The Sunny Shores

Following the annual request for submission of applications for board membership, the Shores HOA annual general meeting was held in November. Since there were no new applicants to run for the board, the following were returned to office by acclamation for the 2016/2017 calendar year and re-elected by your board members to the following positions:

David Littman – President
Estelle Morganstein – Vice-President
Diane Greenberg – Secretary
Pam Breier – Treasurer
Barbara Ladd – Member-At-Large
Joan Nicolazzo – Member-At-Large

Barbara retains responsibility for our community web site and is chairing the By Law Revision Committee; Joan is in charge of our Pest Control program.

Over the last 5 years, approximately 30% of our community of 106 units has changed ownership. In order to encourage attendance at our Homeowner Association meetings, the board has been holding several evening meetings to accommodate working residents, and is now sending email reminder blasts to everyone. Since each meeting covers the state of our finances, issues facing the Villages of the East and our Master Association (the POA), and our own community’s upkeep and well-being – including road repairs, roof issues, landscaping updates and structural painting and insurance among other concerns – every homeowner has a vested interest in keeping up-to-date with happenings in The Shores. Please make every effort to attend as many meetings as you can.

Our new mailboxes have now been installed in every cul de sac and we have received nothing but compliments on their appearance. Your HOA is now in the process of identifying potential improvements for the coming year and we will keep you advised as decisions are made.

News from your Aberdeen East VOE Board: a new heater in the Isles pool, new annual flowers beds at our main entrance and holiday decorations on display in the Club House. If you are interested in taking the Mature Driving Course (which can bring down your car insurance costs) being offered Feb. 23, from 9-4 PM, please sign up at the clubhouse.

We have recently lost some long-time residents. We would like to offer condolences to the Lewis, Kruger, Goldberg, Gee, Gettes and Jensen families.

On a happier note, welcome to Susan and Matthew Brennan, who recently purchased a unit in Court F, Evelyn and Gary Ambler, who moved into our community this summer and are busy renovating, and Darlene Pfeiffer, who moved up from further south.

A welcome back to all snowbirds and a happy and healthy holiday season to everyone!


The Sunny Shores

By the time you read this article, the hard work of your board should be evident. After several months of identifying suppliers, reviewing quotes and examining products, new mailboxes were ordered. Unfortunately, there have been some setbacks due to scheduling issues with the manufacturer and installation holdups due to the inclement weather not being conducive to the pouring of the concrete bases. However, we were promised that the installation would take place by the time you read this article. The board thanks everyone for their patience during this process.

At the September HOA meeting, the board started to look into various other upgrades to enhance our properties and will compile its list of priorities for the new year.

Nov. 8 – Although the club house is being used for voting purposes, The Shores will be holding its regular November board Meeting at 9:00 AM in the card room. Everyone is welcome to attend.

Nov. 15 – Board Elections will take place at 7:00 PM. Sign-in is 6:30 PM. Please come out and sup-port your HOA. Please note that there will not be an HOA Board meeting in December.

Not much to report over the summer months. We do extend a hearty welcome to new neighbors Evelyn and Gary Amber and Ava and Eric Curkin.

If you would like to contribute any information to our articles, please contact me at or call me at 733-4117.

The Sunny Shores

By now our snowbirds have all returned to their homes up north, probably looking forward to cooler weather than the unusually hot and humid days they have experienced in the last month or so and which we normally only see during the summer season. We look forward to their return next fall but in the mean-time let’s enjoy shorter lines, less traffic and 2-for ones!

If you are a regular reader of this column, you may remember that a few months ago I delineated the steps that our HOA was taking to foreclose on one of our properties. Since obtaining possession of the unit, it has been completely renovated and recently rented out to a couple with relatives in our community.

By now everyone should have their new Comcast system up and working. If, for any reason, you have not had your new telecommunications access installed, please call Comcast immediately to set up an appointment at your convenience. Do not delay. Your HOA monthly maintenance fee has been adjusted to take into account the new costs and you should now be enjoying the enhanced service provided in our new contract.

In Feb. 2013, the board undertook a Reserve Fund Study to ensure that The Shores was on the path to financial stability, now and in the future. The board is happy to report that monthly contributions by all homeowners are in keeping with the recommendations of the financial analyst and that a committee has been established to review these guidelines and create a Strategic Plan to implement the maintenance and repairs our development requires.

