Didja Know

1. Kenneth Bone, the nerdy undecided voter in a red pullover, who questioned the presidential candidates on their energy policies in the October debate, became an instant internet hero, appeared on Jimmy Kimmel and received an offer to star in a porn film.

2. An Alabama man revealed in a widely shared Facebook post his deep regret for getting a “Feel the Bern” tattoo on his penis to support presidential candidate Bernie Sanders. “It seemed like a good idea at the time,” Joshua Hughes said.

3. Iraq’s Transport Minister has claimed his country’s new airport will be built on the site of a Sumerian spaceport built by aliens 7,000 years ago. At a press conference, Kazern Finjan told journalists that ancient Sumerians were extraterrestrials who interbred with earthlings and used the site in southern Iraq for trips to and from the stars.

4. Ancient Roman coins have been discovered in the ruins of a medieval Japanese castle — and no one knows how they got there. Engraved with a portrait of the 4th-century Roman emperor Constantine the Great, the 5 copper coins were found in Katsuren Castle, which was built on Okinawa in the 13th century.

5. Samsung said that it is ceasing production of its explosion-prone Galaxy Note 7 smartphone just 6 weeks after the device went on sale.

6. “YOLO,” an acronym for “you only live once,” was officially added to the Oxford English Dictionary. Other new entries include “splendiferous,” “gender-bender,” and “moobs,” used to describe unusually large male breasts.

7. Alabama officials implemented a new policy that will punish borrowers who fail to return library materials with up to 30 days in jail. A library official noted that $200,000 worth of books and DVDs haven’t been returned.

8. Amtrack responded to a passenger who was stuck in one of its elevators 7 months ago. “We’re sorry to hear that,” the company tweeted to the tweet sent by Amanda Carpenter. “Are you still in the elevator?”

9. A Kansas man allegedly robbed a bank at gunpoint because he preferred being in jail to going home to his wife. Police said that after Larry Ripple, 70, stole $3,000 from a Kansas City branch, he sat down in the bank’s lobby and told a security guard, “I’m the guy you’re looking for.” He was charged with bank robbery and released; it is not known if he went home to his wife

10. Problem with smelly footwear’? Put a tea bag in your shoe. It’s a great way to reduce odor in sneakers and other shoes. The tea bags absorb the moisture and the smell.

Didja Know?

  1.  For a mosquito-bite itch, try pressing a warm spoon on the welt. Run a spoon under hot tap water and apply. Heat relieves the itch in 5 to 10 minutes.
  2. Meditation and yoga can help reduce stress, but consider this faster fix — sniff an orange. Citrusy and floral aromas help to lower anxiety.
  3.  Researchers at the U. of Auckland in N.Z. have found that Honey reduces healing time significantly when applied to wounds because of its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. Simply spread it over the area, then carefully apply a bandage.
  4. American skydiver Luke Atkins completed the first-ever successful skydive without a parachute, plunging some 25,000 feet into a large net suspended 20 stories above the ground.
  5. The federal government approved the 1st private space mission to the moon. Moon Express, a FL-based co., hopes to put a lander on the moon surface in 2017, and eventually plans to mine the moon for rare elements and metals.
  6. A Michigan woman, attending a courtroom-ordered class on smart decision-making, was arrested while trying to escape through the ceiling of the courthouse women’s room.
  7. A new study found that Millenials born in the 1990’s are more than twice as likely to be sexually inactive than the previous generation, partly because they find social media and other on-line activities more interesting.
  8. Pres. Obama has officially chosen Chicago’s Jackson Park as the location of his presidential library. The park, site of the 1893 World’s Fair, is on the city’s South Side and short walk to the U. of Chicago.
  9. A Utah couple was billed by a hospital for the privilege of holding their newborn baby. The Grassleys were asked if they wanted “skin-to-skin contact” after delivery. They were shocked to later see a charge of $39.95 to cover “the additional staff’ needed to put the baby securely in the mother’s arms.
  10. The number to call to restrict telemarketing calls permanently by registering your telephone number is 888-382-1222. This can also be done on-line at www.donotcall.gov. This will cut back on some of the calls you receive, but not all of them.

Didja Know?

1. A leap second was added to the world’s clocks on June 30. The Earth takes 0.002 seconds longer than 24 hours to make a full rotation, so an extra second is added every few years to keep real-world clocks in sync with atomic clocks.

