Circling The Coves

Are you wondering where 2016 went? Dr. Seuss poetically exclaimed, “How did it get so late so soon? It’s night before it’s afternoon. December is here before it’s June. My goodness, how the time has flewn. How did it get so late so soon?”

Maybe we don’t express it so cleverly, but most residents have been in the midst of holiday activities since Halloween, and with Thanksgiving gone and Christmas Day and Hanukkah both on the 25th of this month, it has been one event after another. Aren’t we fortunate to live in such an accessible area of FL and in such an active community?

The Coves bid adieu to several residents in October; however, closings were too late to be included in the November column. We said good-bye to Don and Yvette Keegan, who were long-time Coves residents. We are so grateful to Yvette for her many years and expertise on our Board of Directors.

She served as secretary, taking meticulous minutes at each meeting, and authored and facilitated the sending of Coves e-blasts. Also moving away in October were Maryann Cotagno and Lise Demers. We welcome new residents Mark and Debora Tietbohl, Alan and Melissa Binaghi, and Joseph and Patricia Avendano. We hope they are enjoying our friendly community.

Speaking of new residents, there is another new entity to welcome. As of Dec. 1, 2016, The Coves welcomes a new management company. After months of consideration and interviews, Capital. Realty Investors, Inc. of Palm Beach Gardens, has been hired as our new Property Management Company. Mr. Bill Haas is the name of our new Property Manager and you will have a chance to meet him at a Dec. 14th Open House. This Meet & Greet Open House, at which Mr. Haas and the Capital Realty Management team will be introduced and take questions, will be held at the East Clubhouse at 7:00 PM. Light refreshments will be served. Please plan on joining us for this wonderful opportunity. We thank GRS Mgmt. for over 20 years of service with The Coves. We are quite confident you will be pleased with Mr. Haas “and company.”

By now, our walks and stairways have been pressure-washed and are company-ready for the holidays. With the influx of seasonal residents and guests, please remember to leave all guest parking spaces facing the buildings available for GUESTS, and park your second cars in one of the many available spaces facing the East and West berms. Keeping your porch lights on at night will not only create, a safe and welcoming atmosphere, it will help discourage the trespassers and groups of people using the Coves just to “hang out” as they did in late October. A Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Deputy sent the 5 cars and their occupants away. Car vandalism in complexes was rampant in early November in the Lake Worth area, so be alert and keep cars locked. It also goes without saying to remember to break down all those gift boxes and shipping cartons that will arrive during the month before disposing of them. Overflowing dumpsters are always an issue during the winter months when our buildings are fully occupied. Just use common sense and courtesy for “the next guy.”

I would love to share your holiday happenings in this column. Please submit your entries to In the meantime, Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah. Winter in S FL is a delightful time of year. Enjoy every moment before it “soon becomes too late.”

Circling The Coves

It is the third of October as I write this, “the calm before the storm.” For those residents who moved to the Coves after the onslaught of Frances, Jeanne, and Wilma in 2004 and 2005, it will most likely be proven that “experience is the best teacher.” The Weather Channel, Facebook posts, Tweets, Instagram photos, and news media can say all they want, but until you “live the hurricane experience” firsthand, it is all just talk. Based on past experience, inconvenience goes without saying – the downed traffic lights, the lack of frozen foods and dairy in the grocery stores, no AC, branches everywhere, no lights, no cable – even no mobile phones in some cases as cell towers came down. But bottom line, all that matters is personal safety. The rest can be “fixed.” As a past member of Aberdeen CERT before it disbanded, PERSONAL SAFETY and PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY are what was emphasized.

I urge you, right after you read this, and Matthew is less than a month in the past, to take note of what you individually did right or did wrong in getting through the storm. It won’t be the last hurricane in Palm Beach County, and next time you’ll feel wiser and more prepared.

In the meantime, “IT” is here! The Fall season! So much available to do, to enjoy, and to take part in and so little time to squeeze it all in. There are several new residents about to arrive in our wonderful community, but since their closings are not scheduled until mid-October, it would be premature to send an “official” welcome by name until next month, but you know who you are. Enjoy! A fond farewell to those leaving us. You will be missed (as well as mentioned in the December issue.)

On another note, we express our sincere condolences to resident, Sandra Bernstein, upon the death of her husband Al. Al and Sandra have enjoyed many years as Coves snowbirds and were involved in several activities. We’d also like to offer our sympathy to Ricki Linnell, Al’s sister-in-law. As an avid Bridge player and “landscaping hobbyist,” many will miss Al’s presence. Sandra hopes to return to her home in the Coves after Thanksgiving.