We have a celebrity in our midst! Barbara Ladd recently took third price in the Point and Shoot Animal Category at the 2015 Green Key Nature Center and Wetlands Amateur Photo Contest. Barbara is also on our HOA board, responsible for pest control, in addition, she works with Diane Greenberg to process applications from prospective new homeowners. Way to go – Barbara!

We have no new residents to welcome this month and no homes for sale at the time of publication, although I personally know of people who are looking to buy as well as snowbirds seeking seasonal rentals.

Seems we are a very popular community!

Saul and I are currently touring to Canada to see our families and attend the bat mitzvah of our grand-daughter, Jordana, in Toronto. I will elaborate further in my next article which will appear in October, since the Aberdeen Times does not publish during the summer hiatus.

In the fall, I will be revising the format of this article to include a section highlighting some of our residents. I will be calling upon you to ask for your input over the next few months and hope you will assist me in this endeavor.

Until then….

The Sunny Shores

I just returned home from our monthly VOE (Villages of the East) meeting which is held at 9:00 AM on the first Wednesday of every month in the card room at the East Clubhouse (which you are welcome to attend). I suspect many of our residents don’t realize how much is going on in the “east” and therefore don’t take advantage of the varied activities being of-fered, therefore I am taking the opportunity to spread the word.

Aside from tai chi, water aerobics and tennis, the newest sport everyone seems to be trying is pickle ball. I am happy to report that 2 pickle ball courts have just been added to our repertoire of sports games that the Aberdeen East Clubhouse now offers. Less strenuous than tennis (I’m told) pickle ball is played with a ball and paddle on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday mornings in the tennis court area where organized play is scheduled. Complimentary equip-ment is available for learning purposes and if you are interested in learning/playing this new and popular game, give Lisa a call at the Clubhouse Office to gain access to the paddles, etc.

For those of you who lobbied for a bocce court, now is the time to show your interest. It’s fun, it’s healthy and you don’t even have to be Italian to enjoy it!

If you love a good party, the VOE is planning a Memorial Day Pool Bash on May 30th with a DF, karaoke and refreshments – again, call Lisa at the of-fice for more details or to sign up.

A request – some of our residents have been experiencing issues with telephone reception. We are anxious to resolve them so if you are encountering static or lost calls, please keep a log of the dates and times over a 2-week period and get it back to me so I can hand it over to our Comcast rep at our next POA meeting.

A second request – some of our residents have seen their neighbors walking through their back yards with their pets, leaving their animals droppings behind. Please note that the place to walk your dog is either on your personal property or along the public sidewalk and/or grassy divide between the sidewalks and the roadways, always picking up any droppings to be wrapped appropriately and discarded in your trash. Your neighbors’ back lawns are off limits to your animals and their owners.

There have been no closings over the past 4 weeks and there are no properties for sale in The Shores, although I know of at least one prospective purchaser who is actively looking to purchase a unit. Seems they “fly off the shelf’ as soon as they are listed. Isn’t it nice to know that our units are in great demand!

Apropos our “Thirty Plus” party, you may re-member Barbara Ladd snapping pics through the afternoon, well, these photos are now available for your viewing pleasure, just give me a call at 733 -4117 and we will make the album available to you. Also mentioned at our party, your board now has on file copies of every floor plan in The Shores. If you don’t have one for your unit and would like to get a copy, please call Diane Greenberg.


Welcome back to Jane Massi and Bill Palmese who returned recently from their honeymoon cruise.

Saul and I spent a week in Orlando in a gor-geous time share, enjoying some R & R time with our daughter and grandson who flew in from Ottawa, Canada.

Sad news – a few days after our “Thirty Plus” party at which we feted our oldest HOA president, we regret to advise that Marty Summit passed away peacefully in his sleep and joined his beloved wife Mollye who preceded him in eternal rest.

Finally: “mea culpa” – in my last article I inadvertently omitted to thank Joan Nicolazzo our newest board member for helping out at our “Thirty Plus” party. Joan worked with Diane at our entry desk and was instrumental in setting up the buffet lunch, making it a delight to the eye. Your help was greatly appreciated.

