Moorings Matters

Thanksgiving leftovers should be eaten by now and the antacids put back in the drawer. Our residents celebrated without any Native Americans at the table, and the Cleveland Indians had nothing to cheer about; those in N DK are still protesting the pipeline. Many of us traveled: Mitzi Licht and Simon Glastein to Lexington MA to dine with her children, Joe and I to Philadelphia where our granddaughter & her husband hosted their first Thanksgiving, Marilyn and Alfred Lubell and Isabelle and Don Rubenstein flew from NY, tried our delightful weather and got on the plane to return for the holiday with their children. Real travelers are Joan and Vince Marini who vacationed in Destin, went on to Ecru MS, to visit their son, and on to San Antonio to celebrate with family. Our travel experts, Laura and Jon Unger, were going all the way to the Isles.

Visitors have started to test the water and Simon Glastein’s family, 18-strong, were in town a few weeks ago, that’s 3 generations visiting him. Carol Carleton’s sister came from Seattle and I’m sure she enjoyed our unlimited sunshine. We welcome back Ruth Joseph and Linda and Jim Pagoulatos and wish them speedy recoveries here.

Some more pleasure from adult children – Flora and Jack Miller’s son, Marshal, is director of Winding River Productions and was the recipient of the national award for “Reach MD” in NY. Now for the circle of life — Best wishes to Marilyn and Alfred on the birth of granddaughter, Simone, who will be named Thanksgiving weekend and to Charlotte and Jerry Kahn on the birth of their great-granddaughter, who almost came as a 62nd anniversary present.

We mourn the passing of long-time resident, Betty Jacobs, who had been in Fort Meyers near her son Harvey Wallet, ex-husband of Sally, and brand new owner, Connie Braverman, who never got to enjoy our community.

Our meet and greet Mooring representatives, Charlotte Kahn and Joanne Moustakas planned a get-together recently and new resident invitations went to Carmen Beaverman, Catherine Columbia, Jack and Vivian Ionetta, Judith and Irwin Margolis, Charles and Carmela Nixon, Eileen Ortman, Harriet and Lawrence Rabinowitz, Susan Stein, and Marie Unrah-Baumiller. We wish them many happy years at the Moorings!

Moorings Matters

October was the month that WAS. It began with Rosh Hashanah, the beginning of the Jewish New Year and for everyone, it continued to remind us of the beauty, the wonder and the miracles of life. This is followed 10 days by Yom Kippur another holy day for the Jewish people of the Jewish faith. One week later we thanked Columbus for discovering America and for all the sales in every retail venue. The coast of Africa gave birth to Matthew, which certainly disrupted our lives. Hopefully, all the trick and treaters received enough sweets to hold them until the marshmallows appear on the Thanksgiving sweet potatoes.

Nice things happened to nice people right here at home. Joan and Vince Marini’s son,Richard, a feature writer for the San Antonio Express News, was honored by the American Association of Food Journalists for the “Best Newspaper Food Column in 2016” He was one of 3 finalists competing along with writers from the Washington Post and Mother Earth News. Live long enough and children do give pleasure. It came for Penney and Felix Fischler when their first great-grandchiId, Lucian, arrived, putting them in the club of lucky greatgrandparents. Marcia and Jerry Kopelman both celebrated special milestone birthdays locally with family and friends. Up in the air again, Sally Sage and Herb Schwab flew to NC for a cousins reunion at a resort. Jane Bartecki, who doesn’t like to fly, arrived at JFK on her way to Malvern LI for a reunion with friends of 62 years from elementary school. They had so much fun remembering what wasn’t funny in Parochial school back then. Welcome home Millie Kirrnayer, but you really didn’t have to prove that Bethesda Hospital’s coronary unit was up to snuff. So glad you’re feeling better. We bid a fond farewell to Elaine and Morty Warshaver who with their furry friend Jazz, will be moving to independent living in Delray Beach; an easier existence. One pet gone and another arrives. Donna Colucci has an apricot poodle puppy named Dolce. In case the dog doesn’t know it’s sweet, just translate from Italian.

All humor aside, please remember to vote; the lines at Aberdeen are never long. This is a privilege as an American citizen that many have risked their lives to obtain. An abstained vote is a vote for the candidate that you hope doesn’t win!

Moorings Matters

By: Eileen Hahn

Is there a message here? My first article was the April fools issue and my second article after editing became invisible ink. Of course, I do not have a copy, because the minute the printer works, my greatest pleasure is hitting DELETE.