As mentioned in past issues, power washing of sidewalks will begin this month, and building repairs — especially of the wood rot, will continue. There may be necessary post-Matthew repairs in the works’ as well, which obviously are not known as of this writing. Don’t forget to put the Coves Budget Meeting on your calendar for Nov. 14th. It’s important to attend.

One final caveat’. PLEASE submit your e-mail address to B.O.D. president Rose Romano. The Aberdeen East Newsletter, the Aberdeen Times (including this article), and updated news releases and reminders from the clubhouse are ALL available on-line. Important e-blasts are sent on behalf of The Coves as well, and you MUST have an e-mail address on file to be included. The Coves list of e-mail addresses is not sold, shared, nor made public. All e-blasts are sent as blind copies so as to not violate your privacy. It is important to be in the know. Over 100 of your neighbors are on the list; it’s time to join them.

While you’re at it, Rose also needs any updates to the Aberdeen phone book. Check your listing right now. If you have changes or additions to your address or phone #, call or e-mail her! Otherwise, your entry will be repeated as is.

Until next month, share your news to and it will be included in the next column. Happy Thanksgiving!

Circling The Coves

Yet another successful, bustling, activity-filled “season” has passed in The Coves. I will miss my many “seasonal friends”; however, as is always the case, the lazy, hazy days of summer arrive with bonuses. There is less traffic, and premier seating in restaurants is available, Morning tee times are easier to reserve. More best sellers line the shelves at the library, and even Walgreens has items in its weekly brochure well-stocked on the shelves. All that and more is our reward for enduring the heat and humidity.

Year-round residents don’t sit idle, however. H & H haters just head to indoor card games, family gatherings, deliciously cool movie theaters, libraries, galleries, cultural centers. They enjoy these wonderful 3 months at a less chaotic pace. Outdoors people love cool early mornings on the courts and the links and at the pool; also, now that daylight continues far into the evening, it’s a perfect time to wind down at those same venues. Trying on year-round residency “for size” are our new residents: Shelia Talbert (Bldg. 4), Blase and Joanne Capasso (Bldg. 1), Theodora and Gregorio Cervantes (Bldg. 1) and Gary and Tracy DiBelardino (Bldg. 3). We welcome them and hope they enjoy our friendly community.

As we take our summer hiatus at the Aberdeen Times until October, I’d like you to think about the fact that, aside from the Isles, which was not part of the original East Aberdeen master plan (original documents platted that area as a passive park), the Coves is the youngest community in Aberdeen East; however, since construction was completed with Bldg. 8 in 1990, even WE are over a quarter century old. We continue to have our share of “growing pains”, (or aging pains), which is a good thing, because if we were not growing and changing, we would not be as valuable to our heirs nor new buyers and residents. We are comprised mainly not of apartments nor rental properties, but instead we are ONE OWNERSHIP ENTITY — The Coves of East Aberdeen. The rules and regulations apply to all, as do the benefits of shared expenses. Please treat all entities from dumpsters to dogs, speed limits to signage, and parking to plantings as affecting YOU. Help others enjoy the benefits of condo life by “playing far,” and living within our few guidelines.

A few reminders as summer approaches. Our nearby students and skateboarders who enjoy all the facilities of Park Vista, and the Skateboard Park at West Boynton are OUT OF SCHOOL. To avoid any vandalism issues, park your locked cars in your designated spots FACING your building so that Sheriff’s deputies can see your rear license plate as they drive through. This is a regulation throughout the area; it is not a frivolous request. Also, due to the many guests and new residents, if you own a second vehicle, please park it facing the east or west berms so residents can permit their actual guests to park in nearby guest spots. Your cooperation is appreciated. Last, but not least, hurricane season has arrived. In addition to having a plan for when torrential rain and wind lash your unit or for possible power outage of several days, those of you who have placed plants, pots, wind chimes, lawn decorations and solar lighting outside your units, MUST REMOVE THEM when a Hurricane Warning is issued for Palm Beach County. These personal items can become projectiles and a liability to our homes during a hurricane and can cause severe damage to other units as well as your own.

In the meantime, enjoy your summer, patronize our advertisers, stay active yet cool, and look forward to the Aberdeen Times again in October. The publishing staff, under the experienced leadership of long-time editor, Ruth Krawitz, continues to do a fantastic job. Submit your summer doings to me at, and have your experiences highlighted in the Fall issue.

Until October, Happy Summer everyone!

Circling The Coves

Hopefully April showers have brought May flowers. If so (seeing as this column is being written late March – early April), then East Aberdeen will be bursting with color and beautiful foliage. As we say “Goodbye” to our many snowbird friends, the blossoms of May will help us appreciate the months ahead until their return.

