Around Oxford Place

Three HOA board directors were elected to 3-year terms at Oxford’s 2016 Annual Election meeting on Mar. l8. Re-elected were Sam Singer and Ann Slakter. Andy Edson will replace Mike Ringler on the board. Mike gave many years of service to Oxford – as vice-president of the board, representative to the Fairway Lakes Drive Association, Director of Landscaping, and volunteer for the gate decal program.

New Oxford Board of Directors
President Ed Scherer
Vice Present Sam Singer
Treasurer Bob Rothman
Secretary Ann Slakter
Director Richard Haar
Director Norman Graboyes
Director Andy Edson
Andy Edson and his wife, Marilyn, have lived in Oxford Place for over 12 years. He spends part of the year, notably the summer months, on Long Island where he has operated a public and investor relations practice since 1996. Previously, he was a managing partner with a top 30 PR firm in NYC and served in executive communications posts with Citibank, Anaconda and two international PR consultancies.

He enjoys tennis, golf and bicycling and is active in the Aberdeen Golf and Country Club. Andy also serves as president of a NYC co-op and is familiar with the needs and desires of residents. He holds a BA degree from Fairleigh Dickinson and an MA from Memphis.

Oxford Place

By the time this publication goes to press, the new Oxford BOD will have been elected and officers chosen. We say thanks and farewell to Anne Slaker, Mike Ringler and Richard Haar as their terms end. We also welcome new members to the Aberdeen County Club BOD and our Property Owners’ Association BOD. It is hoped that this infusion of fresh faces brings continued success, collaboration and new ideas to foster strong relationships among neighbors and friends.

Spring breaks differ all over the U.S. so kids will be joining us throughout March and April, celebrating Easter and Passover. It’s refreshing to hear and see them playing in the pools and throughout our neighborhoods.

Florida has held its primaries for the presidential nominations and politicians will be jumping in full force to campaign. This is our first time to experience the politics of Florida and look forward to participating in the excitement.

On a personal note, Jim and I have sold our Delaware beach home (finally) and have become full-timers in Florida! The hot summers will find us traveling to visit family and a big trip to the Canadian Rockies in late July. After a total knee replacement in late March, I plan to resume my exercises and even golf in early summer in preparation for the trekking through Canada!