For the snowbirds on their way back up north – have a safe trip.

There will be one more edition of the Aberdeen Times published before the summer hiatus, so if you have some news you would like to share with our fellow – Shores residents, please email it to me at or call 733 -4117 and I will be pleased to include it in my June copy.

The Sunny Shores

Everyone had a great time at our THIRTY PLUS PARTY! The day began with a complimentary catered deli luncheon sponsored by our Homeowners’ Association in honor of our “original settlers;” and to welcome our new homeowners. Everyone took advantage of the opportunity to mingle with their neighbors and meet the board. All of our former presidents attended (save one who sent her regards from up north) and our longest-standing former president, Marty Summi, regaled everyone with stories of his presidency. Palm Beach County Commissioner for District 3, Shelley Vana, presented each of our first homeowners with a Certificate and a long-stemmed rose, followed by desserts and coffee. Lots of photographs were taken by our resident photographer Barbara Ladd which will be available for viewing shortly. As Chairperson of the Social Committee, I would like to give special thanks to the following homeowners who worked very long and hard to make this get-together a success: Barbara Ladd, Diane Greenberg, Karen Inzerillo, Jane and Bill Palmese. None of this would have been possible without you.

On a more serious note, there was a vote last month to elect a new POA board. I voted on behalf of The Shores in accordance with instructions of your HOA board and following presentations made to our board by the 2 candidates who were seeking the presidency. It was disappointing to note that very few of our residents came out to hear the candidates speak. If you choose not to become knowledgeable of our community’s political process, you relinquish your right to provide your input to your governing authority, whether it be over the physical assets we own, the funding priorities of the Association or the services you receive.

Congrats to Jane Massi and Bill Palmese who tied the knot recently.

Newcomers themselves, they actually delayed their honeymoon in order to help plan and execute our Thirty Plus Party! All the best in your new life together.

Happy to see that Renee Rosenzweig has returned home after several weeks of extensive physical therapy following her recent accident.

Ray Crosby is undergoing therapy at home as well following his prolonged hospital stay. I know we all wish him a speedy recovery.

That’s it until next month. Happy Easter and “Hag Sameach Pesach,” a happy Passover.

The Sunny Shores

Mar. 6 is fast approaching! I hope everyone has returned their registration forms and checks for what promises to be a wonderful day – THE SHORES 30-PLUS PARTY – good food, nice neighbors and a great program. I look forward to seeing you there. Unfortunately, we cannot accommodate anyone who has not preregistered and prepaid.

All communities are being asked to vote for the new 2016 POA Executive Board at their upcoming Mar. 3 board meeting. As your POA representative, I will be guided by the wishes of your HOA Board of Directors.

I believe I mentioned the following in an earlier article; in that case this can serve as a reminder. Palm Beach County is promoting a program that can be a lifesaver to motorists. To participate in the Yellow Dot Program, you need only pick up a brochure, fill out the attached form, place it in your glove box, peel off the sticker and put it in your car window. If you are involved in a car accident and can’t communicate, first responders can retrieve your information and possibly save your life. To obtain a form, contact our PBC Fire and Rescue at 616 -7033.


Lots happening in The Shores these days! A hearty welcome home to Ray Crosby who was hospitalized for several weeks this winter.

Congratulations to Jane Massi on the recent arrival of her newest grandchild (her 5th).

Most people plan to go up north during our brutal summers and head down south during their cold winters but your President David Littman and his wife Norma are not most people! Welcome back after spending a month in NYC visiting family.

Many of our residents have very special talents and we love to acknowledge their efforts. Barbara Ladd specializes in bird photography and has just had her first gallery showing at the 4th Avenue Photography Gallery/Studio in Delray Beach of a Snowy Egret taken at Green Cay Wetlands where she volunteers at the Nature Center.

I just learned that Ted Gillan had some health issues this season – happy to hear that they are being resolved.

Remember if you would like to share your news with your neighbors, call me at 733 -4117 or email me at (identify your mail with ABERDEEN TIMES in the subject line, please).

To our Christian readers, have a wonderful Easter, to our Jewish readers, hag sameach Purim.