There is much to talk about this month, but I’d like to start with something special. You’ve probably already done your spring cleaning, but if, when you “tidied your space” and “decluttered,” you happened to find a few extra towels, blankets, and unused bedding, you can truly make your hard work “life-changing” for some animals. Coves resident and volunteer Debra Sackin would like to remind us that the Tri-County Animal Shelter is always in desperate need of them. Just think if you suddenly had 40+ house guests and needed accommodations for them all at the same time. The shelter is always filled to capacity. Donating is as easy as setting the items aside and calling Debra at 752-1671, an East Aberdeen resident who works there will take care of delivering them to the shelter for you, so all it takes is a phone call. Your donation will make you feel good all day long!

On a sad note, Coves residents offer their condolences to Marcia Greenberg (Bldg 6) and family upon the recent passing of her husband, Arnold. Our sympathies also to Tina Luciano (Bldg 9) and family upon the death of her husband, Al. The Greenbergs and Lucianos are long-time Coves residents, and we extend our condolences to both families.

As mentioned in the April column, the Coves Board of Directors has been elected and is in place for the coming year. President Rose Romano, Vice-President Bob Cioppa; Treasurer Alan Louzin; Directors Bob Grazioso, Paul Ezersky, Bob Westfal, and in addition new Board Secretary, Fran Garfunkle. The Coves is fortunate to have such a hard-working and accessible B.O.D.

An item of extreme importance: email addresses. More than 100 Coves Unit owners have their e-mail addresses on file with the Coves. This list of addresses is not published, shared, nor sold outside of official business. It is used by Management or the B.O.D. to pass along urgent information, E-blasts, or current notices. Please add your e-mail address to this list if you have not already done so by calling Board President Rose Romano at 742-4323 and she will see that your address is listed. Thank you.

Last but not least, remember the “3 Ds” – Dumpsters, Dogs, and Duration. Imagine that our DUMPSTERS are your own home cabinet or waste basket area where you throw away garbage and recycle papers and plastic and glass. If you wouldn’t stuff it, spill it, make a mess of that area and not clean it up in your own home, then don’t do it to any of the 6 dumpsters on Coves property. Take the time to “do it right’; Set an example for your neighbors. “If it doesn’t fit you must call Republic for a bulk pick- up!”

DOGS: “You know the drill.” Nine out of 10 Coves dog-owners follow our community guidelines. They own one dog under 20 pounds and that dog is leashed at all times when outdoors and picked up after. Dog-ownership in condominium associations is a privilege Coves Rules & Regulations provides for our residents. Please act within those guidelines. Enough said. Your neighbors appreciate it.

DURATION: I “made this one up”; however, as a member of the East Aberdeen CERT Committee (an offshoot of FEMA) before its demise, I’d like to remind you that the DURATION of time since a hurricane last took a direct hit on Palm Beach County has been over 10 years. Many of you did not live here then and do not realize that, although we live in structures which are up to code, you still need to have an individual plan. During Frances, Jeanne and Wilma, some lost power, experienced water forced in around window frames due to horizontal rain, had ground water pool around first floor lanais and more. Prevent needless damage and major inconvenience BEFORE the next one comes along by making a plan for yourself, your family and your unit. Hurricane season is just around the corner!

Until next month, Happy Spring and Happy Mothers Day. Enjoy the Coves; it’s a great place to live!

Circling The Coves

Shakespeare penned these words for Juliet to speak in one of his most famous plays … “What’s in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.” ROSE … It is a beautiful flower and a beautiful name. There have been many famous “Roses” throughout history, including Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy. Just GOOGLE the name; the list is very long. We would like to congratulate the Coves’ own Rose Romano whose name was just given to her 10th grandchild … Ellie Rose. Ellie Rose, the third child of Rose’s daughter, weighed in at 7lb 13 oz in NY. As of this writing, Rose is with her family in NY for 2 weeks to help out as only a grandmother can. Congratulations on this namesake family addition!

In other news as we begin the month of April, the March elections are behind us, and Bob Grazioso and Alan Louzin have retained their seats on our BOD. Also behind us is the 2nd Annual Coves Block Party, which was held the last Sunday in February in front of Building 5. After a chilly week, Mother Nature surely graced the party-goers with beautiful weather, and a great time was had by all. Hopefully there will be a “3rd Annual”. We look forward to it.

