day!

As we live and enjoy our life in Aberdeen, hundreds or perhaps thousands of people living close by in our town of Boynton Beach are without food and a place to live. Less than 2 miles from our homes, down Boynton Beach Boulevard is the Soup Kitchen of Boynton Beach. Many of our neighbors and friends are consistent volunteers there.

Dee started volunteering there three years ago. When her husband Ed, saw how good Dee felt helping these families and individuals, he started volunteering once a week as well.

Living in the middle of such affluence we sometimes forget that not everyone is so fortunate. Ed refers to what they do as a “Stress Buster.” Now Fred and Linda have also started to help. Many others followed.

Local businesses are very helpful by donating food items, clothes, blankets, and much needed funds. The Sun Sentinel reported a study that shows the benefit of helping others less fortunate, often having lower rates of depression and higher level of physical wellbeing.

The next time you are asked what is for dinner think of what you can do to help your less fortunate neighbors as well.

If you are interested to talking to Dee and Ed email me and I will put you in touch … judit.unger7@

Brittany Lakes

Recently, Jack and I had the opportunity to drive across the state of FL and visit dear old friends in Naples. The weather has been very unusual – cold and wet, not at all the beautiful warm weather FL is known for.

Driving across Alligator Alley is always an adventure. We were driving over 70 miles an hour looking for alligators. We looked everywhere, trying to find at least one alligator. Of course we did not succeed.

Naples is a beautiful city, full of culture and a haven for foodies. We love road trips. This one met every requirement. We had a lovely time, never missing a meal, walking, exercising, shopping, laughing, talking, taking terrific naps and spending time with good friends.

As the weekend came to a close, we packed our car and started our trip back home. Fortunately, the weather cooperated most of the time. We love road trips but there is nothing like going home.

Brittany Lakes has been our home close to 6 years. Driving up to the security gate puts a smile on our faces every time. We are home!

Our community has a small but active board of directors. They take care of our greenery, roofs, trees, driveways and many other issues. Best of all, nobody has to shovel snow.

At the last HOA meeting, I learned that several board members plan on leaving the board this year. Allow me, on behalf of our residents, to thank them for their hard work on behalf of our community.

One of the pleasures of coming home is reconnecting with our neighbors and friends, including Joan and Max Weiss, who have lived in and owned their home in Aberdeen since Mar. 2009. As with many of us, they were snowbirds till Mar. 2013. Theirs is a sweet love story. They met as teenagers in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, (NY), got married in 1956, and left their beloved Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn, for the suburbs of NJ. Their family grew with the addition of 3 children and 7 grandchildren. The family loves spending time together. Joan and Max also enjoyed their professional lives. She as a controller for a real estate firm and Max has been the owner of a mechanical contracting business for over 25 years.

Max and Joan enjoy their home, the wonderful lifestyle, great weather and the friends they have made since becoming a part of the Aberdeen community. The next time you are walking on Brittany Lakes Drive please say “hello” to them.

How fortunate are we to come back to a wonderful place we can call home?