Sterling Lakers

By: Sheila Hyman Well, by now, all you “birds” and “flakes” should be here. We did miss you!

Firstly, I’d like to wish happy birthday to Ellie Newman and Honey Karasyk.

New residents, please let me know your birthday month, so I can add you to our birthday list.

We have another new resident. My goodness, are we changing our neighbors fast! Welcome to Joel and Judy Lukow.

Get better wishes to Dot Shaker. She is the true bionic woman. Get better wishes also to Ellie Newman. She is running 2nd place to Dot as a bionic woman. And last but not least, good health wishes to our own Stan Cohen.

Just a bit of news from me. I went to the 75th birthday celebration of my high school in Brooklyn, NY., Midwood High! We spent the morning at the school seeing all that was new and old. The chorus sang the old and “new” alma maters. Midwood is still the only HS in NYC that has a program that continues from the past. Students can go to that school by application as well as community residence. Boy, are they growing the girls big and beautiful now! I believe Midwood was the birth of ‘SING’. We produced many famous people in the music field as well as in comedy and literature. The evening festivities were held at a hall in Park Slope. 400 people attended, a great turnout! There may be about 10 or more graduates from Midwood living in Aberdeen, but I was the only who went to the celebration.

If you have any news to share, please e-mail it to me; that is how I get the info to put into this article. Also, if you read this article it would be nice to hear from you. I only get comments from non-Sterlingites.

My e-mail is

Sterling Lakers

I am so happy to let everyone know that we have new Lakers. Welcome to Charlotte Fernandez, formerly of Switzerland and Joanie and David Lacher, formerly of Long Island, NY.

Our condolences to Judy Noar on the passing of her hubby, Bucky. I have been living here in Sterling for 15 years and I just found out his name was Bernard. He was a special man.

We send get well wishes to Ellie Newman, Renee Engel and Janet Trapani. Hope you all get better fast.

Some of us have been fortunate to have taken vacations during the summer. I went to the middle of our country on the Mississippi paddlewheeler, the American Queen Steamboat. It was wonderful! Fran and Robert Lovett traveled to Israel to celebrate their 35th wedding anniversary. The one comment was, “enough old ruins”! Carol and Mike Wallace went up north and were so happy to return home. Janet and Tim were able to go north to visit family before she had her surgery. Ruth Rabinowitz traveled to the middle of our country as well. Carol and Herb Kayne returned from their usual summer vacation.

Happy birthday wishes to Sandy November, during this month of November. I guess you just had to be born during this month.

Our community had a luncheon to meet and greet our 2 new residents. They now have so many names to remember, I am glad I moved in before them.

I also think I caught a glimpse of Eva Citron during the summer, but only for a short time.

Come on back all you birds! We miss you!

Sterling Lakers

By: Sheila Hyman

We won’t be having summer bulletins, so I’d like to wish everyone the best summer. If we are lucky, we will not have any unfriendly hurricanes. Those who vacation in the summer, have safe goings and returnings.

Our summer birthday list includes Leah Bulger for July, Ruth Katz, Sandy Simelson and Carol Wallach for August.

I am so happy to tell you we will have 2 sets of new neighbors. The family that bought the Pollacks home hail from Canada. They have a cute dog: watch out Sophie, you have competition! And we have Amy Hastings and Eric Strom from Binghamton. They too will be snowbirds. Some families are very lucky that their children wish to move near them. Amy’s parents live in Aberdeen. Amy and Eric bought Zina’s home, but Zina will still be nearby, in the east of Aberdeen.

I am pleased to see that the tree trimmers are here taking off loose limbs and pruning the tress. I understand that we have a new irrigation company for our community. Hope this one works better than the last one.

Congratulations to Rachel Levy Montalbano, who will be attending Ohio State U. in Columbus, OH after graduating from Syracuse U. in May 2016. Her master’s degree program will be in medical nutrition. Her proud grandparents, Renee Engel and Isaac Levy, are happy to share this info with all of you.

Sterling Lakers

If April had showers then we should now have beautiful flowers, but first you must plant them. Some of our lakers have done that, but if you are like me, I wait for the higher power to make the flowers appear and then water them. Oh well!

Our representative to the POA has let us know that the PBSO has asked us all to be aware and alert of anything suspicious in our neighborhoods. There have been some home break-ins and we are to report anything questionable to the police. Call 911 or 561-512-0090 to have local authorities check it out. DO NOT, DO NOT confront people by yourself – even if they are kids.

Now for good news. Dot and Burt Shaker now have a new great-grandson, Itimar. Itimar lives in Israel with his parents and grandparents and older brother. We hope to meet him when his family brings him to Florida in the near future. We also have other grandparents telling us that their tribe has increased. The latest addition to the family of Carol and Mike Wallach, is Abigail Rose Wallach, born 3/15/06, to Matthew and Lauren Wallach. Abigail has big sisters, Issey (8-years-old) and Maddie (5-years-old).

Now for our birthday ladies for May and June, Janet Ashley, Renee Engel, Janet Trapani in May and Bobbie Bibicoff, Adele Miller, Fran Lovett, and Mimi Freedman for June. We wish you all a most happy birthday and many returns of the day.

By the time you read this our snowbirds will have flown back to their northern nests. We wish them a most happy summer and we will welcome them back when they return. BUT, do not rush back! I love not waiting on line at a restaurant, and I love fewer cars are the road, and … and … and.

We wish our friend and neighbor, Zina Issacs, good luck in her new abode. We will miss her here on the block, but she will be nearby-in Aberdeen East.

Any news please call me or e-mail me at Your local reporter does not want to make up news.

Sterling Lakers

Well, April showers bring May flowers, but we have had plenty of rain all winter long. It seems that we never have the right weather any time of the year. Hope that your holidays will be fun and exciting and maybe even bring family down to visit.

Advancing with our birthday list, our April birthdays are Suzi Cohen and Bobbie Pilnick. Congrats ladies!

We have in Sterling Lakes, a celebrity, by the name of Sandy November. I understand that she had a one woman show at the clubhouse. Her history was very interesting and informative. Unfortunately, I was not able to attend that day, but I had seen the video and also heard her story in person a number of years ago. Way to go Sandy!

Going along with our community we also have had some sad news. Our resident, Lee Hyman, (no relation to me) passed away. Our condolences to the family.

On a happy note, we may be having another new resident. I will not say who or where until it happens, but we wish our “old” resident a wonderful new and happy life.

Remember, no news in, no news out!

Sterling Lakers

This has been a very difficult time for me. My husband of 56 years, Stan Hyman, passed away. He was a “most happy fella” and a man with a love of people and animals. I thank, with my whole heart, all my friends and neighbors who have been there for me and my family.

Now for Sterling news: Happy Birthday to Ruth Rabinowitz, Sheila Hyman (me), Carol Finkel and Dot Shaker. We are not all the same age, just the same month.

I am sorry to report that Fran and Robert Lovett lost Fran’s father. They had to fly north for burial, but they are back at home now. I think we have had enough sadness in our community. We now need some happy news. If you have any happy news (or news) kindly e-mail me at