2. A wannabe thief chose the wrong victim when he snatched Serena Williams’ phone from a San Francisco restaurant-only to be chased down by the tennis superstar in the street. “He began to run but I was too fast,” she reported. On her return to the restaurant, she got a standing ovation.

3. Scottish-born Rabbi Mendel Jacobs unveiled the first kosher Jewish tartan registered with Scottish authorities. The plaid, made without linen to avoid rabbinic prohibitions on mixed garments, is made up of colors from the Israeli and Scottish flags.

4. Beginning on Sun., Apr. 10, the price of a first class stamp drops 2 cents, to 47 cents. The reduction is the result of an expiring surcharge that had been put in place in Jan. 2014 to help the Postal Service recoup $4.6 billion in losses dating to the Great Recession.

5. The U.S. now has the 2nd highest number of Spanish speakers in the world. There are nearly 53 million Spanish speakers in this country, putting it ahead of Columbia (48 million) and Spain (46 million) and 2nd only to Mexico (121 million).

6. Kobe Bryant of the L.A. Lakers, ended his Gear career on Wed. night, Apr.13, 2016. In his final appearance on the court, he scored 60 points.

7. A Japanese maglev bullet train has broken the all-time speed record for rail vehicles, hitting 366 mph on a test track. By comparison, the fastest train operating in the U.S. is Amtrak’s Acela, which tops out at 150 mph and averages 68 mph on its Washington-to-Boston run.

8. French homeowners, in France’s Toulouse region, thought they’d fix their leaky roof which led to an amazing discovery. A painting, believed to be the work of Italian master Caravaggio, was found in a sealed off part of the attic. If authenticated, the painting worth could be estimated at $136 million.

9. Franchising isn’t cheap. It costs as much as$263,000 to open a Subway franchise, plus a $15,000 franchise fee. Taco Bell, which plans to open 2,000 new franchises by 2023, requires anywhere from $1.2 million to $2.5 million in total investment to get started.

10. Americans spent $70 billion playing lottery games in 43 states. At an average of $300 per adult, that’s more than was spent in all 50 states on sports tickets, books, video games, movie tickets and recorded music combined.

Didja Know?

1. On average, a woman’s earnings decreases 4%for each child she has, while a man’s pay increases more than 6% when he becomes a father.

2. After spending nearly a year in space, astro-naut Scott Kelly is hanging up his spacesuit. The 52 year old Kelly, who spent 340 days in orbit on the International Space Station, will undergo tests to see how the human body holds up for long periods of time in space when compared with his twin brother, Marc, who remained on the ground.

3. New York City police cracked down on costumed characters who aggressively hassle tourists for tips in Times Square, arresting Capt. America, Jesse the cowgirl from Toy Story and at least 2 Spider Men.

4. English is rapidly becoming what the creators of Esperanto had envisioned: a language spoken on every continent and the primary medium for communication among different nations. Linguists estimate in 2115, only about 600 of the 6,000 language spoken around the world will remain.

5. A man in the U.K. paid $465 for lifesaving surgery for his constipated goldfish. “The actual surgery is quite straightforward,” said the vet. “Administer-ing the anesthetic is quite complicated.”

6. A police department in Northern CA decided to equip officers with nunchakus-wooden sticks connected by a chain and featured in many martial arts films – to better subdue unruly suspects. (All they need now is Bruce Lee to instruct them.)

7. A new study revealed that college football players who practiced without wearing helmets were 30% less likely to suffer potentially dangerous head impacts during games because they learned to stop using their heads as weapons while tackling.

8. A report, prepared by the Sustainable Development Solutions Network (SDSN) and the Earth Institute of Columbia University named Denmark as the happiest country in the world, followed by Switzerland, Iceland, Norway, Finland, Canada, Netherlands, New Zealand, Australia and Sweden. The U.S.A. came in at #13.

9. Agnes Gonxha Bojaxhiuborn Aug. 20,1910 in Skopje, Macedonia joined the Loreto order of nuns in 1928. This woman, known world-wide as Mother Teresa, cared for the poorest of the poor, founded the Missionaries of Charity order, won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1979 and will, deservedly, be elevated to Sainthood on Sept. 4, 2016.

