Welcome to Waterford

The rabbits are hopping; the birds are chirping and palm trees are swaying! Where, you ask? Why, Waterford At Aberdeen, of course. It’s an exciting time in our community. We’re energized, renovating and sprucing up. Not just in our community, but in our homes, as well. Our hard-working Board of Directors have been diligently running around installing a new digital guard gate, renovating the pool restrooms, painting and pressure cleaning all sidewalks and driveways.

The Waterford Social Committee is also on the move. It meets on a regular basis continuing to plan and host all Waterford social activities. In September, 40 residents participated and enjoyed a poolside Happy Hour. In November, several residents and guests attended the Waterford At The Movies event in Delray Beach. The Annual Waterford Pool Party is scheduled for Jan. 2017.

To further our digital community status, the Waterford website, waterfordataberdeen.com is in continual motion with news and updates. We have added several new pages, including a photo gallery and community events page. Residents are enthused by the capability to keep abreast of the happenings in their community.

As you travel through our hamlet, listen to the wind. It’s a gentle breeze echoing the sounds of neighbor greeting neighbor, happy announcements, fun conversations, friends saying “hello” to returning friends and smiles to welcome new residents. We welcome our new neighbors: Walter Doyle, Jr., Denise Toriello, Seth and Dany Lane and Peter Agati.

We extend good health wishes to Steve Ackerman, Marvin Guberman and Roz Klein. On a sad note, we offer heartfelt condolences to Barbara and Howard Weiss on the loss of their son.

So, when you enter Waterford, don’t be surprised when someone honks, waves, or stops to say “hello.” Even better, come visit us. The coffee is perking; the ice tea is brewing and the conversation is waiting. It is Home!

Waterford Watch

Where did the month go??? We are back to share some of the Waterford happenings of the month with you. Before we start, we hope everyone enjoyed the holidays (Easter and Passover) with family and friends.

Roz Klein had surgery and is recuperating at home and Patti Van Brunt is feeling better after her recent illness. Our best wishes for your good health, ladies.

We learned that Dick and Judy Weiss have sold their home as has Charlie and Terry Marino. We wish them good luck and happiness in their new dwellings. It is always difficult to see old friends leave but life goes on and we do what we must.

We are sorry to inform you that there have been some recent break-ins (the Hamptons and Cambridge). We were advised by the Police Dept. to keep our garage doors closed and make sure our doors are locked at all times. Another suggestion was to LOCK CAR DOORS when they are parked on the driveway. The thieves help themselves to garage openers, cell phones, coins and/or anything of value unattended in the car. Please be vigilant.

We want to welcome our newest homeowner, Joseph Giangreco; hope to see at the pool.

Bernice Friedman and Sidell Lavine report that the social committee’s trip to the movies of Del Ray to see “Don Quixote” was most successful. The movie was outstanding and enjoyed by all. A late lunch at the Terra Fiamma restaurant followed. Thank you, social committee.

Bobby Zdatny is pleased to share with us her grandson, Sam Zdatny, has graduated from the U. of Edinburgh, in Scotland. Her other grandson, Alex, graduated for Ryder College in N.J. Congratulations to the graduates and proud grandmother.

Selma and Charlie Goldstein traveled to Cape Cod to attend the destination wedding of their grand-son, Joel Singer, to Sara Peck, in April. Sara is a Mathematics teacher in Fairfield Wade H.S. and Joel is pursuing his doctorate at UMASS, Dartmouth. FLASH – just received word that Joel has success-fully defended his dissertation and we can now call him, Dr. Joel Singer. Congratulations. Best wishes to the young couple and their families.

Mattea Marks, Gloria Miller’s granddaughter, has created a Social Media Awareness program for the elementary schools. Her dedication and ingenuity was recognized with the Award for Outstanding Contribution, presented to her by the Collier County School District. Well done! We share your grandmother’s pride.

Sharing is caring we wish our Waterford family a HEALTHY, HAPPY SUMMER!

P.S. Correction: Please! Best wishes for a speedy recovery to LIZA Nash.

Waterford Watch

At our Mar. 16 HOA meeting, our local police officer stopped by to say “Hello.” He was glad to see that our gate was fixed and offered some friendly advise. For our own safety he reminded us to lock our cars when on the street or in the driveway, keep the garage doors down and at the slightest irregular-ity or suspicious activity call emergency 911 or non-emergency 688-3000.

Have you visited our website: www.waterfordataberdeen.com? Have you received a copy of the 2016 telephone directory?

If not, speak to the volunteer resident who delivers your Aberdeen Times. If you did not attend our March meeting or have not received e-mails, please be advised that Waterford Pres., Greg Van Brunt again reminds all residents that trash should be placed in a lidded container (not a trash bag alone) and traffic rules must be observed at the STOP signs and a 20MPH speed limit adhered to.

Lila Nash is recuperating from knee surgery. We wish her well and happy, painless miles in the near future.

Cathy and Rod Goldenberg have suffered an-other major misfortune following the loss of Cathy’s dad. Cathy’s mother, Joan, had a stroke and passed on Mar. 13. Cathy and Rod, please know that your neighbors grieve with you and are ready to assist in any way they can.

