Turnberry Isle

After a busy summer and fall (both days of it), we enter the FL “high season” with many planned activities to keep us busy. We welcomed most of our winter residents back last month. Many asked why it was still in the high 80s when they arrived. Assured by certain groups that there is no such thing as global warming, we year-rounders had no good answer.

But … we did have answers to the annual question, “What do you have planned for us this year?” The hard working board members of our Turnberry Isle Women’s Club had the answer. In September, we met at Rhoda Schwartz’s home to reveal our plans. First up was an October trip to the Delray Playhouse to see a hilarious production of “The Sensuous Senator.” Though not written for the most recent election climate, it drew laughs for some amazing parallels. Thanks to Joyce Meltz for chairing the event, which was preceded by a lovely lunch at Henry’s.

Also in October, we had a demonstration of 3-D art at our monthly meeting. Its an intricate process, but some of our members hope to produce something special with their newfound knowledge.

November found us preparing for our annual philanthropic project — Christmas for Caridad. We have been supporting this clinic and its educational programs since 1998 and continue to adopt families for the holidays. Caridad’s outreach, which began as a medical clinic for the working poor, mainly farm workers, now encompasses the entire community of families which need help. Our own Sheila Van Wyk continues to run the educational program. Recently, she and other Turnberry volunteers have been pleased to see some of our former students who are enrolled in college or serving in the military.

December is on our calendars for the first Turnberry High Tea. Last year, Mary Wexler hosted a tea for PAP that was hailed as a huge success. Now, Mary has offered to be the hostess for another such tea for TIWC at her home on December 9. We will attend as proper English ladies with gaily adorned hats, which we decorated at our November meeting.

We have postponed our annual Progressive Luncheon until March, as the winter calendar got filled with a January tour of the Caridad Center, a white elephant night and an upcoming yoga demonstration.

Book Club is having another good year. Our last selection was Orphan Keeper by Cameron Wright. The book is based on the true story of a young boy kidnapped from his village in India and adopted by an American family. The November meeting was at the home of Anita Ostrow and facilitated by Mitzi Brown. Upcoming for December is our annual holiday party and a discussion of the biography of Abigail Adams by Lynn Withey, titled Dearest Friend.

We wish all our neighbors an active and happy year.

Turnberry Isle

We all recognize the trite expression “Time flies when you’re having fun.” It’s trite but true here in Turnberry Isle. The High Season of 2016 has come to an end, but we managed to fit in many interesting activities in the past 4 months. And we did have fun!

First, there was the incomparable Installation Luncheon in January, where we introduced Turnberry to delicious food and outstanding entertainment by Ray and the Raylettes. In fact, we hear some of our members have followed our lead and hired this group for other area activities. As we moved into February, many of us enjoyed the Weiner Museum and lunch in Ft. Lauderdale.

Then came the Annual Progressive Luncheon, which was bigger and better than ever. Special thanks go to our chair, Pat Cohen, and the 7 members who opened their homes for the event. Maureen Kilar prepared a terrific chicken dish for all 30 of us, and it paired beautifully with all the other gourmet treats of the day. And don’t forget the wine.

April made some of us smile when we found ourselves at the Aprons Cooking School in the Polo Shops of Boca, sponsored by Publix. It was a hands-on demo followed by lunch. Some of us were surprised when we were told to wear “closed” shoes that day. Aprons must have done their research and discovered that many of us tend to make only one thing for dinner most nights — reservations. We can only assume they feared that we would spill boiling oil OR amputate a toe when using a chefs knife. Planned by Barbara Pearlman, it was another great event which made the season fly by.

Looking ahead, we will meet at the pool in May to enjoy a complimentary pizza party to end the Women’s Club year. At this event, special thanks are always given to our meeting hostess, Rhoda Schwartz, our annual speaker, Maureen Kilar, and our “President for Life,” Anita Ostrow.

In other news, Book Club thrives under the leadership of Regina Green. What makes our club special is that members are also the facilitators. We have discussions and comments that are not as likely in a group led by a professional facilitator. And, most importantly, we work cheap. Recent titles are In the Land of Invisible Women and Florence Gordon. Our final book of the year will be Invention of Wings. And then we flyaway until next September.

Our Turnberry Isle Board of Directors is still being ably led by Larry Aronow. Two new members joined the board during the past season. We welcome Lynn Fernandez and Fred Wolfson. Here’s a salute to all the volunteers who help keep our community running smoothly.

Happy summer to all! Hope it flies by!

Turnberry Isle

Two important events have recently determined the officers for the Turnberry Isle Board of Directors and the Turnberry Isle Women’s Club. The annual meeting for our neighborhood was held in January to elect officers and inform the community of our continuing efforts to keep us healthy as an HOA. Two informative presentations were made at this meeting. Deputy John Ledford gave us tips on keeping ourselves and our properties safe. He was an excellent speaker with valuable information, presented in a friendly, engaging speech. We were also fortunate to hear from Elise Brown from the Palm Beach County Fire Department. As a paramedic, she gave us information on the Vial of Life and Yellow Dot programs. If you missed the meeting, all of this information can be obtained from the PBC Fire Department.

Following the business meeting and officers’ reports, the annual election of officers was held. The board members for 2016 are as follows: President, Larry Aronow; Vice President, Shelly Kamilow; Treasurer, Rosanne Abelles; and Secretary, Lynn Fernandez. Sam Klein will continue as POA representative and landscape chair. Rosanne Abeles and Sherry Morris will again represent Turnberry on the Fairway Lakes Drive Board of Directors. We also welcome Jerry Green to our Board as a new director. Thanks were given to Rick Finn, as long-time director, he is moving to Chicago. He will be missed. Also leaving the board is Jason Bolen, who served as Compliance Chair for the past 4 years. Many thanks to those who have served and to those who continue to serve.

Earlier in January, the Women’s Club held their very special installation luncheon at Benvenuto. In addition to good food and a beautifully decorated venue, the afternoon’s entertainment was provided by Ray and the Raylettes–a Motown style singer accompanied by his 2 young (and precious) daughters. They received a very enthusiastic response from our members.

Installed as officers at this luncheon were President, Anita Ostrow; VP of Functions, Barbara Pearlman; VP of Membership, Diane Mallow; VP of Programs, Maureen Kilar; Treasurer, Pat Cohen and Co-Secretaries, Maureen Kilar and Carole McRonald. Board members-at-large are Joyce Meltz, Good and Welfare; Sheila Van Wyk, Philanthropy and Mitzi Brown.

Book Club met in January to discuss Joshua: A Brooklyn Tale by Andrea Kane. Ably facilitated by Regina Green, the meeting was held at Barbara Pearlman’s home. Penny Altman was both facilitator and hostess for our February gathering and discussion of A Man Called Ove by Fredrik Backman. We can always count on Penny to bring her well-researched, knowledgeable perspective to any discussion.

Thanks to all those dedicated members who have kept this group together for seventeen years. Regina Green is the present chair, and we appreciate her leadership.

Finally, the list of activities continues with the Women’s Club visit to the Weiner Museum in February, chaired by Sandy Fisher. Next month’s article will detail that trip. We are currently gearing up for the annual Progressive Luncheon, planned for Mar. 9. Pat Cohen is chairing this event, which promises to be bigger and better than ever.