10. About 20% of women who married in recent years chose to keep their birth names, according to an analysis of wedding data. Another 10% chose either to hyphenate their name or to legally change it while continuing to use their maiden name professionally.

Didja Know?

Submitted By: Pat Bergrin (Waterford)

1. The Buffalo Bills of the NFL broke the league’s gender barrier when they promoted Kathryn Smith to be their special teams quality control coach. She is the first female full-time assistant in the League.

2. Pope Francis had an historic meeting in Cuba on Feb.12, 2015 with the leader of the Russian Orthodox Church. This is the first meeting between a pope and the Russian patriarch in nearly 1,000 years.

3. Staff members and friends of the Palm Beach Zoo said a tearful goodbye to one of the zoo’s oldest animals, Taco, the parrot. Known for her plume of green, blue and red feathers, she had a friendly disposition and would greet passersby with, “Hi, Taco!”.

4. There are new signs when entering Boynton from the south and the north on Federal Highway. Blue in color with sailfish, waves and landscaping surrounding them, at a cost of $240,000, the signs read, Welcome to Boynton Beach.

5. For the 17th year in a row, Atlanta had the bus-iest airport in the world. More than 90 million passengers passed through Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport. A total of 6.7 billion passengers passed through airports worldwide.

6. Police in St. Louis arrested a man for trespass-ing at the Budweiser Brewery, and discovered that his name was Bud Weisser. Weisser, 19, smashed up his car and vaulted over a fence onto brewery grounds and refused to leave when guards told him to.

7. Conventional wisdom holds that men and women’s brains are “wired” differently. A detailed new study, however, has found that most brains have a mix of structures associated with traditional male and female traits and behavior, making a person an individual mosaic of gender-related characteristics.

8. It was a bad week for some 30 incoming cadets who suffered injuries — including concussions, split lips, and broken limbs-at West Point’s annual morale-building pillow fight for freshmen. The cadets had stuffed their pillows with helmets and other hard objects.

9. More college students in the U.S. are giving up cigarettes, but more are smoking marijuana instead. Anti-smoking campaigns have apparently convinced undergrads that smoking is dangerous but the legalization of marijuana in some states may have sent the message that smoking weed is safe.

10. A cleaning crew at an Italian museum mis-took an exhibit for garbage and threw it away. The piece was restored after its contents-empty champagne bottles, cigarette butts and confetti-were found in a recycling bin.

Didja Know?

1. Police raided and shut down a weekly, $4-a-round mah jongg game in Tampa played by Lee Eelnick, Bernice Diamond, Helen Greenspan and Zelda King, all between the ages of 87 and 95, because the police said they were gambling.

2. A new study by a Pittsburgh bank revealed that all the gifts listed in the iconic “Twelve Days of Christmas” song would cost a would-be buyer $34,131 this year.

3. Sushi Zanmai, a Japanese restaurant chain, just paid $117,000 for a 441-pound blue-fin tuna. That’s $265 per pound.

4. The Playboy Mansion, a 5-acre property featuring 29 rooms, a game house, home theatre, wine cellar and a swimming pool with a cave-like grotto is up for sale for $200 million dollars. As a condition of the sale, magazine founder Hugh Hefner would continue to live there.

5. The 2016 Olympic Games will be held in Rio de Janeiro and will include rugby, last featured in the 1924 games and golf, last played in the St. Louis Games in 1904.

6. Taiwan elected Tsai Ing-wen, leader of the pro-independence party, as its first female president.

7. For the first time in 7 decades, a new annotated copy of Mein Kampf, banned by the book’s copyright holder, will be back in German bookstores. Under German law, a copyright expires 70 years after an author’s death. Scholars at Munich’s Institute for Contemporary History have spent 6 years correcting the outright lies, half truths and distortions in the 1925 edition.

8. Whoops! Steve Harvey mistakenly crowned Ariadna Gutierrez of Columbia as Miss Universe. Moments after the announcement Harvey returned to the stage to say that Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach of the Phillippines was the winner and Miss Columbia was 1st runner-up.

9. 4 new elements have been added to the periodic table, completing its 7th row. The new elements, which have been temporarily named ununtrium, ununpentium, ununseptium and ununoctium have the atomic numbers 113, 115, 117 and 118.

10. A new study found that the midlife crisis is not a true psychological phenomenon and that most people are happier in their 40’s than they were at 18.