The political season ended in the Moorings with a dance called the “shuffle” as Jane Halley became vice- president and John Unger assumed the presidency. Alfred Lubell was re-elected treasurer, while he and Marilyn were testing another cruise for stability. Jack Miller was appointed to the board, replacing Richard Bond.

Our snowbirds have slowly flown the coop, but Linda Pagoulatos and Carol Hyndman were soaking up our Florida’s Sunshine at the Isles pool to take north with them. Happily next year, our renters, Cheryl and Mike Kreps will return and Eve and Milt Goldshein will be permanent residents in July. Travel has begun and Mitzi Licht and Simon Glastein had a short jaunt to Aruba to be with his family and Helen and Joe Fradella flew to NY to see their kin.

Harriet Fishman had a farewell party before her daughters whisked her off to California for R & R.

May our long-time resident, Ralph Chalmers, RIP.

Since this is graduation season, I had asked for more input in last month’s invisible article, so anyone omitted, I would still like to hear from you. Jane Halley’s granddaughter is graduating and off to college. Laura and John Unger’s grandson, Jacob, is going to the U. of Arizona in Tuscon and Sally Wallet’s granddaughter, Kayla, will be at the U. of Virginia. Eileen and Joe Hahn have a double occasion, grandson, Peter, is graduating from Tulane medical and beginning residency at Long Island Jewish and grandson, Stephen, is beginning at Tulane on an academic scholarship. Marcia and Jerry Kopelman’s grandson has so many scholarship that he can’t decide whether it’s Alabama or Tennessee, but meanwhile, Marcia has enrolled at Palm Beach State College going for her AA degree. Lola Greenberg has the best of both worlds for her granddaughter, Gabrielle is graduating from UCF and she was lucky enough to have her great granddaughter visiting here.

Have a wonderful summer and remember it gets hot all over and we will cover vacations in October, so keep me informed – I’m in your directory.

Moorings Matters

“April Fools Day” and that defines the volunteer attempting to follow in the editorial footsteps of Vince Marini. Everyone knows me, since I’m here 30 years, know that I will follow Frank Sinatra’s words and “Do It My Way.” The Moorings will have had the elections for the board a week ago and even though we don’t have the drama occurring nationally, the results will appear in the next issue. We have received our 2016 phone directories for Aberdeen and eagerly look forward to next year when it is broken down by neighborhoods. With so many new residents, many people don’t know last names and find it difficult to find a phone number. In the good & welfare department, we wish good health to Harriet Frishman, Jack Gould, Harriet Safier and Faye Wolkoff and anyone else about whom I am not aware. Best wishes to Ruth Asseal moving to California, Richard & Renee Bond returning to MI, Bob and Sandy Bloom enlarging in the Shores and Ralph & Lynne Luongo traveling to Aberdeen West. To our resident Harold Frishman RIP.

In Cupid’s department we have Joan Marini attending her granddaughter’s bridal shower in TX and an exciting engagement for Flora & Jack Miller’s granddaughter, Blair. Short but sweet, Millie Tencer had her son & his lovely bride, Isabelle & Don Rubenstein had their NY family, Marilyn and Alfred Lubell their Va children and their favorite granddaughter, Rachel, Lola Greenberg had granddaughter, Gracie and Eileen & Joe Hahn their Ga family since grandson Stephen is in a Robotics competition at the Convention Center in West Palm Beach. If you would like to read your name in print please share with me some info that could enable us to share your happiness. Next month many college decisions will be made and many graduations will take place, so give me a phone call; I’m in your directory.

Moorings Matters

“I thought he retired from writing the column.”

I did and I will, however, since there was not enough time for someone to step up and prepare a column for this issue, I will take the opportunity for one last hurrrah!

Hats off to Marilyn Lubell and all the folks who worked so diligently with her, for producing, what turned out to be an OUTSTANDING CELEBRATION of the Moorings 30th Birthday. Kudos to MC Jack Miller, who is terrific whenever he has a mike in his hand. He did a superb job at this party, as did Eileen Hahn, who we can Crown as Mooring’s Historian. Eileen would be the ideal person to by-line future Moorings Matters columns in the Aberdeen Times. What say ye Eileen?

I would be remiss if I signed off without mentioning some folks who contributed mightily to the Moorings’s success as a great community for 30 years. A Tip of the Tam is well deserved for past presidents of the Moorings Board of Directors: Irv Albert, Lew Halley, Edith Steindler and Arthur McDermott.

Ciao, for real this time.