Gloria Miller’s granddaughter, Mattea Marks, a 5th grade Science teacher at Golden Trace Elementary School, a Title 1 school in which 93% of the students are economically needy, entered 7 of her students in the Odyssey of the Mind competition and they placed 2nd at the region level. The students have now been invited to compete at the state-wide level in Orlando on Apr. 9th. A dedicated teacher is the inspiration all children need to succeed. Congratulations and thank you, Mattea.

We were sorry to learn our former neighbors Rikki Cass and Fran Scala are having medical problems. We wish them both good health and a speedy recovery.

Thomas Clare III, grandson of the late Elaine Clare, has been accepted at Notre Dame. He follows in the family tradition for the Clares are all alumni of this University.

At its annual Lincoln Day dinner at the Trump Mar-a-Lago resort, Waterford’s Vice Pres., Steven Ledewitz, was awarded the Palm Beach County Republican Party’s highest honor, the Jean Pipes Award. Lt. Gov. Carlos Lopez-Cantera made the presentation before an audience of 660 people. Congratulations, Steve.

We hope you enjoyed your Passover with family and friends.

Please call us with any news you would like to share with the community.

Happy-Peaceful Mother’s Day.

Waterford Watch

February was an active month in our community and we want to share all the events with you.

Hopefully, everyone enjoyed Valentine’s Day and remembered their loved ones. Gloria Ek was fortunate to have her son, Curtis, visit. We always count our blessings when family comes. We would like to take this opportunity to thank Gloria Ek for serving as our community communication liaison via e-mail. She also deserves accolades for her involvement in the COP program for these many years. Thank you, Gloria.

We held our annual meeting on 2/16 and the following residents were elected to our board: Greg Van Brunt-Pres., Steven Ledewitz – V. Pres., Allan Nash- Treas., Howard Weiss-Sec. and David Kennedy-POA rep. We wish our board good luck as it tackles the is-sues to help Waterford flourish.

Greg Van Brunt, Pres., would like all residents who have any concerns to call Amy Higgins, APM(561-588-7210 ext. 216) or e-mail her at: ahig-gins@apm247.net. She will endeavor to resolve the problem within a 24-hour period. She will also be at the front entrance office, at the gate, every Thurs., 1-3PM.

A big “thank you” to Sidell Levine, Chair, Bernice Friedman, Susan Farber, Karen Rabinowitz, Cathy Goldenberg, Gloria Ek, Pam Koles, Carolyn Ruston and David Kennedy, our social committee, for an excellent pool party on Sun., Feb. 21, catered by Chef Costco.

The food was delicious, the multiple tables and chairs offered a cafe atmosphere and neighbors were happy to share the latest news and gossip with one another. On a sad note, Cathy and Rod Goldenberg are mourning the loss of Cathy’s father, Gaetano Ro-mano, after a long illness. Mr. Romano died of Feb. 25th surrounded by his loving family.

Jack Shilling was feeling poorly but is doing much better, Marilyn Miller, daughter of Gloria, had a fall and is walking around with her arm in a sling and Angela Laskowitz required stitches in her arm from a fall she had as well. Best wishes for a speedy recovery to all.

Please keep us informed of events in your life so that we can share you news with your friends and neighbors.

Our best wishes for a happy St. Patrick’s Day, Easter and Purim.

Waterford Watch

It’s time, once again, to bring you all the good news from Waterford. Since this will be our first submission for the Aberdeen Times, we hope you will enjoy reading our column and help us by contributing any information you care to share.

Lets start off by wishing our community a Happy New Year. We certainly hope it will be the beginning of a good year for all our residents.

We want to welcome our new Property Manager from APM, Amy Higgins. If you need info or have any questions you can call her @561-399-9350 or e-mail her at ahiggins@apm.net. We want to say thank you to Linda Jo Lewis for her many years of dedicated service.

We hope you attended our annual meeting on Tues., Feb. 16, 2016, at the Park Vista Recreation Center.

Sherwood Ginsburg just celebrated his 85th Birthday with his entire family. His daughter, husband and granddaughter 12-year-old Sasha, came in from CA. His NY son and wife, along with Virginia son, wife and 3 grandsons, Brendan, Ryan and Collin, shared the special day.

Save the date: Sun., Feb. 21, 2016. Our community will have a pool party with sandwiches, beverages and more (cost $8.00 p.p.) to embrace “A New Year and a NEW Beginning.”

Nature here in Florida is rewarding, Carol Ginsburg spied a new bird wading in her back yard. It’s a beautiful pink and white bird and she learned he is a Rosette Spoonbill. The bird is beautiful, neighbors look for him.

We just got word that Patti and Greg Van Bunt’s father, Toivo Mickola, passed on, Dec. 31, 2015. He was 10 days shy of celebrating his 95th birthday. They brought a little joy to their sadness in the form of a new Savannah breed kitten. May it help you to heal from the loss!

Hope you enjoyed our column. We look forward to keeping you abreast of all the news from our community.