The dryer vent cleanings have also now been completed, and hopefully everyone took advantage of this important maintenance. The annual cleaning is covered by your monthly Association dues. In addition, landscapers have spread mulch during the month of March, and it has beautified the already existing landscaped areas. Mulch both beautifies and protects the loss of our valuable topsoil.

MARK YOUR CALENDARS NOW TO ATTEND A VERY IMPORTANT AMENDMENT MEETING at the Clubhouse on Mon., Apr. 18 at 7:00 PM. You should have already received the 5 amendments proposed for passage in the mail. Scott, our lawyer, will officially tabulate the votes the amendments require for passage. These amendments have been worked on for over a year by our B.O.D., legal team, and have been open to interpretation (translation of legalese) at various meetings where residents have had a chance to ask questions. Your YES VOTES are extremely important for our community.

More information regarding sidewalk repairs and wood rot (which will be repaired by a professional contractor) will be forthcoming, Despite withstanding the test of time, and being one of the most attractive, well-maintained, low-density communities in the area, we must continue to keep up with repairs as the buildings and property age. We are now nearly 30 years old as a community.

One only has to look around at many other communities which appear to be one large parking lot to appreciate the treasure our ample green space really is!

Last but not least, as we bid a fond farewell to many of our resident snowbirds (hurry back!), let us welcome new residents Ira and Patricia Chinsky from NC. Hope you enjoy our wonderful friendly community.

Easter was less than a week ago, and now, at the beginning of April, we wish a Happy Passover to those who observe it at the end of April. Until next month, be well and enjoy our beautiful spring here in The Coves.

Circling The Coves

Nearly every evening I actually “circle the Coves” walking the “Figure 8 lane” that connects our community … the East Circle and the West Circle connected by the “street” between Buildings 6 and 13 (and yes, our entryways as well). I enjoy looking at the well-maintained landscaping and the open green spaces, as well as meeting up with dog-walkers, others out for an evening stroll, friends and neighbors. Because of (or sometimes, despite) the weather, it is almost always pleasant and peaceful. I am always grateful to see so many appreciating this seemingly simple opportunity as well those on bicycles and 3-wheelers, those using walkers, canes, and even wheelchairs show me that fresh air and exercise is important to all of us.

Which brings me to an important topic. Whose job is it to make sure these beautiful surroundings, responsible and cooperative neighbors, and well-maintained buildings are ours to enjoy? The condominiums, of course, belong to YOU, the unit owners; however, the “buck stops” on the desk of our Board of Directors and GRS Management Team. Boards of Directors sometimes get a bad rap – – like Boards of Education, Corporate Executives, Professional teams’ Boards of Directors. Sometimes they are thought of as “Conceited self-important people pretending to be big shots who are out to catch you doing something wrong.” This couldn’t be further from the truth in the case of the Coves. Our Board of Directors is a group of 7 VOLUNTEERS whose primary job is to preserve the financial integrity and value of your homes as much as possible; they know our documents, rules and regulations which you bought into when you purchased your unit. They guarantee that to the best of their ability they will help the community live up to your expectations. They are responsible for hiring honest and professional vendors; enforcing the rules and regulations which are a part of our by-laws and keeping a balanced budget, and so much more.

Why spend so much time on this topic? Firstly, it’s because after many years writing “Circling the Coves,” the number of times I’ve received personal bits of information to share can be counted on one hand, but mostly it is because The Coves Annual Meeting and Election of the Board of Directors is Wed., Mar. 16th. The current B.O.D. will meet at 4:30 (a business meeting open to YOU every month) and the Election Meeting itself will begin at 5:30 PM As of this writing, three terms of office (out of 7) are expiring. Two current board members have submitted intentions to run to keep their seats.

Hopefully at least one other unit owner will have made the decision to run (or be appointed by acclamation) by this time. We are so very fortunate to have had so many willing and able people to serve on the Board over the years. For 2015 and early 2016, Coves residents owe a grateful thank-you to Rose Romano, Alan Louzin, Yvette Keegan, Bob Grazioso, Bob Cioppa, Bob Westfal and Paul Ezersky for their voluntary diligence in looking out for our best interests.

Get to know your board members, or better yet, attend a monthly meeting. Residents may not all be happy all of the time, but you can bet that your board and property Manager are well aware of the responsibility of their roles as “safekeepers of the Coves.”

Until next month, Remember this is YOUR column. Submit anything you think others might find interesting to and I will incorporate it into the next newsletter. Thanks, in advance, for participating. Don’t forget to set your clocks ahead Mar. 13th for Daylight Savings Time. May the “Luck O’ the Irish” be yours on St. Paddy’s Day, and a Blessed Easter to all who observe this special day. See you next month!